Sony on GaaS: We're Big On Story, But We Might Enter That Space With A Suitable Team & Concept

Sony's Shawn Layden said that while the company is traditionally big on story, it could enter the GaaS space with the right team and concept.

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uptownsoul343d ago

Shawn Layden quote: "My philosophy is to play to my strengths. And if you look at the studios we have – Naughty Dog, Guerrilla, Santa Monica Studios, Japan Studios – that’s what we do well. We do story. We create characters. I was so gratified to see the response to Horizon’s Aloy when she showed up on the screen and the crowd went wild.

Those are the kind of things we do well. It’s what we’re known for. It really speaks to our entertainment DNA. We wish to entertain. We wish to make you happy. We wish to make you cry. That whole range of emotions we can pluck at to make you have a great experience."

My response: This is exactly what I'm looking for out of Sony. Keep doing your thing regardless of which way the wind blows.

AspiringProGenji343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

If some devs and publishers want to this route, go for it. Just don't overdo it. I don't like being shamesly milked! I like to be entertained.

The only MP game I play is Overwatch and that is enough. I don't buy loot boxes of fall for any of that crap. And when I get tired of the MP toxicity and playing online, I boot a SP game to have my personal time and enjoy myself. That is the way it should be

The day everyone decides on going service and MP only games, I quit. Hopefully You Be Soft has learned something from his MP service game galore: You can only split the fanbase so much...

NewMonday343d ago

Sony are doing that with GT Sport, sport games are the most suitable for the GaaS model.

Godmars290343d ago

But then you get Destiny.

More than likely, because Destiny was shipped so incomplete yet managed to eventually be so successful, that's why something companies were planning to do anyway are doing regardless.

And if it wasn't because of Destiny it was Overwatch.

bluefox755343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

The way I see it, Sony doesn't need to worry about multiplayer, because third parties have the whole GaaS thing locked down. If that's what you want, it's there. If you want quality, story driven, highly polished single player content, Playstation delivers that in apdes, something that neither third parties or Sony's competition seem to be able to do all that well at all.

XabiDaChosenOne343d ago

Sony was going through a bit of an identity crisis last gen with all the competitive fps shooters their first party studios were pumping out. Some were good (Killzone 2, Resistance fall of man, M.A.G) and some not so much (KZ3, Resistance 2,3 )but they have gone back to their roots and it's showing in the quality of their games. Show me a line up of quality exclusives launched from the competition that matches what Sony put out in the first half of this year!!

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

Well killzone series technically started during the PlayStation 2 generation , resistance fall of Man as a project that was pitched to Sony by Insomniac where Sony purchased the property it was not something that Sony internally came up with and then contracted Insomniac to create.

I would say for multiple Generations Sony has sort of always had many Concepts that they've focused on.

So when you look back at PlayStation 1 PlayStation 2 Playstation 3 and PlayStation 4 you could find that all four of the platforms have very strange esoteric games as well as your first person shooter here and there but I definitely agree with you that there was a time period That first person shooters were sort of a big deal lol

But I wouldn't say that was something that was forced with the exception of Mag that definitely felt like Sony was seeking the property specifically to cater to a certain Market.

I actually think resistance fall of Man sales slowing down is actually what caused them to allow Insomniac to focus more so on Ratchet & Clank I actually think even if Insomniac wanted resistance Sony was more so willing to fund ratchet.

But I definitely agree with you in the respect that I like the direction that they're going with right now where they're a little bit more conservative with their major releases.

Although I still like to see they're very strange experimental stuff like dreams or even that new IP hidden agenda.

RememberThe357343d ago

Resistance 3 was one of the best shooters last gen. But I see your point, I think it was twords the end of last gen that SIE as a whole hit it's stride. We had Resistance 3, God of War 3, The Last of Us, Beyond, there was a lot of quality coming Sony and it really hasn't stopped.

IamTylerDurden1343d ago

Killzone 3 was excellent and i honestly feel like every Resistance was good even if Fall of Man was the creme de la creme. Tbh, Sony solidified who they are with all the incredible story driven IPs last gen.

