Absolver Hands On – 2D Fighting in a 3D World I The Koalition

Max Moeller of The Koalition writes: Anyone who knows me knows fighting games aren’t my strong suit, with Super Smash Bros. being the only exception – and that hardly counts. It’s the only genre that doesn’t click with me no matter how hard I try. I have long since given up on it. Then I tried Absolver.

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rbailey4d ago

I'm definitely interested in checking out this game. Hopefully, it eventually comes to Xbox One for those who might not have a PS4.

Maxemole4d ago

This game was incredible. A very focused fighting game that I did not expect. Looking forward to trying out more.

InMyOpinion3d ago

I like the premise of it a lot but the gameplay I've seen looked kind of sketchy.

SwiffEpics3d ago

After seeing this game in action, I wan't it