E3 2017 Hands-On (Deck): ‘Sea of Thieves’ Captures the Myth and Magic of Piracy

In our time with it, 'Sea of Thieves' embodied all of the allure of whimsical pirate lore and legend sensationally, perfectly maintaining the theme with all the mystique, wonder, and bottled magic of a Disneyland attraction.

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Aurenar307d ago

I want into the Alpha now! Rare

Ukgamer307d ago

Even at this early stage its good! Just keep waiting the next lot of invites won't be long off

IamTylerDurden1307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

It seems like a free 2 play to play mmo.

The E3 demo was uninspiring up until the end. Once the ship play and dynamics of boarding another ship came in i saw some appeal. Idk if the ship dynamics can cover all the other mediocrity though.

The visuals were bad other than the water. The water was absolutely impressive.

I just don't know if making an mmo was the best idea for Rare? I imagine Microsoft pushed the Games as a Service (GaaS) agenda on Rare and that probably impacted the decision to make it a service based game.

It'll be interesting to see Skull and Bones and Sea of Thieves, and see which (if either) can carve out a spot in the AAA landscape and keep it. I'd honestly love either a full, gritty pirate game with deep narrative and brutal combat or a straight R&C Quest for Booty style pirate game with a similar aesthetic and cast of characters. Microsoft should build a new studio with the fired Lionshead employees and some other industry vets and make a straight up Fable: Pirates of the Cursed Sea. A pirate themed Fable game would be great.

307d ago