PS Boss: We'll Be in The 'Horizon' Business for A Long Time, Guerrilla Has Multiple Years Roadmap

PlayStation Boss Shawn Layden revealed that Guerrilla Games has clear plans for Horizon's roadmap that will span multiple years, meaning that Sony will be in the 'Horizon business' for a long time.

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UCForce343d ago

Great to hear ! Love that freaking game.

Imp0ssibl3343d ago

Aye. Haven't played Zelda yet, but so far this is my GOTY. Maybe they could even add co-op with upcoming games, it does have a bit of Monster Hunter

UCForce343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It doesn't need to be Coop. Look at Witcher 3, the game had SP and it done so goddamn well without Coop/multiplayer.

freshslicepizza343d ago

More and more games are becoming service based games one way or another which is good. In the past a game would release, you play it and finish it, then wait multiple years for anything new from them.

uptownsoul343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

@moldybread - "More and more games are becoming service based games one way or another which is good. In the past a game would release, you play it and finish it, then wait multiple years for anything new from them."

That doesn't mean ALL games need to be service based. Just because one platform is going to follow the trend of being service based (be it multiplayer only, multiplayer focused, etc) doesn't mean they all need to follow the trend.

I'm glad Sony doesn't just blindly follow the trend. And with the success of Bloodborne, Until Dawn, Horizon, etc, Sony has shown that there is still a solid place for single player focused games.

With this news of more Horizon coupled with God of War, SpiderMan, Days Gone, etc, on the way, I love that Sony is staying committed to provided such experiences.

AnubisG343d ago


Which games are you reffering to and why do you think that games as a service is a good idea?

freshslicepizza343d ago

"Which games are you reffering to and why do you think that games as a service is a good idea?"

You think DLC and other content driven ideas to keep players engaged is a bad idea? Sorry but times have changed. The technology is there to keep updating the game until a new entry comes out. years ago a game like Gran Turismo would be released and millions would play until the next GT. Now we can play online as well, they have fix things with updates, sell more cars/tracks, introduce new modes, have worldwide leaderborads, daily challenges. The options are endless.

Even games that started out as single player like Uncharted have changed over the years. Now they added a multiplayer, sell new DLC. Most games now are service based.

343d ago
freshslicepizza343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

"How anyone could ever say GaaS is a good thing is beyond me. Did Microsoft brainwash you guys? Single player games are fine."

You can also enjoy Horizon without buying DLC or other additional content as well. You can enjoy games like Gran Turismo and Forza and the career mode without multiplayer, not sure what your point is. My point was they can treat these games as service based games where they continually support them post launch.

Tetsujin343d ago


"In the past a game would release, you play it and finish it, then wait multiple years for anything new from them."

I've played games in the past, and those experiences are BETTER than some of what released recently. Games back then were made to be complete, and what you bought is what you get; now it's "release now and add on later." It's not times changing, it's how stupid some of the customers are to spend beyond normal price for the "full experience."

It's one thing if a game releases now, and later there's an expansion, or DLC for it; but AFTER the game has been played by the fans, and there's room for growth. But to release a game with a Season Pass, and set expectation to only be disappointed due to lack of content, that's when the player base decides to move on. To verify this theory, look at Horizon vs something like Destiny; notice a lot of people speak positive about Horizon because it's a complete, good experience. Guerilla is only adding on because there's room for expansion without having to disrupt the main story as it is. Destiny however, lives on hype and false expectations; and now hyping Destiny 2 in hopes of bringing the player base back. To advertise this much on an online only shooter says something, whereas Horizon barely had any advertising and yet performed well.

Also, you forgot gaming back then had something games today lack - unlockables. Something to keep players interested for a long, long time.

_-EDMIX-_343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Yeah I don't want any co-op in this game.

@moldy- no, just Microsoft and Ubisoft lol

PistolsAtDawn342d ago

This game was really good, but Zelda was better.

