Monster Hunter World Is Co-Directed by Kaname Fujioka; Won't Have Hunter Styles or Arts

Traditional Monster Hunter Director Kaname Fujioka is returning to Monster Hunter World, but some features from Generations won't.

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naruga397d ago

these are very good news ....make it as close to the original as it gets (MH1-2--3 maybe 4 too) ...Hunter arts made the game to ridiculous and started to alienating the series

Movefasta1993396d ago

Maybe 4?4 was the best one,it introduced all the traversal mechanics,jumping on creatures backs like we saw in the trailer, the game literally looks like a successor to 4u without the arts from generation up to xx. And it's made by the 4u devs

GamePeace396d ago (Edited 396d ago )

I don't really care for hunter styles or arts, I just hope that the overall game / experience will pay-off and I'm sure it will for me.

Rangerman1208395d ago (Edited 395d ago )

Good. I love that Monster Hunter World is going back to its roots. Hunter Arts and Styles weren't bad additions but they just feel a bit "over the top".

And speaking of "arts", I find the Blood Arts in GE2 pretty underwhelming. All they do is just add one new attack to your playstyle. Doesn't sound bad but the problem is that you can only bring one. So many blood arts, and only one you actually bring. Hell, what's the point on even having upgrade paths for the blood arts? Not like there's any pros between lower level and higher level blood arts, since the higher level will always be more powerful. Blood Rage is also underwhelming, since is basically Rage Mode but with a J-pop song in the background. This somehwta makes the game even easier, making the multiplayer somewhat pointless (especially with those cutscenes). Really hoping that next God Eater game gets better improvements with the Blood mechanics. For now, I'll stick with Monster Hunter World.