TGR's Rumor Killers: New DS, LBP Early, World at War Perks

TGR - "Every so often a story breaks on a Friday or Saturday that just sets the message boards and forums abuzz with talk until someone can come into the office Monday morning and sort it all out. Such was the case this weekend, as Japanese news source Nikkei Net broke a story about a brand new Nintendo DS redesign.

The gaming blogs pounced, quickly latching onto the story and reporting on all the new capabilities said to be built into the new model, including a camera and music playback. Speculation ran wild that Nintendo was worried about the iPhone's intrusion into the handheld market and Nintendo was trying to quickly reassert its dominance with a newer, fancier DS. Turns out there was nothing to get excited about after all."

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Relin3730d ago

That list mirrors CoD4 almost exactly... I dunno about that.

iHEARTboobs3730d ago

COD4's perks were good so why not keep some and add more? I think it's a good idea. Looking forward to the vehicles. Wasn't expecting much from this game but i'm looking forward to trying it.

Relin3730d ago

I'm not saying they weren't done well, but I would expect Treyarch to try more of their own stuff before using Infinity Ward's ideas.

iHEARTboobs3730d ago

Yeah i know what you're saying. But COD from Treyarch has been a little dull so i'm actually glad they're brining in some of the stuff from COD4.

outlawlife3730d ago

i was hoping for more interesting perks myself

i still don't think i'm gonna get this game until well after release or at all, it just isn't grabbing me

Relin3730d ago

Yeah, I'm still unsure how to feel about WaW going back to WW2; I really enjoy WW2 games, but because I wasn't alive during that time, I don't feel the same connection that I do with, say, CoD4.

If Treyarch can bring their A game to WaW, I don't doubt I'll play it and enjoy it. I just don't know if I can hold my breath for that.

cain1413730d ago

I'm really disapointed they chose to redo world war II...

aubradley3730d ago

I'm not looking forward to CoD going back to WWII. I was so excited when we finally got past that with Modern Warfare, and now it's right back into the same old thing. Oh well, I guess it was too much to ask for the original gameplay ideas to stay original.

avacadosnorkel3730d ago

Looks like I have a couple extra weeks to plan my masterpiece.

I did pick up the Playstation camera yesterday just for this purpose.

The box was all dusty and it's obvious nobody buys the camera, but once LBP comes out I won't be surprised if the camera becomes hard to find at times.

cain1413730d ago

LBP looks like it will be a must buy...

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