Watch Kingdom Hearts III Fans Go Absolutely Wild When the New Trailer Premiered at LA Concert

Kingdom Hearts III fans have been starved for information on the game, and have waited so long for another glimpse on it, that they went absolutely wild when Square Enix finally delivered.

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DarkOcelet342d ago

Can't really blame them. That trailer really came out of nowhere.

Sam Fisher342d ago

Its been a long wait, (im only into final fantasy) my best friend used to be a big fan of it till they had started doing spinoffs and making console exclusive type things, he lost the feeling for it. Im trying to get him in the mood for it again since it would be wrong leaving a series you love halfway.

Seraphim342d ago

I couldn't really dig or get into those handheld exclusives. I tried playing some of them on 1.5 and 2.5 HD. Kingdom Hearts is an absolutely fantastic series though, at lest the main titles are.

The latest video I saw for KH3 is looking phenomenal. With so many games coming out between Fall-Spring and even likely Fall '18 I'm in no rush. Just hope it does end up being wrapped up and out sometime in '18 or early '19 at the latest.

OmnislashVer36342d ago

@Seraphim KH-BBS was exceptional though, and you can play it in HD as part of the "1.5+2.5" Remix collection.

It also has some keyblade wielders that will appear in KH3, one of which appeared in KH2.8.

Essential games with BBS and BBS2(KH2.8)

Mykky342d ago

I've been waiting on KH3 for 11 years. I'm just not hyped anymore, I'm simply not interested in seeing anything from it unless I'm given a release date.

RedDevils342d ago

Will this release on PS7?

InKnight7s342d ago

Just had gotten bored when remember the hell when trying sora/others over and over again with the almost same mechanics over and over again. Its took long time and bleeded because of the spins off and it 4 remaster/remake just if they released 3D gameplay in some serious story progress and BBS it would be more than enough rather have COM,365,reCOM,recoded,SBB,3D and 3 remasters.

OmnislashVer36342d ago

I enjoyed BBS immensely. And BBS2 was great as well, if short still. The other handhelds were all optional stuff but we still got a full KH experience last-gen.