Analysis: The Puzzling Case Of Madden's Wii Sales

Is Madden NFL 09's lackluster launch on Wii a sign that the rebranded 'All-Play' feature was less than successful? Here, Gamasutra correspondent Matt Matthews compares last year's Madden performance, including exclusive NPD data, against this year's multi-platform launch to show notable 'long tail' possibilities.

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Voiceofreason3698d ago

The whole "All PLay" BS is the exact reason I didnt buy the Wii version. These guys are idiots. every year they go more and more casual and every year they get less and less sales, so of course their answer is to just go more casual...

Maxned3698d ago

I think "All-play" is Latin for "Money-whoring-casual-dou chebags"
I'll have to look it up

PS360WII3698d ago

Shows that the Wii game sales are for the marathon run and not the sprint :)

rbluetank3698d ago

i think that people looking at and are more into games that are not sports related for fun..overall madden can be bore to play despite all it's new features. when you play madden expect to lose an hour or more on one online/offline game;compared to finishing 3 to 5 levels on a non sports game....