Third-party developers are the key to Nintendo Switch success

The Nintendo Switch, despite its record-breaking numbers, is also still an unknown commodity somewhat marred by the Wii U’s failure.

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Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

No trust me, the horrible new mass effect or the casualed down battlefield 1 will not make me want a Switch. Third party is worse than its been in years and I think its a factor that has drove Nintendo to success because gamers desperately want FUN triple A games again and not a emphasis on graphics and cliche hollywood stories.

Its EXCLUSIVES do though and INDIE GAMES that are only on console and pc being able to play on the go is nice like ROCKET LEAGUE

Just as example, Switch is now my go to console for rocket league with friends not a ps4 because we can just come over to each others apartment and connect to each other locally and its much better than the ps4 version because of that. Sure 720p but on that small screen it actually looks just as good if not sharper than the ps4 version playing 1080p on the big tv!

If your wanting to play call of duty Switch is not your console. IF you want fun exclusives and console/pc quality indie games on the go Switch is your console.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Now I don't think its "key" but not having it will still result in lost sales.

It puts all the pressure on Nintendo to do most of the work, but clearly this is a set up Nintendo wanted by even making a underpowered system.

" the horrible new mass effect or the casualed down battlefield 1" ??? Yet Mass Effect still sold, folks still like it and many on here have stated its a good game, not great, but not as bad as many exaggerate. BF1 is fine too bud, I'm not sure what you mean.

Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Yea and thats what I said in my comment essentially

Your not getting a Switch for the next call of duty

I want it for playing quality indies like never before seen on the go and great exclusives

Third party isnt the main reason why wiiu failed, if it was obviously Switch would of failed. Get that falsehood concept out of your head if you have it. It was poor exclusive line up ( compared to nintendo previous history) and poor console concept.

MVGeneral364d ago

Erik is pro-nintendo. He bashes anything and everything sony. So if third parties support sony, He hates that. Just look at his past comments.

He clearly doesn't know a anything about gaming and is a child who received a Wii as his first console and now has a die hard love for all things Nintendo (even tho they suck)

Third party games define generations. Red dead, Grand theft auto, witcher, fallout, and the lost goes on. Just because you named 2 games that had mediocre reviews, (yet looked better than anything the switch will ever release, lmao) doesn't make 3rd party irrelevant.

First party and Indies won't save Nintendo. And Nintendo doesn't have record breaking sales. It has good sales for a Nintendo. But in the same time frame ps4 is beating them to a punch.

_-EDMIX-_364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

"Third party is worse than its been in years" ??? Publishers are breaking records on PS4, XONE and PC, please...STFU you don't know what your talking about. Almost no major 3rd party publishers are putting AAA titles on Switch, so are you telling me "worse" as in most publishers that are not Nintendo? How do you explain increased sales?

or this

This is you buddy "Check back next year" 3%......that number hasn't really changed much as this E3 has confirmed they have no real intention of support, yet now its not "Check back next year" its " Third party is worse than its been in years"

All while all theses publishers break records...

OH yet "Rocket League" is REVOLUTIONARY since its now on Switch? LMFAO! Buddy, its clear anything that doesn't come to Switch is "worse" or "bad". Rocket League isn't a bad game, but you must be on meth if you think its better then the top 3rd party games, it sounds like your saying this because your salty E3 just revealed 98% of AAA's are not coming to much for "Check back next year"

First you are telling folks to wait til next year, now screw all developers besides Nintendo when E3 rolls around and you realize its not getting that support? So basically all publishers suck not called Nintendo and who don't put out Switch games?

Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

So sales is your counter argument for games not being bad? Lol, maybe gaming industry is just bigger? ( it is)

I mean your free to your opinion but obviously if you were even close to being right Switch would not be doing well. I love it how you even link games that were terrible and just based on sales like Destiny, Battlefront , Battlefield 1( casueld down compared to 3 and 4) , and

Witcher 3 and Overwatch are primarily PC games that are much superior on PC ( not a coincidence that the only good games you listed were pc focused ) so why get a ps4 for those inferior version of those games?

