The Xbox One X Is Literally No Threat To The PS4

The biggest problem with the Xbox One X is how Microsoft has positioned the new system as being the most powerful ever made. This is exactly the same strategy the company tried with the original Xbox and that console was destroyed by the technically far weaker PS2.

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Death66d ago

Sony has a worldwide audience Microsoft will never have. If they focused on trying to increase their audience in regions that aren't interested, what would be the point? Microsoft is focused on their core market which for them is a much better prospect. Xbox One X isn't aimed at taking anything away from Sony. It's a system for the fans they already have.

AspiringProGenji66d ago

Something like that is what many here have been saying for a while. Power alone is not gonna put MS on top, and that slight advantage the PS4 has over Xbox One was not reason why it is on top.

Eonjay65d ago

Interesting point and you nailed some good points most flat out ignore. The only wrinkle for Microsoft is that their dominance in their primary market has disappeared. Mathematically 60% of Xbox sales are in the US while only 30% are for PS4. Obviously the US is the most important region for Microsoft by far.

MagicBeanz65d ago

I would even go a step further and say its aimed at a small and specific group of fans they already have.

arijitfrens200665d ago (Edited 65d ago )

ofcoz Xbox one x is no threat to the Pro like many here said X gonna kill the Pro.. LOL! NO it wont.... Both are different and the playstation community is growing... Come 2018 the amount of 1st party games PS will get is amazing.. Almost most being system seller... Xbox gonna show HALO next year for sure and may tease Playground's new IP and they have forza horizon and hopefully another Gears game..

JackBNimble65d ago

Do you really think MS doesn't care about the market share gap between them and Sony?
Don't you think MS would like to take some of that back from Sony?

If that were true then MS is in the wrong business and I am sure they would just stick with what is profitable like windows.

Wow... some of the shit you come up with is amazing.

Dragonscale65d ago

@Death, at last we agree on something. Xbox is aimed at the hardcore fans.

_-EDMIX-_65d ago

"Sony has a worldwide audience Microsoft will never have"

Sony didn't just have that day 1 with gaming.

Nintendo and Sega where JUGGERNAUTS in that area when PS1 came out. Sony got that respect world wide by marketing to many demographics.

Fighting BOTH Sega and Nintendo mean't that Sony couldn't be the kool kids but also couldn't be the wholesome values either, they had to be both. "Edgy" but also "rated E"

This worked out GREAT for them as they had all the demographics. You got GT, but you also got Crash. They did a great job with this balance and grew that brand WORLD WIDE.

MS won't have that because they are not doing those things. I don't even think they have a Japanese studio, yet cry and whine about not selling in Japan.

I'd assume you have to make Japanese games to sell to the Japanese, even to a degree folks.

MS lost in Japan because they are not looking at the bigger picture, they are trying to turn a quick buck and then cry the next gen.

Sony didn't just win world wide in 2 or 3 years, it was YEARS before they were huge world wide, but they actually had many concepts that worked for a world wide audience. MS can't win by brute force, they need to build teams in Japan as LONG TERM investments and then you'll see Japanese support.

Put it this way, why should someone buy XB FOR LIFE for Bioshock? Mass Effect? Consider those are either timed or lost exclusives. Those can sell the 360, they won't sell EVERY XB in the future. Coming out with Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey once only shows folks in Japan that MS doesn't make Japanese games...they simply "made" a Japanese game once, just like they ONCE had BIOSHOCK EXCLUSIVE.

Its a BAND AID BUD! For MS to win that support, they need a LONG TERM IP that is Japanese. Period. You know, actually work and invest in that market.

Aenea65d ago

It's called marketing, they can get those other regions interested if they actually tried to, but for some odd reason they don't...

yeahokwhatever65d ago

"Xbox One X isn't aimed at taking anything away from Sony" HAHAHAHAHAHA oh man, that's rich. Try explaining that to the board.

Skull52165d ago

It shouldn't be. XBOX is aimed at the console user who wants a premium experience to take advantage of their beautiful TV's. PlayStation is aimed at the casual user who has no use for 4K games and blu ray.

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knifefight66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

I too love the article's unnecessary and pretty much incorrect use of "literally." So many people misuse that word now. It's losing its meaning -_-

MagicBeanz65d ago

That's literally the dumbest thing I've ever read.

