SMITE and Paladins Announce Xbox One X Support with 4K/60 FPS

Today Hi-Rez studios reached out to announced that both its games SMITE and Paladins will get support for Xbox One X when the console launches on November

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Woolly_180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Native 4K and 60fps. .on both titles. . light work for Ox.

bluefox755179d ago

I mean, Ps4 Pro also runs these games at native 4k and 60fps, so yes, it is light work, lol.

179d ago
bluefox755179d ago

@Crotaaa Yeah, you could just look it up for proof instead of making yourself look foolish. The comment above me already provided proof for Paladins.

179d ago
bluefox755179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

@Crotaaa Dynamic means it adjusts the resolution in order to keep a particular framerate. It doesn't mean that a game "doesn't" run said game in native 4k, it just means it sometimes drops below native 4k in order to maintain the framerate. You will still see native 4k most of the time playing these on ps4 pro. They are not very demanding games. Which is why Xbox X is able to achieve 4k/60. As far as AC, it remains to be seen how well it can hold a native 4k in dynamic mode. We don't know yet.

MegamanXXX179d ago

Crotaaa is a Trump supporter??

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ULTp0ltergeist179d ago

Origins 4k on X1X is a better type of dynamic 4k where most of the game is in actual 4k and then down scaled to maintain frame rates. Not upscaled from an original lower res.

Woolly_179d ago

on Pro it drops below 4K once things get hectic on screen which means it's Dynamic 4K on Pro. . Whereas the Ox Runs the game at a constant Native 4K and 60frames, bih.

ILostMyMind179d ago

It is dynamic resolution.

Dynamic is not checkboard resolution.

Ju179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Dynamic means it drops the resolution when it would otherwise drop the frame rate. DF counted the lowest at 3264x1836 and it rarely drops. The game holds native [email protected] most of the time.

"Better type of dynamic"...OMG. people are getting creative. It is either dynamic or it isn't.

Neonridr179d ago

a game can't be native and dynamic at the same time. Just because it runs it at true 4K "most" of the time isn't the same as native 4k/60fps ALL THE TIME.

Because if it wasn't dynamic, it wouldn't have been able to hit the target framerate. At the end of the day it's not a big deal, but don't pretend like a dynamic resolution is anywhere near the same as a locked resolution.

Ju179d ago

Yes, of course, you guys with the laser eye will notice the drop to1836p in those 16ms. Every single time. Since you got trained on 900p all years long.

JasonKCK178d ago (Edited 178d ago )

Nopidy nope nope!

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mark3214uk179d ago

more indies, you wait for games like battlefield and see that they will not be able to hit native 4k on the x, and will use checkerboard jsut like the pro does

xsta1ker179d ago

please don't put pro in the same light as x1x all pro does is scale up to hit 4k
big deference from starting @ 4k.

medman179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

They don't want to hear that. We've been telling them the xbox one x would be upscaling/checkerboarding it's way to 4k for AAA titles just like the Pro does ever since the Scorpio specs were announced, but once more they fell for the "true 4k" kool aid Microsoft was selling....just like they fell for "the power of ten xbox one's in the cloud"...and Titanfall couldn't be made without the power of the cloud....and drivatars....and kinect...and milo....and we couldn't possibly sell the xbox one without the kinect, as kinect is such an integral part of the UI....and all other such lying nonsense.

Some people can't be helped. Some people are born suckers. Pity them.

KionicWarlord222180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

Glad they put native 4K/60 fps in the video. No debate on what there doing.

rlow1179d ago

The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger for the Xbox1x. The Beast hasn't even launched yet.

Ju179d ago

Of course it is. But it was underwhelming in 4K months ago. Indeed. /s

shiva1179d ago

@ Ju

Next 40k months pro will have to face alot. So 4k is better than 40k starting in 2017.

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