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As of this writing, the game is currently not scheduled to launch in 2018, which will give Bend extra polishing time. That also means that the team can prepare other demos for other shows that highlight Days Gone’s strengths. This is what the game needs, because, right now, Days Gone doesn’t have an identity of its own.

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What the **** is this hater talking about, days gone is like a I'm legend and it doesn't need an identity because so far the game looks great so to hell with you and your click bait article

dirkdady369d ago

I guess he missed the part about using the hordes of freakers to his advantage to attack enemies with greater number and strength from the past two demos.

They haven't even showed off the bike customization and open world map.

The 10th Rider369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I Am Legend wasn't exactly a great movie. Not the best comparison if you're trying to say Days gone looks good.

OB1Biker369d ago

Its a novel and there were at least two movies from it.
Fantastic story if you ask me. Its a classic but there you r saying its no good.

phoenixwing369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

I am legend was a good movie for its genre. No it's not a masterpiece like the godfather but it's a great action flick to watch. Will smith also puts in a good performance imo.

The 10th Rider369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Well, I know about the book and the book is better. However the movie is what jumps to most people's minds and it just wasn't all it was hyped up to be. It was decent, but nothing extraordinary. You can look at critic and user reviews and it's an average movie. When you compare a game to I Am Legend, most people will think of the movie, which is average, and it comes across as saying that the game looks average. There's better novels, movies, shows, and comics in the genre that he could compare it to.

EDIT: I also never said it was no good, just that the movie wasn't "great". Also there are multiple movies based off the novel but only one actually named "I Am Legend"

SmielmaN369d ago

Looks like a mix of last of us and horizon zero dawn to me.

I can't say that's a bad thing though. Looks amazing.

No one complains that rockstar reskins its GTA games with some new features every 5 years.

OB1Biker369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

Except your on a bike and that changes ...many things
There were already a few articles like this last year saying the game doesnt have an identity. Id says these journalists dont have an identity of their own and dont really look past their bias

CrimsonWing69369d ago

Not sure I'm following. It seems like it's going for the whole Walking Dead Vibe where people are the real monsters and the zombies are like a force of nature. It looked to me like the knew exactly what they're going for and it seems pretty cool in my opinion... so not sure what this "unique identity" it is that they can't find because I can't say there's a ton of games like this.

OB1Biker369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

'people are the real monsters'
I got that vibe from TLOU where humanity has gone to sht.
as for unique identity its a journalist trick to have something to write about I guess. Days Gone has many things making the game unique in its own way
Days Gone is about hope according to Bend. Ultimately human themes are often the same, its all about the way the games deliver the story, setting and the way you get to play.

RabbitFly369d ago

The idea that humanity is the real monsters is the foundation of the zombie genre. This is true for almost all Zombie stories ever told.

cha0sknightmare369d ago (Edited 369d ago )

This game looks quite similar to TLOU in some respects... but does that matter? Mario, Kirby, Warrio, Princess Peach... all the 2D variants of theese games play very similar yet get stellar scores and public adoration... i see no problem with Days Gone and think the game looks friggen great.

TruM0607369d ago

I thought the same when I saw the E3 demo looked a lot like a zombie tomb raider with elements of other games mixed in. From the demo this guy is talking about that just solidified that thought. Let's get Lara in here show this wanna be how to be a survivor cuz this deacon doesnt look impressive at all.

Tetsujin369d ago

"The setting, gameplay, enemies, or characters feel like they could have been pulled from any game. Filled with Health and Stamina bars, crafting menus, bullet time, and survival vision, Days Gone doesn’t do anything to distinguish itself from the masses."

One of two theories (or both):

1 - The demo (and/or videos) don't want to give away too much information, and the game gets negative feedback before release date. So Sony provides the viewers (and/or players) just enough to show what can be done in the game, and plan to provide more details as the game is close to release date.

2 - The game is undergoing changes (for better/worse) and don't want to set expectation only for the player base to be disappointed later; followed by the countless articles about "Sony lying about Days Gone" followed by the usual trolling articles to fuel the fan wars.

It does look like something I'd play; it seems different (so far) from the traditional zombie-esque games. I got the Resident Evil 2 feel from this, which is one of my all time favorite in the series (I never finished 4 so I can't hold an opinion) with a mix of Silent Hill 2. I'll wait until more information is released before making any final decisions. But so far from what I've seen it does fit the type of zombie game I want to play - more about survival and story.

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