Sony’s 2018 Releases All Coming in First Half of 2018

Pure PlayStation: Sony hasn’t been very specific with release dates for its upcoming games. Instead of solid dates we’ve had to make do with vague “2018” release windows.

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nX58d ago

I'm hoping for GT in Sept/Oct and either God Of War or Days Gone in Q1. Then hopefully Detroit during summer, TLOU 2 in Q3 and the new Sucker Punch game in Q4.

Rimeskeem58d ago

If what is stated is true then all this is possible. We know that Sucker Punches NEW IP is in a playable state and knowing that it's been 3 years it could have a large presence at E3 2018.

blitz062358d ago

I want to keep my hopes up but almost half the games this gen have been delayed so I'll keep my expectations in check

Razzer58d ago

lol....if half of his "wishes" come true then that is still another kick ass year for PlayStation.

thekhurg58d ago

I know it's odd but PlayStation gets exclusives. I know Xbox world doesn't see many.

Woolly_58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

y'all need to chill with your defense mechanism. .

If doesn't make business sense to drop so many potential heavy hitters in one year. . When they can feed them to you slowly and make the most of each release.

Historically It's never happened... What makes you think it'll happen now?

Aenea58d ago

Besides TLOU2 I think the rest will be happening tho...

Perhaps it's you who is doing the wishful thinking??

LordMaim58d ago

Wooly_ said "If doesn't make business sense to drop so many potential heavy hitters in one year"

It doesn't make any business sense to spend millions of dollars making a game then get no return on your investment for a year.

Also, its not as though Sony has a shortage of games coming after them either. Pushing things back just causes a glut of AAA games further upstream. It makes more sense to release them in the first half of the year, getting out of the way of their publishing partners who typically release their major games in third and fourth quarter.

Razzer57d ago

lol...this is the same woolly who was saying none of the 2017 PS exclusives were any good a few weeks back. He has a bit if a nervous reflex when it it comes to exclusives on PS. Symptoms are extreme delusion and denial.

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Thatguy-31058d ago

Doubt they'll release the last of us with in the same yr as days gone. The last of us 2 will be an early 2019 title

Razzer58d ago

Agree. TLOU 2 will be 2019 at the earliest, along with Death Stranding.

seanpitt2358d ago

No chance they will all come in 2018. I think days gone will come out in 2019 or they would of gave us a release date by now.
The last of us 2 might come out early 2019 aswell

Spiderman and GOW should release Q1, Q2 2018 before red dead redemption 2 if everything goes OK.
Sucker punch next game will release in 2019.

Aenea58d ago

Sucker Punch's game and Days Gone are releasing next year, mark my words! TLOU2 will be early 2019 tho

Dissidia58d ago

I think Bend is farther along with Days Gone than we think. It's been at the past 2 E3's. I doubt they show it again at E3 2018 and then announce a 2019 release date.

medman57d ago

If Days Gone doesn't come out until 2019, I feel sorry for those two same devs who show up to E3 the past two years now, and have to go on show, after show, after show answering the exact same questions about their game. They have to be eager to get it out to the gamers before another E3 rolls around. Hopefully they will....I'm not betting on it, but certainly with the state the game is in, it should be a 2018 release, even if it's late 2018.

Days Gone looks good, the systems and mechanics look good, and we know it's single player only, so if given what we've seen the game is still more than a year and a half away from launch, I would be a bit concerned.

zivtheawesome58d ago

Days Gone wasn't listed as 2018, probably puts it and Detroit at late summer to early spring. TLOU 2 is fairly early in development so it is probably a 2019 release with SP new game as well and finishing with 2020 with Death Stranding and Horizon 2 cross release with the ps5 a few months afterwords is my guess (horizon may be a ps5 launch exclusive though).

danny81857d ago

we wont see TLOU 2 till the latter part of the ps4's life. Just how it released late into the ps3's life cycle

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FallenAngel198458d ago

PlayStation has an awesome lineup all year long

Erik735758d ago

I think Nintendo will have higher rated titles but it definitely beats Microsoft

58d ago
FallenAngel198458d ago

Wtf does that have to do with what I said

Erik735758d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Its definitely walking a fine line but you said they were awesome. You opinion of something good is always relative to what the competition is doing so I brought that up. Maybe I should of been more respectful and not mentioned it knowing how the gaming community is about these things sorry.

I do think Sony's line up is solid though. God of war, days gone, and actually Dreams which I find no one talking about look really good and are coming to ps4 in the near future and I hope Last of us 2 is coming out in 2018 but im having doubts.

zivtheawesome58d ago

saying that the lineup is awesome doesn't mean he is comparing it to the competition but he is comparing it to what he is used to from previous years and with many people feeling like 2017 was a blast of a year and still feeling that 2018 is awesome then it really is gonna be awesome.

Septic58d ago

Spider-Man looks great. I hope the open world is fleshed out. I hope it has fewer qtes than were shown

Rimeskeem58d ago

I will never understand why QTEs are a bad thing. It was a chase sequence with like a few and all the sudden people think the whole game is gonna be like that.

Don't turn this shit into the Order type hate.

Septic58d ago

I'm not turning it into anything.

Qtes if used sparingly or in the right context are fine. It's obvious that this isn't going to litter them in the game like the Order as this is all about freedom in an open world game. I'm just hoping they are kept to a minimum.

Otherwise it looks great.

ILostMyMind58d ago

It is when is on a PS news. When are about Ryse: Son of Rome It is all ok.

SolidStateSnake58d ago

What's wrong with QTE's? If used correctly it only enhances the experience. GoW is a prime example.

andrewsquall58d ago

Not sure why it should have less QTEs, it was the end of a set piece. Uncharted 4's showing at E3 2015 was full of QTE's by the end but it was pretty much for some of the runtime of that set piece, just like Spiderman.
Insomniac have already said multiple times in interviews the past week that the game isn't the 75% QTE's that you are clearly implying, sure you even had to bring it up.

So I guess all is good and you are guaranteed excited and buying Spiderman day one then since I put your "concerns" at ease. ^_^

Septic58d ago

Where did I imply that the game is 75% QTE's? You guys can't handle the slightest bit of criticism can you? It wasn't even a critique. Just made a point regarding Qtes.

I will be buying this yes. Relax

Unreal0158d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Are you getting bored waiting for your "beast"? You say "You guys can't handle the slightest bit of criticism can you?" yet you can't handle anything positive for Sony, nor negative about your precious beast.

You sir are the definition of a fanboy.

Septic57d ago


"yet you can't handle anything positive for Sony, nor negative about your precious beast."

I've been critical of the 1X and have been positive about many aspects of Sony and the games. I was being positive here too.

That has been FAR MORE the you ever have done.

seanpitt2357d ago

When septic is in here commenting which is about 99% of the time! Personally I don't know how he finds the time, I don't even bother reading his comment or opinion I just automatically disagree 👎

Nivekki57d ago

Yeah that's how I feel about that seanpitt23 guy, I don't even bother looking at his comment, I just press the disagree button.

Because why bother looking, he's scum. Don't even have to look at what he's saying.