Dragon Ball FighterZ Will Have An English Dub Voice Track

This is a 2.5D, competitive fighter with goals of making it to the Evolution Championship Series, commonly known as EVO, an annual eSports event that focuses exclusively on fighting games.

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Game4r336d ago

Even tho I expected it, its just another news that makes me excited!!!

FallenAngel1984336d ago

It better, I can never get used to Goku's Japanese voice

UCForce335d ago

Yeah, he sound like teenagers in Japanese version. In English version, Goku sound much more like an adult.

IndieFolk335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

The first time I heard Goku's japanese voice I was like "what? no... what?". The portuguese version is so amazing, he sounds like a wise man whom I can trust (maybe because I grew up with it, though). XD


DaFeelz335d ago

Masako Nozawa is the woman that does Goku's japanese voice.

InTheZoneAC335d ago

This was something I wasn't even thinking about, it if it was japanese it's an auto no buy.

Swiftfox335d ago

Thankfully they're giving the choice of the Japanese audio. The modern english dub of this show is one of the worst I've ever heard. When the fan-made abridged series based of the show gives a better cast, better acted performance, you have a serious issue.

JHippy5000335d ago

Either you are trolling or you have a serious hearing impairment problem

Swiftfox335d ago

You can't serioursly be suggesting to me if you put the Japanese version of the show and the Funamation dub side by side you'd say "Yeah they totally nailed it." Given the Japanese dub was acted with the weight and earnestness of an adult show while the English dub is purposefully localized and performed for children.

You can't possibly be suggesting the DBZ dub can even stand next to genuinely solid English dubs like Witch Hunter Robin, Rouroni Kenshin, Gundam 0083/Wing/9th MSteam/G Gundam, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, or FLCL.

Do I have a hearing problem or am I the only one hearing things clearly?

X-23335d ago

Thats cool so long as it's still a option for Japanese audio. I like the English cast, but I prefer the Japanese voices for me it is more authentic and it's how I watched it way back in the day not to mention it's how I watch Super now.

worldwidegaming335d ago

indeed, both options are best. I prefer everything subbed.

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The story is too old to be commented.