Nintendo On Switch Specs Compared To Playstation & Xbox

Reggie Fils-Aime talked to Bloomberg about Nintendo's technological philisophy. He says it's about fun over powerful specs.

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I don't know what Nintendo could possibly say about the specs of their big steaming piece of crap known as the switch. At least it's better than the Game Boy or maybe from the guys who brought you Virtual Boy. But I think would be more like we're Nintendo and we don't care. I will give credit where it's due and say Zelda is fantastic though. My favorite would be Nintendo switch from the guys who did you Dirty on the NES Mini.

cleft563d ago (Edited 63d ago )

If you are that into graphics than you must only play on PC. Because everything is a big steaming pile of crap compared to a PC that is $3000 plus dollars. If on the other hand you play console games than you do so because you enjoy playing great games. Guess what? Switch has a bunch of great games on it and coming to it.

Is the Switch as powerful as the PS4/Xbox One? Nope, not at all. What the Switch is, is a great platform with great games on it. Would someone only want to own a Switch? Goodness no. A Switch plus your favorite console or PC is the way to go. Honestly, the best thing would be a Switch, Gaming PC, and one of the Xbox Family products and Sony Family products.

If you just want graphics, than you are look for a ultra high-end PC. The Switch is a handheld/console with fun games. Thats all it needs to be right now. If you don't like it then fine, everyone has different taste. But that doesnt make the Switch a bad platform.

UltraNova63d ago

So based on your lecture above the are only two kinds of audiences out there, the guys who hate graphics ( switch owners, apparently) and the super hardcore 3000 dollar PC videophiles?

Forgive me but are you on something? What know the mainstream people aka the largest and most diverse audience there is? (Hint } ps4 and xb1 gamers).

Really dude?

modelgod63d ago

It's trash!! Nintendo knows it's trash that's why the distribution intensity is soooo low; they want the system to be rare so it can create more buzz. All they do is throw you mario Kart, Smash Bros, Pokémon, and a Mario game each gen. I'm grown, I'm tired of their overly vibrant colors!

Glak1863d ago

How come the PC illiterate people always state the only way to PC game is to spend $3000 or some extreme amount of money?

So if I wanted to buy a car does that mean I can only buy a Ford Focus or an Audi R8?

FYI: PC gaming tends to be the best for a lot more than just looking better. It's all about having more control of your experience. The options alone make PC gaming much better. How can console people game without a FOV slider is mind boggling. I guess what they have never used, they won't miss.

Aenea63d ago


According to you anything without an X on the plastic box is not worth it huh? Just leave these types or articles alone then, hmm?

AWBrawler63d ago

I agreed with you cleft5, until you said nobody would want to own just switch. I Own just switch (unless you count Wii U or 3DS) this generation , and I'm happy with it. The type of games released on Xbox almost never appeal to me personally, and for Playstation, I just use my PSTV and PSNow to play the old classics I like for roughly $20 a month. But I play on Just Switch now and haven't touched the PSTV or even hardly my 3DS since March.

tontontam063d ago

"Forgive me but are you on something? What know the mainstream people aka the largest and most diverse audience there is? (Hint } ps4 and xb1 gamers). "

FAIL comment

OmnislashVer3663d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I don't only play on PC. Plus tons of PS4 AAA exclusives are looking better than Ultra PC games.(Imagine what Ninty 1st party could do with that kind of power)

I'm also not hard to please. I think Switch's graphics are unacceptable at this time. Mario Odyssey's Aliasing looks like a jigsaw puzzle. But if Switch's successor just has some good AA and around 50% better graphics, which it likely will, I'm SO down.

I'm not asking for the world. I'm just disappointed that a $199 stationary console would have had 2x as much power for a cheaper price, and that's where I expect the sequel to be graphically. And that level is 150% acceptable to me for their types of games. I'd be all over that like white on rice. I'm just kind of disappointed that the Ninty experience I want is 5-7 years away.

UltraNova63d ago


"Forgive me but are you on something? What know the mainstream people aka the largest and most diverse audience there is? (Hint } ps4 and xb1 gamers).
FAIL comment

Here I am minding my own business and boom comes crushing down a glowing star called tontontam0...

Tell me what about a discussion between the Switch, PC and everything BETWEEN did you fail to understand?

3DS is not mainstream, not by a long shot its what Soccer mums buy their 6 year old kids(mostly).

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Aenea63d ago

Easy there buddy *pats you on the head*

Feel better now you got that out of your system?

The games they make or are made for their system are awesome, that's what counts in my book, not the power it has or doesn't have.

KwietStorm63d ago

What about all the awesome third party games that aren't and won't be on the system? Does that just not matter generation after generation because it's Nintendo?

MVGeneral63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Your acting like Ps or Xbox don't have any good games. The Ps4 itself has better overall rated games than the Wii in its whole lifetime. The switch has 1 good game that's it. And that doesn't save it from being the pile of crap it really is. No surround sound, no proper online feature a big miss by not adding sun card technology. These guys don't know anything about making a good console. Just making good games that appeal to simple minded people. (Like you). That's why disney movies make way more money because it's simple, cars just beat wonder woman in the box office. But that doesnt make one better than the other.

