Konami Is Thinking About Bringing A New Castlevania Game To The Switch

In a new interview, it seems that management at Konami is thinking about bringing a new Castlevania game to the Nintendo Switch.

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Batzi341d ago

Konami will be half redeemed if that happens.

TekoIie341d ago

Afraid I'll be missing out on it or buying pre-owned.

Not putting money into that company with the stuff they've been doing.

naruga341d ago

Koji which was the mastermind behind CSOtn is making his own game ...Konami also has lost many devs and talents , its very dubious if the new castlevania will have any quality ..however i really hope to be wrong and they make smthinng worthy in order to continue the franchise on other consoles too

LordMaim341d ago

Its like Mel Gibson movies. I can't watch Mel Gibson movies anymore, just like I can't support Konami games as much as I'd love a new Castlevania. They've ruined that for me. Jim Sterling had it right with his hashtag.

Godmars290340d ago

Yet by most count, all they've done is a few steps below what companies like EA and Activision do. How they treat their employees.

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nitus10341d ago

Yes, I can see it now "Castlevania" pachinko machines. 🙄

Jim Fxxking Stirlingson is still right and we should thank God for him. 🙂

PhoenixUp341d ago

Konami is past the point of redemption

Aceman18341d ago

I don't believe or trust them at all.

rocketpanda341d ago

I think they are irredeemable by now no matter why they do as much as I would love a new 2D Castlevania and new Suikoden game.

Segata341d ago

Meh if they put out a new CV like the older 8-16 bit games like they released a new Bomberman and started making Goemon or Gradius bringing back old series I'd be happy with them.

Cobra951341d ago

The only way Konami can half-redeem itself at this point is to tar and feather its entire board, and run them out of Tokyo on a bullet train. To redeem the other half, they'd need to issue apologies to their entire staff, past and present, including a fat check to everyone they have wronged.

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Bhuahahaha341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

without iga it wont be castlevania anymore, so no thanks konami.
we got bloodstrained coming

Segata341d ago

Iga didn't create the series. Castlevania existed before him. The NES games and Genesis and SNES games and one of the best ever with Rondo of Blood. They can make a game in those games style again and be fresh again. iga vania we have had so many of those ans as mentioned Bloodstained for more of that. We can have one without him and the older style.

Bhuahahaha341d ago

i see,ty for the info
i started the series with SOTN

_-EDMIX-_341d ago


This is what folks should be looking forward to on Switch.

Neonridr341d ago

yep, sadly I had backed this for a Wii U version but will gladly change that over to a Switch copy. Thanks for the link EDMIX, I hadn't updated my survey yet, so this at least jogged my memory to do so. Cheers :)

XiNatsuDragnel341d ago

Konami do this and you'll do this you won't get screwed by some demons. I know a dark guild that'll love you guys.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

Put a new team that actually knows and loves the series on the job.
Not the jokers behind the latest big console versions.
Heck, just do a really killer sequel to Order of Ecclesia or Portrait of Ruin, and I'll be pleased and appeased.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

"Put a new team that actually knows and loves the series on the job"

Agreed. But because they don't got jack left, I'd look out for Bloodstained more then what they do.

"Not the jokers behind the latest big console versions"

You mean the folks now making Metroid remake on 3DS?



Soooooooooo yea. Those jokers are now making a Metroid game. Thats a no buy from me clearly.

If the team sucks, no reason to buy. That goes for Metroid and the new Castlevania. Not getting hoodwinked into buying garbage by garbage teams. Name alone can't sell a game.

I agree. Put in a new PROVEN team and maybe I might care, but if its a crap team, I can't support such a thing unless I play it myself or hear glowing reviews.

wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

I would agree with you on the Metroid game for 3DS, if it weren't for the fact that, unlike the 3D Castlevania reboots, they are following a pretty set template this time, since it's a remake and the gameplay previews proved to look decent.
It'd take a miracle for them to f*** up the Metroid 2 remake, but I'd never trust them with a new Castlevania.

lazyboyblue341d ago

Mercury steams 1st Castlevania game was amazing.

_-EDMIX-_341d ago

@wonder- lol that is the only thing that is literally making me even want to consider buying it is that it's a remake and how badly could they mess up something that's already been made?

Don't underestimate this team wonderful they could jack up any game lol

Cy341d ago

Calling it now, port of a new mobile game. I have no faith in Konami right now.

Segata341d ago

Bomberman R wasn't a port.

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