Opinion: Why I’m worried about the Xbox One X

Daragh at D-pad Joy lives and breathes Xbox. However, he would be lying if he said that he was confident about the upcoming Xbox One X.

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nX370d ago

Well there we have it, there are actually Xbox fans that aren't afraid of logic. And yes you should be worried because with the information we have today this thing is guaranteed to be dead on arrival.

BoomNade370d ago

Get ready to be disappointed then, the "X" will sell steady away.

DarXyde370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I don't see it outselling the original/S and Microsoft apparently doesn't either. I'm sure they'd be delighted to be proven wrong though. I'd be surprised if they are wrong.

I'll withhold judgment for now. My interest in this concerns the direction the industry moves in.

Aenea370d ago

Nah, it's not DOA, it's a premium console not aimed at people like the author, am sure it will sell well, just like the PS4 Pro is for example. There's nothing to worry about...

nX370d ago

^The PS4 Pro has a lot more going for it than more pixels in 3rd party games.

UnHoly_One369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I don't think it really does, nX.

It's a better way to play the same games you can already play on PS4, just like the X1X is a better way to play Xbox games.

Some people looking to buy a new PS4 might buy a Pro, and some people looking to buy a new Xbox might buy a 1X.

You are counting on everyone to compare them both and look into which system has which exclusive games and then decide that the PS4 is the only logical choice. You will be wrong. If that was the case, then the regular xbox one would be selling zero units right now, wouldn't it?

There are plenty of people out there like myself that prefer to play on Xbox and will buy this thing in a heartbeat.

I'm still debating on a PS4Pro. I sorta want one, but for the little bit I use my PS4 I'm not sure if it is worth it. I've had it since launch day and I played a little Killzone with my buddies the first weekend, played a couple free indies the first week, played Infamous a couple times, then No Man's Sky, then Horizon. That's all my PS4 has been used for in almost 4 years.

My point is, it takes more than a couple good games that I can't play anywhere else to lock me in to one system. If that system was the best at everything else, then yeah that would be great. But, in my opinion, Xbox does quite literally everything else better, so it's a more enjoyable place for me to play.

Also, I seem to remember not too awfully long ago, MS released a controller, which everyone thought was too expensive, and wouldn't sell, but it flew off the shelves and you couldn't find one in a store for months. I'm not saying the X1X is going to do that, I'm just saying don't underestimate the spending power of the Xbox core audience.

modelgod370d ago

No need to be worried, just get an S.

XanderZane370d ago

Every comment you post on N4G is DOA. No one cares what a troll thinks.
The OG XBox One sold over 1 million unit on launch day at $500. You really think no one is going to buy this beast?

4U2NV370d ago

Not as many as the original release day thats for sure, as people (such as myself) have already paid $500 on an xbox and see no reason to buy another.
If i want 4k gaming il get a ps4 pro for 100 dollars cheaper? Well thats my case anyway.

nX370d ago

Well people seem to agree with what I say and you might want to look up the definition of trolling before using the word.

XanderZane366d ago

I did look up "trolling" and I saw your name on the list, along with all your trolling friends. Wasn't surprised.

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SkippyPaccino370d ago

I was worried that if Sony released Spider-Man and God of War this year that Phil Spencer would've taken his own life.... Thanks Sony for taking it easy this year. Your welcome Phil, now take this chance to better yourself... S/

Long live games!

Critic4l_Strik3370d ago

dude, that would have been a double KO haha

subtenko369d ago

Sony was like "ehhh...lets just wait till gamescom and psx to announce the rest,lol" lol

itsmebryan370d ago

I really wanted to like God of War but, I really hated it once I started playing it for a while. And the clip of Spiderman had way too many QTE and telling you which button to press. If Spiderman was open world then it would be more impressive like they did with sunset overdrive. But, from what I saw I give it a lower case "meh". So, if Phil is like me and a lot of others, I don't think he will lose any sleep.

BiggerBoss370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Spider-Man IS open world, in fact Insomniac had just announced that the map was way bigger than Sunset Overdrive.

GrubsterBeater370d ago (Edited 370d ago )


You obviously have no idea what you are talking about...

Everything you have said is actually the opposite of the truth. Spiderman IS open world "like Sunset Overdrive", except like 4 or 5 times bigger. How can you tell if God of War is good or not without even having played it yet?

We all have a feeling that you don't own a PlayStation at all, and you probably never planned on even playing any games on it just based off your comment..

CrimsonWing69370d ago

Do you even know what you're talking about?

MunchMiller00370d ago

What's this about Phil's welcome?