_-EDMIX-_364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

@Erik- "sales is your counter argument for games not being bad?"

Subjective. You basically can argue that BS any generation for any publisher you feel like it. A sale number is a unbiased measurement without an agenda or a narrative.

"maybe gaming industry is just bigger?" Maybe gamers are buying games they like. People don't generally buy things they think are "worse" or they don't like. Not how that works. Those games are not successful by default. Someone wanted them, they were bought.

"Witcher 3 and Overwatch are primarily PC games" Irreelvant, I have no clue what they has to do with their success. Even the developer of Witcher made clear consoles are one of the reasons the game was even feasible at its current build.

but I'm sure you know more then CDPR...

"not a coincidence that the only good games you listed were pc focused" I don't know what that means or what its really implying. Your comment was this " Third party is worse than its been in years" I have no clue what that has to do with PC or console etc. You simply stated Third party, so I'd assume a developer that makes a game on console and PC would fit in there. I don't even know what you mean by "PC focused".

"so why get a ps4 for those inferior version of those games?" Why keep trying to change the subject? What does this have to do with Third party being "worse"?

Your comment. : " Third party is worse than its been in years"

Backpedaling and trying to derail and go off topic to irrelevant issues isn't really going to work bud.

Stay on topic. It sounds like you want to bicker about something else as you realize that too many games broke records this gen to REALLY say its been um "worse". People don't buy games they hate or games that are bad.

Erik7357364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Never said rocket league was revolutionary. Said it was a big indie games that's more fun to play on Switch than ps4 version. That's a big deal and that's what important

Proof: battlefield 1, fallout 4, halo 5 and 4 , ,mirrors edge catalyst all reviewed worse than there predecessors, that's not subjective dude understand that. In fact many more games this generation have reviewed worse than there predacesors and that backs up what I'm saying. Battlefront also had a poor reception and your just in denial if you think that game was as good as the first original 2, was dumbed down a lot.

Were you a gamer in the ps2 era man or even 360 era? The third party was consistently better for it's time.

Also pointing out the two games that were good in your list of crap are known to be much better on PC(overwatch and witcher with exception of gta 5) again using sales to act like that's the better version

Not backpedaling on anything. It's just you use sales to justify consumers think game is good without considering the growth of the gaming industry. Look at Overwtach, it is a good game in my opinion but it sales miles more than a bunch of other games you mentioned. It's because it's actually good and also benefiting off the growth of gaming like the others are. I think if we saw Nintendo games launch on ps4/Xbox it would same pretty much more than all those games you had links too.

2pacalypsenow364d ago


So another Wii U...

The Switch will die without 3rd party support, stop trying to make everything Nintendo does as positive, they are not going to sell 100 million copies of Mario and Zelda alone.

EddieNX 364d ago

No. Nintendo is key to the Switch's success. I

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

Agreed. I'd argue what they do this gen, will be their key to success more then 3rd party offerings.

3DS survived without 3rd party AAA games, same with DS. No one was asking where Metal Gear Solid 4 was on DS or anything like that.

3DS has 65 million, Wii U has 14 million, that is a STRONG base that if they can 100% cater to, they can get a lot of those fans on board.

They still need to grow their install base, but I think they can do just fine with their set up. Nintendo has been able to do fine for generations with that set up on portable, adding in their other teams can only help.

Granted, its like to be less then 80 million based on their install base and market projections, but if they can land near that, they'll be fine.

IPs like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Animal Crossing will ensure they move those units, as this isn't quite like Wii U, this is Wii U plus 3DS. If those fans come on board, I think they can honestly manage without major 3rd party.

segamaniaco363d ago

All those nintendo franchises didnt save gamecube and wiiu

So no, nintendo cant do it alone

Ds, 3ds and Wii had massive third party support

Never in history a console sold well without third party support

_-EDMIX-_363d ago

@sega-the DS in the 3DS and even though wii actually did not have massive third-party support in the respect of actually having games in the same ecosystem as Playstation Xbox and PC.

I agree that all those franchises did not save the Gamecube or the Wii U but you're actually also ignoring that the switch is a portable.....

