The 15 Best Video Games of E3 2017, Ranked

Maxim: "The Electronic Entertainment Expo has just wrapped up, and we've gotten a good, long glimpse into the future of gaming. We spent days on the show floor checking out the latest and greatest video games coming your way. Here are our top picks for the best games from E3 2017. "

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Gecksta369d ago

Mario looks shit. And Spider-Man is a quick time event.

phallusitator369d ago

It looks like someone is an Xbox fan

medman369d ago

A hurting xbox fan. Poor thing.

BlakHavoc369d ago

My list

1. Mario Odyseyy
2. GoW
3. Wolfenstein New Colossus
4. Ni No Kuni II
5. Spider-Man
6. Matterfall
7. Mario + Rabbids
8. Detroit
9. AC Origins
10. Sea of Thieves
11. Xenoblade C2
12. Star Wars BF2
13. Anthem
14. DBFZ
15. Far Cry 5

The 10th Rider369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I think it's unfair to include games such as Beyond Good and Evil 2.

I mean, we didn't even see gameplay. The top games of E3 should always be games we saw running in motion, not CGI trailers. I mean, a ton of people are hyped for Metroid Prime 4, but I'd never ever even consider putting that on a list of the top games from this E3.