It’s good that Nintendo doesn’t want to make political statements

James has tried very hard to remove politics from CSG, as he wants to cover games. They’re the world’s greatest entertainment medium, and our favorite form of escapism from our less-than-perfect, or monotonous lives. Nintendo has the right of it: In a recent interview Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-aime said that “Making political statements are for other people to do. We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.”

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TekoIie273d ago

Not that games cant include political/moral messages but we dont need every game to come and try to teach us some sort of life lesson.

Im happy Nintendo is taking this approach.

iofhua273d ago

It needs to be fantasy politics.

I have fun with Deus Ex. The corporations and governments in Deus Ex are all fantasy. It takes place in the future, and most of the organizations (UNATCO, VersaLife, whatever) either don't exist or are presented as something completely different in the game than they are in real life. It's not trying to send a message about these things, it's just having fun with a story about conspiracy and espionage.

I will never play Far Cry 5 because it's set in a modern day setting in a real world place and is poking fun at an existing religion. It's very loaded politically and it's overtly sending a political message to the player and trying to get them to think along certain lines. This isn't fun to me. It seems more like a brainwashing program than it is a game.

Princess_Pilfer273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Deus Ex is very much dealing with real political issues. We already have rudimentary cybernetic limbs that can recognize and respond to basic commands from a human wearer. The issues it's bringing up are things we should be talking about now, before they become major problems, because it's quite possible that they become major problems within the next 50 years.

Hell, we've *already* had problems, remember that thing with a record holding sprinter who had artificial legs below the knees and how that gave him an unfair advantage because his legs don't get tired and lose strength? If you don't, google it.

It's also big about commenting on the role corperations and money have in world leadership, also a very real problem we have.

Also, no. People have and express political ideas all the time. If you don't agree, then don't agree, but just because it's in a game doesn't mean it's brainwashing. Further, f you can't understand a political ideology you can't make an accurate judgement about it, so it's very valuable to be put directly into the mindset of someone who has it so that you can make that judgement about wether it's right or not.

PS: "We don't make political statements" is itself a political statement, which kinda undermines their point.

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CorndogBurglar273d ago

How on earth is Far Cry 5 "a game about shooting Christians in modern-day Montana"?

I mean come on. The enemies might consider themselves Christians, but they are clearly an evil cult with a skewed view that includes murdering innocents and kidnapping people's family members. These are actions that no one in their right mind can incorrectly interpret from ANY Christian scriptures. If you consider those people just a bunch of Christians, then you are the one that isn't seeing things clearly.

That's essentially like saying that ISIS is just a group of Muslims. Never mind all of the horrifying acts they are committing.

Inzo273d ago

“Making political statements are for other people to do. We want people to smile and have fun when they play our games.”

Just those words make me want to go out and buy a Switch, devs can definitely learn from this because this is what most gamers want.

iofhua273d ago

Thank you Nintendo. I actively avoid games that contain political correctness. I want my games to be an escape from reality, not shove more reality into my face.

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Princess_Pilfer273d ago

Political correctness =/= political statements.

Testfire273d ago

The use of political correctness is a political statement unto itself.

Princess_Pilfer273d ago

So is not using political correctness, either because you don't care or because you're actively avoiding doing so. So is almost literally every other statement that's not purely factual. What's your point?

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2pacalypsenow273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Tell that to EA and Ubisoft.

Good for you Nintendo, I respect that.

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