Clearly those franchises were unable to save the Wii U as to why Nintendo no longer making set-top box home consoles anymore there now making Portables with the ability to out to the television.

Regardless of the perspective of how you're seeing the game it is still a portable device and it is clear that the franchise is coming to the system or indicative of that transformation to the portable Market.

So you're saying never in history has a system been able to sell without third-party support in regards to console...

well first you probably need to stop looking at this like a console and actually simply start looking at this like a portable

This system is getting a monster hunter in Japan and it's also getting a Pokémon and it also can be played anywhere like the PS Vita simply with a bigger screen and more powerful regardless of how you're trying to look at it with stupid semantics it is a portable and that is how the Japanese Market will look at this device.

Nintendo has been able to survive with very limited third party support in regards to games not being in the same ecosystem as Playstation Xbox and PC, so I'm pretty positive they're going to do fine with the switch without that type of support.

Once again so we all fully understand each other I mean third-party support in regards to games sharing the same ecosystem PC PlayStation Xbox.

PhoenixUp364d ago

@ Edmix

Except DS & 3DS had plenty of AAA third party games

_-EDMIX-_364d ago

@Phoenix- "Except DS & 3DS had plenty of AAA third party games" Not really. Like what? As it seems you have a different view on what a 3rd party AAA game is.

Put it this way, I mean 3rd party AAA game as in it was on PS, PC and XB. Those titles did not appear on DS and 3DS most time (like 99% of the time)


Far Cry
Assassin's Creed
Mass Effect
Arkham Knight
Shadow Of Mordor
Just Cause
Final Fantasy
Metal Gear Solid
Dead Space
LA Noire
Deus Ex
Dark Souls
Elder Scrolls
Half Life
Left 4 Dead

Do you understand the point I'm making? I'm not saying AAA titles for DS and 3DS ie (max quality for those platforms) didn't get made, ie Bravely Default, SMTIV etc.

I'm saying 3rd party AAA in the respects of the PS, XB and PC market. So no, they didn't get " plenty of AAA third party games" in regards to many of those series. 3rd party games, ie they are on other platforms as well.

Not simply made by a 3rd party for DS or 3DS ie Bravely Default, Final Fantasy 4 Swords of Light etc. Not the point I'm making at all bud. DS and 3DS where able to survive from being solid portables, Nintendo's publishing clearly, titles from Capcom, Square, Sega and many other publishers, but those systems didn't have the "key" to their "success" based on 3rd party titles, I'd argue many 3rd party developers like Square, Capcom with Monster Hunter etc, but even those titles I don't think really 100% deem those systems "successful". Dear god look at Pokemon

That. That is what is the key for Nintendo for Switch. I might dog on them once in a while (everyday, every hour, ever min) but Switch will be fine with even just Nintendo as DS and 3DS pretty much are carried solely by Nintendo. Even Monster Hunter going to PS,XB and PC I don't think will stop or put a dent into Switch sales by many fans. Look at it like this, to my memory, I don't recall a Monster Hunter coming to DS, yet that system sold 150 million plus. They will be fine without that series, I'd argue they can be fine without MOST 3rd party developers. Look at what IPs are TRULY selling DS, 3DS etc. It isn't Call Of Duty, Battlefield, Mass Effect etc

PhoenixUp364d ago

Why dafuq are you comparing AAA console games to AAA handheld games? NO SHIT that games designed for HD consoles aren't all going to be ported to handheld systems. That's where you're misguided.

Nintendo has always had the strongest third party support in the handheld realm. That is the point I am making. Trying to bring in another type of market's support is completely asanine.

Those third party franchises helped contribute to he success of those handhelds. The success of Nintendo's first party titles don't negate that fact. For example Nintendo's first party titles helped NES and SNES succeed, but strong third party support also strongly contributed as well.

Monster Hunter wasn't on DS because the handheld wasn't designed to run those games. The series was exclusively exclusive to PSP at the time, which also had strong third party support as well. You know what did hit DS? Dragon Quest, which is one of the biggest franchises in Japan.

