E3 2017 | Hands On With Detroit: Become Human I The Koalition

Tatjana Vejnovic of The Koalition writes: It’s been three years since Quantic Dream announced Detroit: Become Human, and quite frankly, we really didn’t know much until this year’s PlayStation E3 Press Conference. I speak for myself when I say this, but Beyond: Two Souls was hands down one of the biggest disappointments of the PlayStation 3 generation. With titles like Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain, which gave players plenty of options and story changing decisions, Beyond left players feeling empty.

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SwiffEpics310d ago

This game looks great, but I want a solid release date.

rbailey310d ago

This game looked impressive at the Sony Conference. Since there wasn't a confirmed release date, my guess is we won't see it until 2018. No matter when it comes, it definitely will be worth the wait.

Summons75309d ago

Probably 2019 with how much Sony loves to release things in the first quarter and completely ignore the holiday season now.

Maxemole310d ago

Glad to FINALLY see more on this game. One of my most anticipated.

FattyBoy3D309d ago

I will ask the same question I have been asking on all articles. Release date?