-Foxtrot342d ago

God damn it moldybread...every time


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Aceman18343d ago

I didn't have a doubt in the world we wouldn't see a sequel to this game. Absolutely loved it.

UCForce343d ago

@moldybreard Yeah, but those wasn't Sony priority focus. The most focus is delivering a strong SP narrative. Microsoft only focus service base game only.

darthv72343d ago

A sequel is obvious and i hope guerrilla has time to make a real killzone 4 as well.

BiggerBoss343d ago

Honestly, I'm glad they've moved on from Killzone. I liked 2 and 3, but the market is SO over saturated with FPS games that I welcome a well made RPG any day.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Horizon Zero Dawn is slightly underrated in my opinion. I really hope the Guerrilla Games expands on the Gaia story with Aloy and Sylens. One of the best games I've played this gen.

showtimefolks342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Still would like to see a new Killzone or resistance game with a series reboot

Maybe like ND guerrilla can have 2 teams

ziggurcat342d ago

Resistance is Insomniac.

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Wallstreet37343d ago

My goty easily and its success just means a sequel. I can't %ucking wait!!

ninsigma343d ago

Yep. Goty for me as well. It was just such a fantastically realised vision that really propelled the studios name up there with the best. Really excited for me adventures in that world. My fave game made in a long time.

Wallstreet37343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

My friend just bought it bcus at the time he, had bought Nioh, a switch and Zelda and he said "wow I should have chose this first, the others are good games but this! This is awesone" I laughed and told him "I told you so"

I'm jealous he gets to experience it for the first time.

DanteVFenris666342d ago

@wallstreet I still think Zelda blows horizon out of the water.

Zeldas not a perfect game but it made open world games fun again. Which I can't say about horizon as the open world aspect of horizon was its poorest part

UCForce342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

@DanteVFenris666 Two open world games and two has different tones. Zelda is juggernaut and Horizon is new champion. More importantly, I thought HZD is better than ROTR especially how GG portray Aloy much better than how CD portrayed Lara Croff.

Edit : And @Frinker Nobody want to take your opinion seriously anymore.

ninsigma343d ago

Ha nice! It's ok, we get to experience a whole new chapter for first time very soon 😁

SlapHappyJesus343d ago

You will be ... for a good, long while.

Nodoze343d ago

W00t! Great game and bring it on. Looking forward to the DLC (and I NEVER buy DLC...but this time sign me up). Yes it is that good.

CP_Company343d ago

so next game is coming for PS5.
they have plenty of room where to grow,from physics til animations,enemy types and armor with weapons.

Kornholic342d ago

I wouldn't have a problem with that. Imagine the graphics they could achieve with a next gen console when Horizon already looked incredible on PS4.

Prubar343d ago

Just finished Zelda and am about to start this. I'm sure I'll love it but man I hope they don't drop Killzone. I know I'm probably speaking for the minority but I played they hell out of KZ two and three. Plus it would be nice if Sony had an exclusive game with a really strong MP.

Travis3708343d ago

No let them drop that, I wanna see GG work on another new IP and it can even be a shooter. It's time for Killzone to go..

SlapHappyJesus343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

Killzone was trash. Not because they were bad games by design ... maybe bland. But because they ran at like 20fps 90% of the time ..
Not talking the last release... which still was bland.

SlapHappyJesus342d ago

I guess the 15 dislikes were people with magic powers that miraculously made their copies of Killzone not run like a pile ..

Blade92342d ago

Oh no bro I'm gonna have to disagree with you I absolutely love Killzone!

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Asuka343d ago

Yeah would like to see proper KZ game in the near future. Shadowfall was more like a technical test for their current engine to be used on HZD. At least give us a remaster of KZ2 with its multiplayer in the meantime

_-EDMIX-_343d ago

Trust Me Horizon zero Dawn is so good that I'm totally fine with not getting a Killzone game for a couple years.