Sony’s Shawn Layden has played Death Stranding, says it’s revolutionary ‘and more’

In an interview with The Telegraph, Shawn Layden (President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America) talked a bit about Sony’s E3 conference and their upcoming games. One of the notable omissions from this year’s show was Kojima’s new game, Death Stranding. Because of this, the interviewer asked wether this means the game is still just in the concept phase, but according to Layden, this is not the case.

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scark92337d ago

Kojima is going to fuck with us gamers like in MGS1 and I cannot wait!

CyrusLemont336d ago

I am so damn curious to see what this gameplay is all about! It's being teased as super abstract but how?

TBH I'm glad he's starting a new world, I wasn't there at the beginning of MG and that franchise is too huge and hard (title of Kojima's sex tape) for me to follow now. Something fresh is exciting and makes it easy to invest in from the beginning.

This article still has something revealing in it, just not sure what yet

I wonder if you can help other people playing the game, and your character can find imprints of help from them to help you progress through, sort of like life support (hence the umbilical cord), or maybe those babies are dead versions of other players that you can inherit to survive? Like an extra life. Or maybe the umbilical cords are your life supports, so if you don't find one to transfer through or absorb life from them, you'll die? Hence why the whole keeping things close to you aspect.

Honestly, I have no idea.

UltraNova336d ago

Yeah I also believe the umbilical cords are somehow connections between players (like the blood stain in DS games) but in a more realtime and significant way.

I hope Kojima goes bad shit crazy with this game and that he will not be pressed to abite by the current open wolrd filler mainstream games.

dirkdady336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

It's time to see how quickly Kojima can get a game off the ground without the overlords at Konami forcing him to split his game in half wasting his and our time time

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I think this game will be the most incredible mind f*** we have ever experienced in a video game. All I'm thinking about is what Kojima did with a simple demo with a hallway that had no exit (P.T.) and what a mind f*** that was. I can only image what Death Stranding will be like.

UltraNova336d ago

As a guy who played all if his games (multiple times) including Snacther, I cant even fathom what a completely unrestrained Kojima can do...

Cant frickin wait!

IamTylerDurden1336d ago

Decima has really expedited the development process.

badz149336d ago

Sony, stop the freakin tease already! first Yoshida said he has played Sucker Punch new game, and now this? fvckin tease!

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Wallstreet37337d ago

Wow good news, most of us still believed it was just at a concept phase. Sounds like it's coming along.

Nyxus337d ago

Yes, Layden actually mentioned prototype levels they have running, plural. Sounds like the game's development is progressing quicker than most people think.

UCForce337d ago

With Sony help, the game is getting there sooner than later.

Nyxus337d ago

@ UCForce: Yeah it seems like the Decima Engine is really helping them speed up the game's progress.

Critic4l_Strik3336d ago

Doesnt Kojima have a couple hundred people working on the game?

Prubar337d ago

Theirs a game behind those trailers? I'm actually surprised. The game must be further along than I suspected.

Nyxus337d ago

Yes, the game is actually playable already (or at least parts of it). Mark Cerny has also stated he has seem some gameplay: http://www.metalgearinforme...

BlakHavoc337d ago

Gameplay for this and TLOU2 at E3 2018

Nyxus337d ago

Seems likely. Maybe even PSX.

BlakHavoc337d ago

PSX has suddenly become my most anticipated conference from Sony for the year

Markusb33336d ago

Yoshida said they held announcements back. Hope to see from software abs sucker punch before the year end.

thatguyhayat336d ago

PSX is actually more promising that E3. They show even more hype games their

Angeljuice336d ago

They held back the big stuff so as not to share the limelight with XOX launch?

Let's hope so.

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