Xbox One X is $500 - so how much will next-gen consoles cost?

Xbox One X's pricing at £449/$499 may have disappointed many users, but it's indicative of a substantial challenge facing console platform holders: the pace of technological advancement is slowing, and existing hardware components are holding their price for longer. It's a trend that shows no sign of changing and projecting forward, we do wonder - just how much will the actual next generation of consoles cost, when will they arrive and how powerful will they be?

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Nyxus180d ago

In other words, we shouldn't expect the new generation until 2020 at the earliest, and that's fine.

nitus10180d ago

I will make a prediction (polishes crystal ball) that within 8K displays will be reasonably affordable rather than for the early adopter as they are now. (going cheap for $5000 USD).

Personally, I would be surprised if the PS5 and the next Xbox or whatever they are going to call it will support 8K although 4K will be the norm although if there is a mid console generation refresh it should support 8K gaming.

ARESWARLORD180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I think it's just crazy that a lot of people haven't even upgraded the 4K and they're already starting to push 8k. I'm personally still very happy with my 1080p plasma and I have no desire to upgrade anytime soon the games maxted on 1080p on my PC looks fantastic to my old eyes I grew up with an NES and CRT TV

Sam Fisher180d ago

Thank you, same here im not up for 4k, its crisp but 1080p still looks really good to me

Kakashi Hatake180d ago

4k is clear enough. Console power will never be used for higher visual fidelity if all the extra power continues to go towards pushing resolution.

thekhurg180d ago

If Microsoft has their way, the next generation of consoles will be priced $499 or higher.

Thankfully Sony will continue to push for the $399 launch because they understand from last generation what an overpriced piece of hardware will net you at launch.

psuedo180d ago

Hell I need to get glasses before I worry about anything. 1080p isnt as clear as it could be for me. If i stretch my eyes or squint its clearer.

indysurfn179d ago

Remember how 720p tv's upscaled 640p movies?
Remember how 1080p tv's upscaled 720p movies?
Remember how 4k tv's upscaled 1080p movies? (official pattern established)

I predict 8k will upscale 4k

Bobertt179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

No way are we getting 8k consoles for the next gen. 4k games are starting to take up over 100gb and seeing that sony and microsoft arent adding bigger hard drives and leaving it up to the consumer to swap it out i dont see them getting to 8k simply cause of the amount of space. 8k games will easily be 200+gb. I doubt they will have blu rays for that and will need to go to digital but most people dont have internet speeds to download multiple games at that size at any time. Maybe by the time PS6 comes out internet speeds would have improved but i doubt it. I think they will make consoles that can make bigger and better worlds at Native 4k and better VR.

badz149179d ago

I'm now a believer of 4K. I was fine with my 3D 1080p plasma as well until my kid smashed it with his toy last April and the repair cost is too expensive. I decided to buy a new one and opted for 4K. bought myself a 55" LG 600 series (not top of the line model) and holy sh!t...what a world of difference! I only have the original PS4 and I was like "how the hell does this TV make these games looks better?" when the PS4 doesn't even support 4K. I can only imagine how they will look on the Pro. I can't go back to 1080p now!

back on topic, I think in 3 years, Sony will release the PS5 and the price? $400 with 4K60fps as standard

babadivad179d ago

Dude, you are tripping. 5K is just about double the pixels of 4K, There's no fucking way that Next-Gen consoles will be targeting fucking 8K. You need 4 Titan XPs running in SLI to run The Witcher 3 at 60fps. Say no to drugs.

OmnislashVer36179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

You are nuts. 8K is 4x 4K. If 4K isn't affordable, do you think 4x 4K will be affordable? You'd be looking at a $2500+ console, $1500+ when prices drop because of the node switch to 7nm in 2019. And there would definitely, DEFINITELY be checkerboard involved. Not to mention the amount that games would go up by.
Artists would be paid 16x as much, leading to much higher game costs. Nobody is paying that much. Also, we get that tech cheap because of the APU deal they have. This thing would be a HUGE chip with watercooling. And you know how much RAM you'd need? 16x as much. GDDR6 and HBM RAM aren't even affordable yet! It just doesn't make sense. It'd be like a $2500-3500 console with $150 games.

Takwin179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Once people have tried gaming and video on true 4K *AND* HDR, everything else looks like shiite. Anyone who says they are happy with 1080p hasn't had 4K HDR.

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Krysis180d ago

Nah but we will start getting leaks or maybe even reveals by then.

Eonjay180d ago

Reading into what he is saying about PS2 vs PS3 vs PS4 and Pro, it seems like the last big generational bump was PS2 to PS3. Now, we just get consoles that push more pixels. So, we may get a new console in 2019 but nothing really new aside from VR in terms of what the more powerful consoles can offer. And of course the reason is cost. To think that Microsoft is still losing money at 500 means we need prices to fall. In two years a 400-500 PS5 will be more powerful than Xbox One X but it still won't be a generational leap over the base PS4. Just clearer and faster.

The only thing really left is new games that take what we have and use the power differently. Maybe it's time to put the 'video' to the side and focus on the 'game'.

iDadio180d ago

Few years time you can build a console that outperforms the X for 299. Advances in technology are thick and fast and the price of premium parts bombs.

