Shadow of the Tomb Raider leak: Logos and key art surface

Another Shadow of the Tomb Raider leak has happened -- this time related to potential logos and key art.

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UCForce341d ago

Hopefully it will be multi platform game.

Bronxs15341d ago

hopefully. its absence from e3 was suspicious. and i know sony held back games as they have events later this year.

i hope they didn't score some kind of exclusive deal with it as a "payback" to MS for the first game being timed exclusive to xbox one, because i'd really love to pay this on the one X i'm planning to own!

AnubisG341d ago

MS would deserve it. Especially because lying Phill said that they don't hold content back from other platforms.

Bronxs15341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

wowww bro. wasn't expecting a reply like that. you seem angry. it's video games man! have fun.

my god, you actually remind me of Donald Trump launching a anti Clinton campaign when he was like "crooked Hilary" Except your opponent is Microsoft and your campaign line is "lying Phil".

Donald had a lot to gain (becoming president) what do you have to gain in your battle?

Astros1341d ago

@Anubis what content have they held back?

AnubisG341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Aren't we going a little far guys with the Donald Trump comparisons? Hahaha.

Ok, what I meant was that what goes around comes around. Philly boy said a few days ago that they don't hold back content from other platforms yet they held back The Rise of the Tomb Raider for a year from Playstation. They also held back every single DLC on CoD games last gen from Playstation for 2-3 months. I believe MS would deserve to have the same done to them because they are the ones who started this timed exclusivity practice in the first place.

Just because I state facts you guys don't agree with it doesn't mean I'm Donald Trump or am angry.

Also, calling people D.T. is getting old guys. It's not an insult anyway. Think what you want but that guy is a lot smarter than any one of us. He became president. You will get to call him an idiot when you can do the same but 99.9% of the population isn't capable of doing that yet are so fast to call that man an idiot.

And what battle? We are just talking guy. You think that every conversation is a battle? Lighten up!

Bronxs15341d ago

The trump comparison is apt I believe, in so far as you launching a personal attack against another person and trying to brand him a liar.

Also I’ve literally never made a comparison between another person and Donald trump, and I haven’t seen it much in the comments either so you saying that it’s getting old makes me think it’s something you personally hear a lot.

It is a light conversation we were having. Expressing our anticipation to play a game. You are the person that came with (what seemed like) an angry tone launching a personal attack against an industry figure head. For what reason? I don’t know.. but your tone made it seem like you had an axe to grind, hence the battle comment. Anyway, sorry if I misunderstood you.

MrFisher21341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Paying for a timed exclusive is all the evidence you need of content being held back. Blind man, open your eyes. And you shall see.

AnubisG341d ago

This is the first time I get the D.T. compared to me. But yes, I've seen and heard it a lot. If someone does not agree with someone else, it is fashonable to call that person that is an insult.

I just stated some facts, you took it as an agressive attack for some reason. That is on you. I can't be held responsible for others feelings.

XStation4pio_Pro341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

@anubis: what content did they hold back? The last tomb raider ended up on PS4 after a year as promised. MS actually invested in the development of the last tombraider so of course they got it first - unlike some destiny content and more etc that never made it on to other platforms. Fanboys love cherry picking facts and disregarding others so you must be one.

EatCrow341d ago


Yes what goes around comes around. True. Very true. But last I checked gamers didnt tell MS to do that deal.
In fact, the general concensus is that they shouldnt have don that.

So as gamers we should be against these types of deals. Forget brand loyalty for a second and that is quite obvious.

I agree about Trump though. He hasnt done anything horrible so far and they way things are going in other countries that let a wave of refugees in Im kinda in favor about protecting the borders.
And so far the whole fake news thing has been true. Lots of media outlets putting out news before getting the whole scoop and making news out of nothing.

fenome341d ago

Timed exclusivity on multiplatform games is a BS business practice that needs to go away regardless of which platform gets the better "deal". It isn't beneficial to gamers, and it's only beneficial to companies in the short term.

I'd much rather they spend the money they waste on that crap on actually creating better experiences for us as a whole, not money hatting.

Ceaser9857361340d ago

SQEN said they wont show TR at E3, Gamescom is good chance

nX340d ago

MS can actually have it, I found the new Tomb Raider games boring, cringy and definitely overrated.

jerethdagryphon340d ago

Xbox. One x aka x1x aka 10110 aka 22 aka tutu the Xbox tutu

_-EDMIX-_340d ago

Because of the cost of such a thing, I don't see Sony paying to have Tome Raider timed. They are already beating the breaks off of XONE anyway.

They have more exclusives by default, they are making more games, I just don't see the a reason to spend money in such a area. MS had to do that, they had very little games in terms of the narrative SP variety, they even stated they wanted something like "Uncharted".

