Final Fantasy XV Xbox One X vs. PS4 Pro Image Comparison: Which Is The Best Version?

How does the Xbox One X version of Final Fantasy XV compare against the PS4 Pro?

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DarkZane59d ago

They're identical. So much for true 4K MS is boasting about.

Angainor759d ago

It's up to the developers if they will take advantage of the specs. Some choose not to because simply don't have enough time but i guess it's very hard to understand it.

nX59d ago

It's actually pretty easy to change a few sliders within your engine.

59d ago
343_Guilty_Spark59d ago


Show us documentation on these easy sliders

bouzebbal59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

identical and Pro is cheaper..
Pro version is therefore the best ONE! (no pun intended lol)

LexHazard7959d ago

nx is a sony developer and know all things game development requires. 🤣😂

MagicBeanz58d ago

When the "its up to the developer" excuse runs out what will be next?

Ulf58d ago


Sliders are easy. Marketing deals with the leading console marketshare holder are not so easy to change, if you get my drift.

Babadook758d ago

The grass looks a bit sharper in the xbox image. But why are neither images in 4k? These are 1152p. Doesn't show resolution then.

fr0sty58d ago

look at the ground textures on that second image, XBO:X vs. Pro, Pro's are actually sharper. Probably has to do with variations in the camera angle, though, there is no technical reason this should be the case. Otherwise, identical. As for those saying the images aren't 4K, this is true, but isn't that super sampling at 1080p on all games supposed to be an advantage of XBO:X?

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indysurfn58d ago

I was about to comment that PS4P looked better then I realized that I'm looking at it through my 1080P gaming laptop. I need to see it on my 4k tv instead.

LAWSON7258d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Developers are not taking advantage of the boost, and it costs more than the Pro. That is is kind of the problem. Just because the system is more powerful means nothing when it runs game the same because devs don't put any effort into it.

XanderZane58d ago

Because the game hasn't been patched yet for the XBox One X. This is just the XBox One game running on the XBox One X without any patches or enhancements. It's upscaled to 4K. If SquareEnix patches it with native 4K and other enhanced features, then we can compare both games.

snoopgg58d ago

No its just hard to achieve this even on the beast. This is what you fail to understand.

Babadook758d ago


That would explain things if that was confirmed. It's not though. The assets would be worse than Pro not very slightly better.

UltraNova58d ago

The beast has turned out to be a Poodle with small pointy teeth..

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LexHazard7959d ago

I like how MS is at fault for all things bad in the industry. Lol not matter your argument the facts remain there will be more native 4K games. The ones complaining either wasnt follow Scorpio or just want to stir shit up as usual.

Aenea58d ago

Am sure those 4 games will be worth the extra $100 to $150!

mcstorm58d ago

I think as time goes on we will see better games on the Xbox one as the developer can now make it for Windows 10 and port or to the Xbox one x and s easer that from the ps to Xbox so I see more developers using this over the next few years.

moldybread58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

"Am sure those 4 games will be worth the extra $100 to $150!"

4 games?

"Yeah, I've noticed I've been a tad less objective lately, I will dial it down."

Well that didn't last too long.

mandingo58d ago

@Aenea. I mean, 400 dollars for a half way decent 4k machine plus 100 dollars for a 4k blue-ray player is a pretty damn good deal in my book. You wont find that anywhere!

Rude-ro58d ago

Hard to say since Microsoft has less games.
Sony actually could still have more 4k games.
As far as power... a turd in 4k is still a turd.
Games are what matter and Microsoft can not touch Sony on that end as far as quantity or quality.

Aenea58d ago


At least I try when was the last time you did, hmm?

AmUnRa58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Boehoehoe someone is attacking my Xbox and Microsoft and that is not fair boehoehoe.
Cry me a river, crybaby😭😭€ 557;

nicsaysdie58d ago

The thing about facts is, they have to be provable. Right now everything anyone is saying about X1x is speculation.

Si2k7858d ago

DRM, forced always online, forced Kinect bundle, $499 starting price of Xbox one at luanch.. etc. Microsoft has built quite the rep for themselves, and its not a good one.

snoopgg58d ago

The sometimes native true 4k beast. Lol

FinalFantasyFanatic58d ago


Microsoft dropped the ball alot at the beginning of this gen, but they should have built up more moment by now, it's not the WiiU we're talking about (They really need to secure some more exclusives and stop gutting themselves by keeping some games only on Xbox and have them playable no where else).

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PistolsAtDawn59d ago

They never ever ever said it would be every game. In fact they have gone out of their way to say it's up to devs. There are other ways to boost game performance other than simple pixel count. Chances are you aren't even looking at these pictures on a 4k screen. The real test is in motion...but I can already see that shading is much better on the X1X version

iDadio58d ago

Caught in a very strange place where they can't win.

If they came out and was pushing the native 4K then every game that isn't native would be rammed down their throat.

If they push that's it's all down to developers then your asking people to spend all that money on a luck based system of some games being 4K and some arnt.

Either way people are going to kick up a fuss, but seeing as the console is aimed at a niche market it doesn't really matter, generation is already over in terms of market share and publishing power.

Aenea58d ago

So far it looks like the devs think it's a waste of your money....

Saigon58d ago


Ummm...isn't that what happened when Sony. For months before the system was announced and months after it was announced many kept throwing that narrative against Sony. But now that the shoe is on the other foot, suddenly it's ok; or they, MS, get a pass.

AmUnRa58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Shure you everybody knows you are an Xboxfanboy, thats what counts.