OmnislashVer36180d ago

Yeah but only if AMD updates their process by then. They were pretty slow with the last transition.

I'd say if they're released in 2019 expect $499, 2021, expect $399.

I'd prefer the 2019 launch though.

babadivad179d ago (Edited 179d ago )


AMD is being really aggressive with the process node shrinks now[well, again]. The process shrinks were in a weird place when X1 and PS4 launched. They stalled for a few years and really held back progress for AMD. They were usually always the first on a new process. It was a main component of them being competitive. They were caught with their pants down when the process shrinks stalled.

It was the best thing for nVidia though. They assumed that process nodes could stall, so instead of banking on a process node shrink, they decided to optimize their architecture to get the most out of the 28nm. We got Maxwell out of it. And They have been basically running with that architecture since.

Pascal is just Maxwell with a die shrink. Since Maxwell was so power efficient, when the process node finally did shrink, they were able to clock them insanely high.

IamTylerDurden1180d ago

But also consider that the original xbone was $500 at launch.

Sony learned that going over $399 is a bad idea. So i'd imagine PS5 at 11tf, $399, possibly 2019 but probably 2020.

As for xbox? The X is a considerable leap from the xbone and it's still 5 months away, so i honestly do not expect a "true next gen" console from MS until 2021 or later. The X will likely get a pretty significant cycle, not necessarily 6 years, but certainly more than 3.

I'd expect new iterations on VR before any new consoles.

KionicWarlord222180d ago

Microsoft is going to release a system price $500 in 2017 with 6 teraflops a 2 teraflop difference over there competition.

In 2 years your basically saying there gonna almost double the amount of teraflops and reach $399?

Impossible. Thats just reaching.

Aenea180d ago


Nah, the PS5 will be 10Tflops, then you guys can say stuff like "it's only 66% more powerful than the One X!" and we retort with: it's Xbox One X + PS4 Pro in power! A whole Pro of difference! 😀

This will keep happening from now on...

OmnislashVer36180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

For 9-10 TFLOPS I'd expect $499 in 2019. $399 by 2021. I'd prefer the $499 launch though. Why not give us the option for greater graphics a bit earlier for those that have the money?

IamTylerDurden1179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

11tf by 2020 Sony could do it for $399. I believe that. Microsoft released 1.3tf for $500 in 2013, i don't think they are necessarily the best line for console prices.

@ Rookie aka kionic

Your logic is bs.

Microsoft released a 1.3tf console in 2013 for $500

Three years later Sony more than TRIPLES it with PS4 Pro at 4.2tf AND for $100 cheaper.

So, why couldn't Sony less than double xboneX for $100 less 3 years later? Sony already MORE THAN TRIPLED xbone just 3 years later and did it for $100 less with the Pro already this gen. Hell, Microsoft more than quadrupled the xbone 4 years later for the same price. This gen shows us it is certainly POSSIBLE bc it already happened.

So u were saying something about reaching..?

OmnislashVer36179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Seriously? The only reason it was $500 was because of Kinect.

Sony doubled their power in 3 years but we haven't even gotten Vega yet or a Ryzen/Polaris APU. Their last process took forever to update and PS4 wasn't top of the line when it released so it was easy to get 2x power. By time we get another node switch for 10TFLOPS for $399 it'll be 2021. That or it's $499 in 2019. Calling it.

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alb1899180d ago

I will be more than happy if MS use all this power to make better 1080p games.

Angeljuice179d ago

The next consoles will have slightly more powerful graphics cards than XOX (around 8-10 TFLOPS), but will be paired with Ryzen based processors.

It will release when that package is available to be sold for $399/£349.

babadivad179d ago


Also, there will be a true generational leap. If developers didn't have to code for the X1 and PS4, we would see a generation leap right now if they could just focus on the Pro and X1X.

The switch is almost as powerful as an iPad, but no iPad game comes close to what's possible on the Switch, Because developers are able to focus and get everything they can out of the hardware.

Once the next gen starts, even if the new systems aren't several times more powerful than the Pro and X1X, just the fact they don't have old hardware holding them back, is going to make a world of a difference.

Next gen systems will be about 8TF, but the games will look massively better than anything the Pro and X1X could dream of.

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CyrusLemont180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I wonder if we won't see next gen now until 2021-22 until the cost is feasible for a true next gen experience. An uptick is resolution/frame rate doesn't count so much as dynamic/reactive environments, lighting and all round higher poly mesh models on everything. I also expect BGE2 and GTA VI to possibly be titles that sell the next gen world in terms of seamless exploration and freedom.

nitus10180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

I sort of agree and disagree with what you said.

I do think the best question to ask is "What makes a great game?" and I am quite sure you will get a variety of different and quite heated replies.

Talk to someone who likes FPS's or driving games and the most would prefer higher framerate over resolution while someone who likes graphically intense but slower paced games is not put off by slower frame rates. Actually, there are games hitting the market now which try to give the player a retro gaming style complete with "chunky" graphics which I personally don't like but there are plenty of others who do.