God of War
Heavenly Sword (Ninja Theory)
Heavy Rain (D Cage)
Beyond (Cage)

refocusedman343d ago

Shout out to the user who mentioned heavenly sword........ what an amazing game!!!!!!!

XabiDaChosenOne343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Lol at the disagrees. Sony had the best and most exclusives last gen no doubt but some of the games they were putting out were not really thier style.
@IamTylerDurden1 KZ3 MP was pretty good but the campaign was trash.

rainslacker343d ago

When I look at that list of yours I notice that outside of MAG, all those games still had great SP campaigns with strong story elements.

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rainslacker343d ago

And this is how you spell out your philosophy for the direction you want to go without putting down that which you don't care to follow.

Spencer should take notes. Express examples of how you want to make games, what you do well, and leave the rest out of it without the down play. You don't tell an entire consumer market that what they like is no longer important enough to spend as much time on.

rainslacker342d ago

Yeah, and that's why SP games aren't going anywhere and still have impact.

While i know they are more risky than they used to be, it's still a viable market. As more and more games move towards service based games, people grow tired of it, and then they will run into the same things which caused Spencer to say that SP games have less impact. There is only so much room in the market for any number of games, and as games get better(outside our gripes), it makes it harder to stand out. The mobile market is a good example. In the console space, any month which is loaded with releases, outside some holiday times, good games can go unnoticed.

UCForce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Keep making a Strong SP Story game, Sony ! After all, we PS community welcome Aloy to become a part of our family. Soon it will be Deacon from Day Gone.

Sunny_D343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Aloy isn't real. Your comment sounds kind of funny.

RememberThe357343d ago

The PlayStation family. None of these characters are real...

UCForce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It's about PS family. I know Aloy isn't real, but GG made her believable and give her a place to live with PS family. How many iconic PlayStation characters we have ? A lot of them.

Astros1342d ago

Cannot wait for Days Gone.

Chris_Wray343d ago

I'd rather they didn't go for this games as a service crap, mostly because no company has yet made a game that's actually a service - rather, they've just been a way of milking extra money by splitting up content.

UCForce343d ago

Form my point of view on Sony, they want to keep making a great SP story game.

Alexious343d ago

That's what it sounds like, though if some developer comes at them with a great pitch for a game as a service title, they could consider.

UCForce343d ago

@Alexioud Yeah, I know. But it will be long and difficult for Sony to find suitable team for it.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

@Alex-that's actually what I'm assuming.

They might be looking for a team to purchase that's actually known to do something like this.

bluefox755343d ago

Yeah, from what I gather that will continue to be their focus, I think they're just saying "nothing is ever off the table".

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_-EDMIX-_343d ago


If they have a concept that works for an MMO or open-world in the concept itself actually makes sense I'm not really saying I would disagree with it existing but simply that the concept needs to make sense and the team needs to be tailored to even making those type of projects

I personally do not want any of their main core single player teams focusing on a concept they're not even familiar with because in my opinion the community would lack a team to create a possible single player concept.

If they're able to salvage a team or if they're able to make a purchase of a team that is known to do something like this then I'm not against it.

I would say it's best for them to focus on it at the ending of the generation or even the beginning of the Next Generation once they've been able to actually watch what Ubisoft and Microsoft have been doing in that area.

I think they could find a good middle ground, if anything look at how Rainbow Six is giving out free content and how Battlefront 2 is also having free content for the remainder of the games life I'm hoping that the longer this generation goes on the more games take that practice so Sony could recognize what works.

IamTylerDurden1343d ago

But Shawn said if he had the right team and project they would consider it. This is a far cry from what Squenix and Microsoft have said.

KwietStorm343d ago

No company has? What is a service to you?

rainslacker343d ago

Thats what GaaS is. Doesn't have to be, but the only reason they get made is to have an ongoing revenue stream.

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TheOttomatic91343d ago

*gulp* as long as they don't abandon narrative driven SP games it's fine with me.

UCForce343d ago

Don't worry about it, after they see the successful of HZD. Rest asured, Sony First Party will keep making great SP games.

HowBoutDat343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Couldnt care less about playing with random strangers online, yeah it's fun but it gets old quick. Local co op tho? With people you know right next to you needs to make a come back, and in story mode?! I'd welcome it in every game as an option.

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