Sony doesn't need that, they already have something like that (many of them).

JasonKCK340d ago

AnubisG MS published Rise of The Tomb Raider.

Mykky340d ago

MS might deserve it but gamers don't. Exclusive deals done on multiplatform games is disgusting no matter who does it. Only gamers lose unless you're getting off on others misfortune.

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lelo2play341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I wonder if it's Microsoft timed exclusive again...

modelgod340d ago

No, it's a multi-Plat release.

freshslicepizza341d ago

Like all third party games should be.

Dirtnapstor341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

It will be. I think SE realized their huge mistake last time. TR has been awesome since the reboot and SE has seen that multiplat reaps rewards to the point of making a third installment. Looking forward to Lara's new adventure! Hopefully we see something at PSX.

babadivad340d ago

I enjoyed TR much more than I thought I would. I didn't think I'd like it because Uncharted 1 was boring to me. I've been told the Uncharted 2 is when the series really came into it's own. After enjoying TR, I'm willing to give Uncharted another shot.

rainslacker340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Dunno if they considered it a mistake, but it didn't do anything to move consoles for MS, nor did it really bring them much good will for either SE or MS MS reason for getting it, to go up against UC4, ended up being moot, and UC:NDC ended up outselling ROTTR.

Complete waste for SE in my opinion. MS botched the marketing after the UC4 delay, and quickly switched over to FO4.

ziggurcat340d ago

After the blowback from the last one, I doubt SE would make the same mistake of taking money to keep it exclusive to one platform for a year.

-Foxtrot340d ago

Hopefully 3 games in now it will feel like Tomb Raider....but not holding my breath

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MegamanXXX341d ago

Is Crystal Dynamics developing it because I know they're working on the Avengers game atm

MegaMohsi341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Yeah I'm curious about this question as well.

LAWSON72341d ago

The leak awhile ago said Eidos Montreal iirc.

HarryMasonHerpderp341d ago

Personally I'm really not into the new tomb raider games, I just find this version of lara Croft really boring. The gameplay is the same as uncharted which is fine in theory but it just doesn't suit a tomb raider game. The locations aren't interesting, the puzzles are dull and lara Croft is a moaning cry baby. Shadow of the tomb raider is exactly what this reboot is.

EatCrow341d ago

Disagree with the gameplay part. Its more Horizon Zero dawn style and rpg like then Uncharted.

HarryMasonHerpderp340d ago

Yeah I guess it is more like horizon zero dawn than uncharted. Which I admit is fun, I'm just not a fan of this reboot. I've bought both games and was hoping rise of the tomb raider would be a return of the badass lara Croft. Just didn't happen though.

Abdo_Sh340d ago

You know what's funny, you saying its like horizon zero Dawn, when horizon zero Dawn is like tomb raider 😒

EatCrow340d ago


Technicalities. Gameplay si Gameplay. Everyone mimics others... It's fine.

Jon_Targaryen340d ago

Then dont buy it. I love this series. Bought each version atleast 3 times. Once on each platform. Best reboot ever.

HarryMasonHerpderp340d ago

"then don't buy it" nice discussion...


The disagree completely. The new Tomb Raider games surpass Uncharted from a gameplay perspective for the simple fact that there is a progression/skill upgrade system .

I still think Uncharted is the holy grail of action adventure games in terms of characters and visuals, but if we are strictly talking about gameplay, Tomb Raider has MUCH more depth than Uncharted. That's not even debatable.

HarryMasonHerpderp340d ago

I do like how it's more free than uncharted, maybe it's just the lack of good puzzles and I just don't like the new lara Croft. She needs to be more badass like the old games in my opinion.

EmperorDalek340d ago

Too clunky, and not as much polish as Uncharted. It's a jack of all trades versus a small, well-refined set of gameplay mechanics. This is coming from someone who has criticized Uncharted 4 many times.

That's just me, though

SolidGear3340d ago

I could never get into the old ones but I absolutely love these new ones.

rainslacker340d ago

I really have nothing against the game play, or the settings, despite finding the new direction less compelling. I do find the games to be pretty fun and well done overall.

But Lara is insufferable. It's just a disappointment what they've done to the character trying to make her more human and not so much a super hero type persona. But I like the strong, confident lara who didn't need to tell herself over and over again that she could do it to cross a rickety old bridge.

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Travis3708341d ago

For some reason I did not like Rise of the Tomb Raider, the 2013 reboot IMO is so much better. I'm not even excited for this one.

robtion340d ago

I like both and look forward to the next game. I agree the 2013 reboot is superior to ROTTR.

Orionsangel341d ago

That image with the logo, Lara and the castle is from ROTTR.

Valenka340d ago

Indeed. Makes me question the authenticity of this "leak."

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