SMITE and Paladins Announce Xbox One X Support with 4K/60 FPS

Today Hi-Rez studios reached out to announced that both its games SMITE and Paladins will get support for Xbox One X when the console launches on November

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KionicWarlord222364d ago (Edited 364d ago )

Glad they put native 4K/60 fps in the video. No debate on what there doing.

364d ago
rlow1364d ago

The list just keeps getting bigger and bigger for the Xbox1x. The Beast hasn't even launched yet.

Ju363d ago

Of course it is. But it was underwhelming in 4K months ago. Indeed. /s

shiva1363d ago

@ Ju

Next 40k months pro will have to face alot. So 4k is better than 40k starting in 2017.

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