Dragonscale65d ago

Its not misuse. Its literally true lol.

mkis00765d ago (Edited 65d ago )

2. in effect : virtually —used in an exaggerated way to emphasize a statement or description that is not literally true or possible

seems right to me. ( it has taken on a second meaning so Merriam Webster added it in)

jrshankill65d ago

He wanted to use figuratively, not literally.

The article title makes the author look like a total idiot. Both with word choice and content.

ocelot0765d ago (Edited 65d ago )

I actually agree with you. As well as the word "Exclusive" that gets thrown around a lot to the point exclusive now means something completely different to what it once meant.

frostypants65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

@mkis007, sorry, they added that definition recently to REFLECT the rampant mis-use, but it's still wrong. In effect, that definition is saying that "literally" can mean "not literally". How can a word mean the opposite of itself? It totally destroys the intent of the word and makes it worthless. It would only make sense if they labeled that usage as slang.

fenome65d ago

It's actually true though, unless you believe that somehow the XoneX will sell twice as many units as the other Xbox Ones.


Figuratively implies a metaphor, which this does not.

jojo31965d ago

exactly!! It's amazing how often that word is misused. "Dude! that literally blew my mind!!".

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65d ago
TheColbertinator65d ago

E3 just ended. Expect 6 more months of nothing new announced.

Mr-Dude65d ago

Not that much big news coming the upcoming weeks...

But GamesCom in August, Tokyo Game Show in september, and Paris Game Week in oktober..

jrshankill65d ago

Someone literally needs to look up the definition of literally.

Another garbage clickbait article.

rainslacker65d ago

Figuratively speaking of course.

trooper_65d ago

Looks like history has a way of repeating itself. I hope for Microsoft's sake that the XBX works out for them.

StormSnooper65d ago

Looking at the comparison videos I don't think so either. And the price difference.

Christopher65d ago

Of course not, the Xbox One S is the threat to the PS4 and the Pro.

65d ago
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Silly gameAr66d ago

It's funny how people aren't rushing in to approve this article like they do for other xbox articles.

kingjames1865d ago

Look at your upvotes. If you think this is a Pro Xbox website your delusional. The fact is this is an opinion piece and not a very factual one.

Apocalypse Shadow66d ago

Besides the word "literally," it would be true that Xbox one x isn't a threat to PlayStation. Even having more power than Pro doesn't help.

Sony commands more than a 30 million lead over the Xbox platform. Because of that lead, Sony commands more say on partnerships with 3rd parties just as Microsoft had with Xbox 360 launching a year first over PS3. Selling a system to a small part of a smaller community won't change anything. Potential bragging rights on looks? Yes. That's about it.

Not having a large group of award winning studios like Sony is also not going to help Microsoft. If 3rd party games are also coming to the PlayStation platform at the same time or later because of timed exclusivity, then again, no advantage for Xbox one x.

Sure, we'll see the typical comparisons at digital foundry on graphics clarity and detail. Won't change much to the masses who don't watch or know about DF. DF is mostly known about from graphics whores. But the name you know titles will be on PlayStation. GT,GOW, etc are known worldwide more that state of decay, sea of thieves, crackdown, etc. It's not that those games aren't going to be fun. But those games are like naming B list actors in movies and not A list actors. And Sony's worldwide studios games always do more with less power. Even compared to PC. Xbox one x won't change that either.

Speaking of brand names and movies, Spiderman is an A list property. And the *GAME* will only be found on PlayStation. The only way Xbox one x will be playing Spiderman is on Bluray. Xbox fans might say, "well, at least Spiderman the movie will be 4K on our system over regular Bluray on PlayStation."

As a PlayStation fan, my response would be to that is
Is that all you got
No threat at all.

Apocalypse Shadow65d ago (Edited 65d ago )

Let me help you 343 by shortening it.

Dropping those stupid policies, dropping Kinect, releasing Kinect resources, talking about DX12,esram, the cloud, 4K ultra Bluray, releasing Xbox one s, talking about true 4K and high fidelity VR has now only resulted in a wider gap of 30+ million consoles behind.

You think a marginally more powerful console is going to somehow change anything?

Hopefully you didn't believe in all that other stuff helping Microsoft.