E3 2017: Crackdown 3 was the letdown of the show

Apptrigger: "Between repeated dialogue, non-destructible cities and a distinct lack of Terry Crews, Crackdown 3 looks like an upscaled last-gen title down to its gameplay."

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MegamanXXX312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

It looks a little generic imo

Summons75312d ago

It always has been really. It's a fun game, very middle of the road in terms of quality, but we all know the only real reason it got traction the way it did was that the original came with the Halo 3 Beta.

FATAL1TY312d ago

XOX GOTY: Crackdown 3

3 hours
30 fps
Glorious 360 graphics

ONLY 500$

Cupid_Viper_3312d ago


I'm not a fan of Microsoft when it comes to their gaming business, but let's be fair. The game is NOT 3 hours long. The article you're referring to states that a speed-run-like approach then you can complete in about 3 hours. Also, there's really nothing wrong with 30 FPS or the graphics...

The actual problem has always been that the XBox fans on here have a TERRIBLE habit of hyping ANYTHING XBox as the second coming. And they get that from their parent company, ie:
-Greatest games line-up in HISTORY
-FASTEST Selling console in the week following E3
And you can find many more examples of "if it's on XBox, then it's the GREATEST in its category". And when you encompass all of that, then Crackdown 3 is not the letdown of E3 2017, but the letdown of a GENERATION.

Crackdown 3 is the game that was going validate MS and the XBox one, displaying the "Power of the Cloud" in all of its glory and make so many of us (who called BS from the get go) eat crow. It was going destruction mayhem, leveling of entire cities like we've never seen before. Making the regular XBox One 3-4 times more powerful, basically turning it into what the XBox One X is today.

For 2 generations now, you guys defended the guys who knowingly sold you a defective product (XBox 360) while simultaneously raising the price of XBox Live, then shifted their focus to Kinect and recruited you guys to bash anyone who opposed them (exactly how you guys are doing now). They even bragged to your faces that they would spend $500 million dollars in just advertising it... and you guys cheered that decision which came at the cost of games for your platform...

Why would MS need the XBox One X if the "Power of the Cloud" readily render the Xbox One you have at home 3-4 times more powerful?

So I think Crackdown 3 represents MS (in the gaming space) perfectly. A lot of talks and promises, but in the end what you get is laughable.

Why o why312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

This game will always be synonymous with 'the cloud'. . People are expecting things that can't be done without it so in essence, not on another platform. The reality looks like ms blew smoke up their fanbase's asses who then put their beliefs into the next 'leveller' or 'game changer'

Speak ill of the rhetoric and be labelled a hater or fanboy. . . .3 plus years later and this is what you get. . . . . . Sorry but the game being able to play doesn't serve any crow to any of the doubters. . They were right to be sceptical.

Cue the defence and spin

Septic312d ago

I agree. It's a fun game but it really lacks depth. The new game does look more of the same.

I'm actually more interested in the cloud tech tbh. That mp mode could be fun with all the destruction. Kinda reminds me of how i used to make tunnels in the first Red Faction game.

ULTp0ltergeist312d ago

The trailer and presentation was boring af but as you see the game being played it looks a ton of fun especially when they reveal PvP come gamescom. They hid a lot, I mean they didn't showcase the destructibility.

JasonKCK312d ago

FATAL1TY proves once again that certain fanboys on this site can only read titles.

nix312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

This is that game which Ms is going to send it out to die. I'm surprised they have not killed it yet like SB. It now looks like Ms is even ashamed to own this game.

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DaDrunkenJester312d ago

Did you play the first? Looks Like if you loved the first you will love this one.

The game certainly is no looker, but the Cell shaded style works fine for it.

nX312d ago

The question is how could you love the first too though, they were mediocre and repetitive at best.

DaDrunkenJester312d ago

Opinions and personal taste is why the gaming industry has variety. Thank god not all games are like TLoU and Halo and shit...

Crackdown was a great mix of a collectathon and an open world chaos game. If that's not your thing, it's all good.

MrFisher21312d ago

I have seen cell shaded look much better. Don't down play it due to that. Smh.

DarXyde312d ago

The first was a pretty fun game. Didn't care much for the second, but it looks like they're going back to their roots a bit which I see as a good thing. I don't really care for any scrutiny of the game's aesthetics-- my favorite games rarely ever push the hardware to its breaking point. To me, it's about art style and the cel shading works for Crackdown.

That said, the series was never a "huge" game for Xbox. It had its audience and whoever enjoyed it just enjoyed it. The only real reason Crackdown 3 has such high expectations seemingly out of nowhere is because this is the title they decided to use to demo the practicality of the Cloud. We're years in and, allegedly, we're only now going to see what it can really do. I have mixed feelings about it though; on one hand, its success means we can get more power out of a console generation, possibly prompting competitors to follow suit. But on the other hand, it could spell the end of local multiplayer; while the application of cloud technology is limited to multiplayer (as per their decision), if you need it for multiplayer, with the prevalence of high speed internet, I wouldn't be surprised if developers decide that local multiplayer isn't worth investing in anymore. And with the rise of cloud computing, who's to say that we won't see an increase in single player games take advantage of it? Then we'll be back to the days of online DRM.

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joab777312d ago

That's an understatement. They should be focused on the mp if that's the star of the show. The sp seems tacked on. Interesting for a game that made it big as a sp game. Agents of Mahem seems to have a bit.kore personality imo.

babadivad312d ago

Crackdown has always looked generic.

LastCenturyRob312d ago

apparently you never played the original crackdown

Kribwalker312d ago

The first one was a lot of fun. Hated the 2nd, and the 3rd was getting good previews from E3 so who knows how it will be.

"The actual problem has always been that the XBox fans on here have a TERRIBLE habit of hyping ANYTHING XBox as the second coming. And they get that from their parent company,"

Really? Really? Talk about the kettle calling the pot black. How many hate tirades have we seen on reviews on this site? The order, horizon, the last guardian, and way more games out there that when someone doesn't like it they are paid off. Or "typical Nintendo buying review scores for Zelda. Horizon is the way better game" or I can keep going if you'd like.....really man, I'll say this, its not Sony that makes me less fond of the PlayStation.if it was I wouldn't buy it from them. It's the extremist fans in their community that do.

andrewsquall311d ago

And I called this AGES ago. Only a month ago I was questioning why people were making a huge deal out of the game the Crackdown 3, the game that from its reveal and the leaked IGN gameplay footage from a year or 2 ago looked like a bland textured last gen upscaled game with an empty looking lifeless city.

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DaDrunkenJester312d ago

"Why drive around in a vehicle if you can basically run and jump to wherever you need to go?"

"Running and gunning through enemies without stated objectives while terrible voice acting reminds you how “awesome” you are, I’m reminded of middleware games of decades past."

"It’s quite clear that Crackdown 3 is not for me"

Ya think?