No shit those console franchises aren't selling the handhelds. It is handheld franchises that are selling on handhelds.

wonderfulmonkeyman364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Don't bother, Phoenix.
I had an argument with him over this once, and back then he outright told me he's got this convoluted idea that AAA is defined by how much it pushes the specs of a system.

It's safe to say there were many more AAA quality games on the 3DS driving success of it, some of them from indies even, and that there will likely be many more, who saw great success on 3DS and other past Nintendo consoles, who will be more willing to join up and start making great games to fill the negligible void left behind by the next token CoD or Assassin's Creed.

Not everyone can expect to be "Pokemon successful", nor do they need to be to count as a success. We both know this.

_-EDMIX-_363d ago

@phoen-why are you being combative? I'm actually agreeing with you. The DS and 3DS have had lots of third-party games in regards to made by Third parties that are not in tendo simply not within the same ecosystem as Playstation Xbox and PC.

What I'm saying is that they've been able to be successful with those type of third party games.

"Nintendo has always had the strongest third party support in the handheld realm"

Exactly and I agree with you if you would actually read my comment...

"Monster Hunter wasn't on DS because the handheld wasn't designed to run those games. The series was exclusively exclusive to PSP at the time, which also had strong third party support as well."

I know...

The point I'm trying to make is that the DS was wildly successful even without Monster Hunter.

I mean I'm trying to say that Nintendo has a strong enough first party that even without some of those third-party titles they can be its successful.

I'm not even entirely sure what you're arguing about I'm actually agreeing with you....

Even Dragon Quest as big as it is I actually believe even if omitted from the Nintendo handhelds the switch would still go on to be successful.

I'm simply saying that some of the franchises that I've seen selling the biggest huge Millions I've actually been Nintendo franchises.

I'm not saying they won't help simply that they won't be key like I've seen with big titles like Pokemon or Mario Kart or even Animal Crossing.

@wonder-body if you stopped trying to be argumentative for once you would actually realize the post I made is actually saying that the system could be successful without those key specific properties.

I'm literally saying that Nintendo handhelds don't necessarily need even those third-party franchises to be successful when you actually look at the top best selling Nintendo portable titles.

I mean if you believe something like monster hunter is that important to the switches success I mean you might as well already be confirming this devices failure....

I'm saying just the opposite but I'm not even sure you're able to realize that because you're always trying to argue.


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masterfox364d ago

I said it once will say it again, this is PS2 era all over again, we have the supposed to be more powerful console the xbonex, we have the sadness of that thing called Switch and finally with the PS4 kicking both competitors arsess,... but wait Masterfox!!!, how exactly the PS4 is kicking other competitors arsess ?, well very simple Sony PS4 is just simply creating awesome games for everyone, for every gamer and their specific genre they like, unlike Nintendo that they claimed is all about the Fun in games like Reggie says, well I agree on that but how you back up those words ?, when you don't have any freaking games on your system ?, what Zelda ? for the gazillion hour ? bomberman?, Mario Kart ?, pathetic. And now MS xbonex "Feel the true power" I going to throw fireballs with my hands ?, what kind of power are they referring to?... the gaaammeeees?,yeah like if MS did a "wonderful" job this E3, they definitely justified that $499 price tag, right ? right people ? -______- .

Sony's gaming division are doing the right thing for the gamers, and if you don't believe that well let the facts slap you in the face then!.

wonderfulmonkeyman364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Back to the console war trenches with you. And next time, loosen that tightly-strapped rubber helmet, and have the sense to throw the grenade, not the pin.
You'll self-destruct less often.

sparced363d ago

The only two third party games I'll own for my Switch discounting any Ubisoft partnerships are Minecraft and Rocket League.

I can't think any big PS4 titles I'd like to downgraded or ported over.

Gemmol363d ago

I disagree, NBA 2k18 will be great to play on the go

TheOttomatic91363d ago (Edited 363d ago )

No Ninty purists need to get their heads out their assess and start being open to third party games on their hardware. If the player base has zero interest in third party games then why the fuck would developers? If not then the Switch will just be a Wii 2 but regardless Ninty already has enough money from their hybrid and the purists got the 5 games they wanted this gen.