Phil Spencer "E3 just the Start" for Xbox One X , Gears of War 4 footage coming

“Yes, E3 was just the start of us showing how games look on Xbox One X.” - Phil Spencer

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bouzebbal63d ago

We are closing in the end of this gen and this is the start ?
There is no time for such introduction. Go all in or go home

lxeasy63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

I hope that means Press conference at Gamescom!!

KionicWarlord22263d ago (Edited 63d ago )

The fire rises...there are those who will learn to survive.

Pancit_Canton63d ago

Forza next, then Halo.

I predict that all by myself, now where's my cookie?

shiva163d ago

So you havent read what 343 said already. Nothing this year from 343. No cookie for you.

corroios63d ago

Someone must tell phil that all microsoft games already run at 4k, maybe he doesnt know.

4Sh0w63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Someone must tell corroios, NOT for $499 they dont, but they will on Nov 7th 2017= X1X, its too bad he didn't know, he's gonna be mad.

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