SkippyPaccino369d ago

Lol! It's the new Xbox exclusive coming in 2-3 years


The One X is meant for a niche audience of people who have a 4KTV and likes Xbox's ecosystem. There are a lot of people out there who just buy Madden along with COD(maybe AC) and repeat the process every year. Exclusives don't matter to these people.

For these people, exclusives take a back seat to the fact that all their friends are on Xbox or the fact that they will enjoy the best console versions of their favorite third-party games.

The One X will do well with it's intended audience this year and I suspect it will do better next year when the price drops and it has an improved exclusives library.

Just because I'm not getting it doesn't mean that I'm oblivious to the fact that it will appeal to others. There's nothing to "worry" about.

Dolf045370d ago

A little confused about the niche audience you refer to. Myself I would have thought the players buying just for Madden, COD etc would be at the casual end of the spectrum rather than the hardcore and not be nearly as discerning when it comes to graphical capabilities. The specs for the machine look great, don't get me wrong. I was surprised at the improvements they managed to squeeze in. But without the games to attract the audience I can see this being a bit of a misfire, especially when the option of going all in as a PC gamer is there (in terms of bleeding edge graphics etc)


I personally don't consider anyone that puts 40+ hours a week into third-party games to be a "casual gamer". People just have different tastes in terms of what games they choose to sink a lot of time into. Whether or not those games are exclusives doesn't matter.

Don't get me wrong, having a large variety of exclusives is better than NOT having them. This is why the One X doesn't stand a chance against the PS4 Pro from a competitive perspective.

Still, in its own right, the One X is an impressive machine that will help increase the install base of 4K gamers for the next gen of consoles.

I want 4K gaming to become mainstream and I'm happy that MS will play a pivotal role in making 4K the new standard of gaming.

Dolf045370d ago


I take your point that people can sink a lot of hours in, but I'd consider someone who owns three games and updates once a year a casual gamer in the same way I would someone who owned three albums as casually interested in music. I wasn't trying to say third parties weren't important, but extra defining experiences outside of third parties are what are going to attract hardcore audiences with high adoption rates (a lot higher than 3 a year anyway).

OmnislashVer36370d ago

How are casual Xboxers going to even know the difference? Most people will think it's just a new model like the S.


I answered this above. Why are we assuming that people who only play third games are casuals?

Do you not realize that there are millions of people out there that could easily destroy us in a game of Madden or COD?

I play mostly Japanese Sony exclusives so I know I would get creamed by these "casual gamers" in an online match.

Please define what a casual gamer is. Conversely, define what a hardcore gamer is.

What's the primary difference between the two? The amount of hours you put in? The percentage of games you play that are exclusives (lol)? How good you are at competitive gaming?

OmnislashVer36370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I doubt it very much. I think most of the informed casuals playing CoD would like exclusives. And most of the casuals playing Madden don't know the difference between XB1S and XB1X...

Bronxs15370d ago

You don't give people enough credit. People know that there is 1080p and then there is 4k.

They make the decision of what cable service to subscribe too. What tv to buy. What blu ray player to buy what kinda of disc to buy the 1080 blue case blu ray or the 4k uhd black case with HDR.

Just like they can decide to buy 1080 or 4k they can decide to buy one s or one x?

OmnislashVer36370d ago

Yeah but most don't even know the difference visual-wise. Most people are content with their 1080p sets, I know some that are content with 720p.

FinalFantasyFanatic370d ago


I think you overestimate people in general, personally I like to research terms and tech and read reviews, I'm sure most people make decisions haphazardly. If you try to talk to people about HD/4k/hdr or anything in between, you'll see their eyes roll into the back of their head and they'll ask WTF are you talking about. Most people I can think of off the top of men head don't understand alot of this stuff or they'll come ask questions (me?) about it, even my more game/movie savvy people do this. This is more outside the realm of average people and more into AVphile type choices. Alot of people tend to fall back on the stuff they already have or know, or what they're friends have.

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MultiConsoleGamer370d ago

Front page N4G agenda piece. I told you they'd be coming in force.

Thegamer41370d ago

Stop acting like this doesn't happen to every new console. Yes, it also happened to the PS4 Pro. Nothing that wasn't expected so you could keep your "I told you" comments to yourself.

Silly gameAr370d ago

Oh, you mean like all of the box articles that just happened to mention Playstation and how they were against the gamer while xbox was for the gamer?

People ACTUALLY made their own xbox sites just to promote xbox and put the system in a good light, while crapping on the PS4. Xbox fans have more dedication than they like to admit.

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