PlayStation's Shawn Layden on Death Stranding, Spider-man and the nature of the console competition

Shawn Layden is a man with many hats.

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UCForce159d ago

For my business stand point, rivalry always need to continue.

OB1Biker159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

'wonder if in hindsight it would have been wiser to save the The Last of Us 2 for E3 instead of announcing at PSX in December. If that reveal had opened - or closed - Sony’s Showcase here then it would have been one of the stories of the show.'
I'm sure some people think that way. Why?

It was great to have that reveal at PSX and allowed more focus on it in a way closer to gamers as opposed to a promotional and competitive way vs Ms.
I think some people tend to focus on PS team show to be better than Ms team show but forget Ms had only one show to focus on for a year and follow the media in comparing one bit of 'advert' show with others. Its a bit sad

'Bizarrely, one of the few major titles Sony is releasing between now and Christmas, racing sim GT Sport, didn’t even make the cut.'

Indeed the media and gamers are mainly concerned about the promotional side with the conference as a sort of 'advert' right? Doesnt matter that it was shown ten minutes before right?

Zeke68159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Sony said Naughty Dog was eager to show Last of us 2 at PSX so they let them do it. Sony thought it was too early but respected Naughty Dogs request. This is old news and Shawn Layden knows this.
Sony had a solid E3 this year with games, games, games and a few more... yeah games !!!
People asking for more than that ain't real "gamers" in my book, just attention seeking individuals who like to steer up consolewar "news".

Edit, this aint meant towards you OB1Biker, I just responded to the first quote in your post :)

UCForce159d ago

Well, you can say that Sony listen their first party developers. I remember David Cage got huge respect to Sony because they allow Cage to do whatever he want.

agent4532158d ago

Personally, I did not like Sony's E3 conference. It was just a gaming reel like Tech TV cinematique tv gaming show. In an age were media can easily be edited or modified to make the game look good. That worries me as a gamer due to the games may not look as good. Microsoft did it with the xbox 360, Ubisoft has done it also. What is stopping Sony from not doing it. Ubisoft press conference was awesome. It not only showed games but it explained what the game was about. It had several surprises from Miyamoto coming on stage, to skull and bones reveal, and don't forget the dancing 🐼

Razzer159d ago

"But if you want to make a big generalisation about what does Worldwide Studios do? We’re big on character. We’re big on story.”

That's why I'm big on PlayStation.

Moe-Gunz159d ago

Great interview. This guy knows what he's talking about and the feeling they give off when discussing WW studios is lovely. They really create an atmosphere for creators to make what they want. I am however, starting to see that they value PSX more than E3.

I'm going to go to PSX this year as I feel they going to reveal a lot there.

joab777159d ago

I still wanna see Dreams!

agent4532158d ago

I agree, with PSX, Gamescom, Tokyo Game Show, Comic Con, etc. is taking the blockbuster goodness from E3. Making gaming studios and console manufacturers which show works best to reveal their games or which shows to reveal their game demos.

agent4532158d ago

The only rivarly I see is from PS4 vs PC. The Xbox One has nothing left to show: no exclusives, xbox one x is just an upgrade to Xbox One with no games, etc. . Nintendo still relying on its 1980 franchises. Come on, no wonder Sony is doing so well on the console side of things.

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