Deal: Save £250 With This Mega PS4 Pro 1TB PSVR Bundle With 6 Games

Pure PlayStation: This isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you’ve got £759.99 sitting around for a rainy day, then perhaps you’re the kind of person Costco UK is targeting.

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ocelot07342d ago

It's an ok bundle but can be had cheaper if you look around.

GAMESEEK: PS4 Pro £319.50 PSVR + Camera £336.85
Sudent Computers: PS Move Twin pack £59.99

Total Price: £716:69

Or to save that extra little bit of cash. If you don't mind second hand. Grainger Games and CEX sell move controllers for £15 each. Buy 2 for £30 saving you another £30. Or if you really want to save money.

2x Move controllers £30 (pre owned) CEX
PSVR £253:33 (customer return) Amazon Warehouse
Camera £37:34 (new) Amazon
PS4 Pro £319:50 (new) Gameseek

Total: £640:17

chrish1990342d ago

But have you factored in the cost of the games?

nitus10342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Considering you can use the PSVR in cinema mode you can effectively play all PS4 games. In fact, if you have an XBox, Switch or even a PC you can still play their games using cinema mode.

Of course, if you wish to play a VR game then you either have to buy it or get some of the free demos that you can get on PSN.

Let's be honest here. It does not matter what gaming system you get if you have to worry about the price of games maybe you should not play games. If you are in the market for games and willing to look around you can get some pretty good deals on games whether they be second hand, brand new or even digital downloads.

BTW. You don't need two PSMove controllers to play many VR games the six axes dual shock 4 works just as well as a PSMove controller although you may find the PSMove a better fit for the game.

ocelot07342d ago

O right I didn't realise that bundle came with any games. I just saw the picture thought it was just the hardware included. Now that I know 6 games are included that price I simply can't beat even if I look for pre-owned. Amazing price.