Aenea63d ago (Edited 63d ago )


Whoa there dude! Was that really meant for me? I think you're mistaking me with someone else!

When did I say the PS4 and X1 don't have any good games for instance? If I had said that then it would be crazy to own so many of them, perhaps I should sell my PS4 Pro huh, 'cos according to you I don't like any of the games?

Don't be so simple minded yourself, clearly you have no clue what's going on here, perhaps you need a little nap?


That sort of thing would only matter to someone who only buys one console and only plays those games. I don't care if the big 3rd party titles aren't being released on the Switch, I will buy them for my PS4 Pro anyways, even if they did release for Switch...

AWBrawler63d ago

since when did being grown mean you have to stop liking bright colors or Nintendo games? I swear i don't get that mindset. There's only 3 real rules to being grown
1.Pay your bills
2.Obey the law
3. Raise your kids (assuming you have any)

no_ripley63d ago

Nintendo is like a blessing in these days of videogaming.

MVGeneral63d ago

Nintendo is poison to the industry. All these casual mainstreamers buy the system and then game developers start catering to them than the core gamers that actually buy more than 2 games a console. (Example wii)

no_ripley63d ago

I'm glad there's Nintendo because their games are 100% fun. Zelda is the best single player game i've ever played and that's saying a lot.

After E3 i feel like 80% of the upcoming games for the "big consoles" look the same.
Personally i'm 100 times more hyped for Metroid 4 than for Anthem.

But to each their own,.

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mcstorm63d ago

I'm sick of all this power talk. When have games ever been amazing because of looks? Nothing about looks at all. Game play is what makes a game. Look at games in the same gore and Mario Kart and how many have had the same quality? Or Super Smash Bros?

We have amazing looking games like Horizon but compared to Zelda it has different things that's added to it. Like things float or catch fire in Zelda they don't in Horizon.

The switch as a hybrid console is a beast so to say and for me I don't want another console saying me to we have the xbox and PlayStation for that.

Enjoy the games you want and let other enjoy the games they want. Really is simple and more important things going on in the world than whos console is the best.

2pacalypsenow63d ago

Well Graphics is what made GTA what is it today, you think the series would be a big if it still had an over the top view? Graphics are more important than you think.

porkChop63d ago

That's a camera angle/perspective. That's not graphics.

Outlawzz63d ago

@2pac Wt your saying is something that was occuring as a generational shift and was huge for the game industry as a whole. The difference between PS4, Xbox, and switch is not that huge. Games still look great on switch only people that nitpick and want to bash the system will deny it or those that haven't played it.

2pacalypsenow63d ago

Right, but Nintendo is the only one that has not moved on from the GC era graphics, they only make minor improvements and moved to HD.

Just look at that UE4 Mario game someone made, that would be a huge leap.

mcstorm63d ago

@2pacalypsenow not really no. GTA was moved over last gen and the WiiU has lego city which is gta type game. Also people did not buy GTA because it was the best looking game and GTA was big before it want to an open world.

My point is that Graphics don't make the game the same in GTA its the openness of the game that makes it sell a lot of copy's. Look at COD games for example we all know they never look as good as BF games yet it always outsells them because people prefer the gameplay.

Don't get me wrong I love games that make me say wow when you see the graphics but if the game is not fun to play then there is no point in it looking amazing.

Also to prove it who do people still go back to classic games on consoles form the 90s. I still own an amiga32 and often play friends and family on games like Speedball 2, Superskidmarks, worms even pull out the n64 and go on golden eye and PD as well as classic's like Marko kart 64, daddy king racing and more.

Fun and game play is what makes a game never its looks.

2pacalypsenow63d ago


GTA had no where near the popularity it got with 3, most people did not even know about GTA until 3 released.

Mr_Writer8563d ago

Errrmmm game play?

Driver 2 did 3D before GTA 3.

By your logic they are both equally in all but graphics?


_-EDMIX-_63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Not really Grand Theft Auto was a massive success during those PlayStation 2 days using renderware despite it being very dated looking in fact all you have to do is look at Grand Theft Auto San Andreas versus God of War or Resident Evil 4.

Grand Theft Auto Got to where it was by actually being a fun game and omitting graphical fidelity.

Grand Theft Auto received it success because there's a very fun game the game physically feels fun to actually play it's why a plethora of open-world crime games around that time. Did not meet the same level of success as Grand Theft Auto.

mcstorm63d ago

Thank _-EDMIX-_ that was the point I was trying to make.

no_ripley63d ago

No, graphics are absolutely not important to have fun.

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KwietStorm63d ago

Power is about more than looks. I'm sick of people acting like Nintendo gets a pass because "graphics don't matter." All the games people are playing are not on the platform. Having GTA and Battlefield and Battlefront and Fallout and anything shown at E3 outside if Nintendo's showcase would change a lot of people's mind. But nope, all irrelevant because Nintendo. I'm pretty sure people would jump at the idea of taking these games with them if it were possible.

EddieNX 63d ago

PC and Switch is all you really need.