Games which give total freedom to the player may be preferable to some but objectional to others since those people may prefer a more scripted and to the extream "on-rails" approach. Some people like an immersive story while others don't really care.

The bottom line as to what makes a great game is in the eyes and ears of the player and that should not be dictated by anyone.

Even getting down to the particular display can bring forth heated arguments although I do recommend that people who are into gaming should choose a display that has a higher refresh than 60Hz but then you also have to consider the most comfortable viewing distant for the player as well to the point that the overall benefits to say 1080p to 4K gaming is not that significant.

Yes, you can tell the difference between 1080p and 4K but if you are serious about gaming you have to take into account the latency, refresh, screen size, resolution and possibly HDR (normally HDR10 for PS4 and XB1) before making a purchase. Get it wrong and you may be in for a disappointment.

Krysis180d ago

I would be shocked if gta doesn't release this gen. If not it would mark the first time since rockstar started making games a new iteration of gta did not release in a consoles cycle.

Master of Unlocking179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I'm almost certain a new GTA game won't come out during this gen. Or there might be a remaster of sorts, or a GTA game that uses the assets found in previous GTA games (an expanded GTA V game taking place in the whole California/San Andreas state, or better yet a good 1/3 or 1/4 of the US along the pacific ocean would do it for me), just not GTA VI in my opinion. That will probably be for the PS5/Xbox One Two w/e.

On topic, now people are starting to realize they've been had with that story of the PS5 coming out in 2018 that appeared not long ago, lol, when you wonder if Sony or MS will even be able to come up with 10tflops consoles in 2020 priced at 399$/€

Krysis179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

@master You know rockstar has multiple studios and the red dead team is different, what would you possibly think the other team is working on? I'm almost certain it's gta and if you want to make uneducated speculation be my guest, but there is no reason to believe otherwise or hard evidence to support your claim. I'm going off rockstar history.

IamTylerDurden1179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

2022 is just silly. So PS4 will be a... 9 year cycle? Be real, man. Even 2020 is a 7 year cycle there is no way we get 8+ year cycles.

CyrusLemont179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

I'd normally be 100% on the 2020 date, but these mid-gen upgrades made me consider a longer a life span. I could be wrong, but you never know.

ninsigma180d ago

Probably about the same. Tech that's too expensive for Scorpio right now will be cheaper for the next gen consoles in a few years.

ImGumbyDammit179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

If that tech in the next console your speaking (similar to the XOX) is just another Jag and Polaris based console sure it will be a lot cheaper in two years (even if Sony heavily modified the chipset like Microsoft has done I doubt it would be considered a new generation at that point). But, if that tech is Ryzen/Vega combo then no it will not be cheaper than what we see in the current XOX, you are crazy. XOX is using heavily customized a CPU based on 6 years old tech and a GPU based that will soon be 3 year old tech (with some Vega features brought down into the XOX). Listen AMD hasn't even released the Vega chip for PC cards (preorder only) and somehow we all coming to the conclusion this chip will be scaled down and heavily customized for a console in two years at an acceptable price point is crazy. And that is not even considering the Ryzen based chip into that equation, that will most likely be in these machines, The current low end Ryzen 4 core sits at just below $200 by itself. The APU (both the CPU & GPU) would have to be around $100 total (like the APU costs Sony in a PS4) to make the current $399 price tag. That is all other parts in the machine being the same, but they won't be. Not to forget we also are counting the new specialized memory type GDDR5/x required for VEGA architecture. And the increase in memory for a next console possibly sitting at 16GB.

This is why there are mid gen consoles Using the new AMD tech just being released now is going to be expensive for console sensitive prices for the next 2-3 years.

Bhuahahaha179d ago

agree console will always be on range of $200-500


I don't think we need next-gen anytime soon I have the PS4 Pro and it's absolutely fantastic and I run it at 1080p I'll be more than satisfied with that for a few more years and everything I've read about the Scorpio leaves me to believe that it also is a fantastic machine that will keep the Microsoft faithful more than happy. All in all I think we're good with this Gen.

KionicWarlord222180d ago (Edited 180d ago )

This video was great. It gives you massive perspective in why Xbox One X really is 100 percent worth its value.

Digital Foundry even concluded that the next consoles will be $500.

You wont see a PS5 or new Xbox option till 2020 or 2021.

But Microsoft`s Xbox One X has to be the smartest decision here because of what its achieve during those years you will be able to play tons of third party games at the highest fidelity on console.

Hats off to the xbox team.

"We estimate the Scorpio Engine to be 15 to 20 per cent larger than the PS4 Pro's processor. This is most expensive single component in a console and prices here tend to scale in line with silicon area.

Xbox One X's extra four gigs of GDDR5 won't be cheap. Two years ago, AMD told us that it cost them $30 to move from four gigs of memory to eight gigs with its R9 390 and 390X. Prices may have fallen since then, but that's still a significant addition to a console price.

The vapour chamber cooling used in Xbox One X is not insignificant. A similar technology is used in Nvidia's GTX 1080 and 1080 Ti graphics cards, but it was omitted from GTX 1070 - a $400 GPU.

Hard drive bandwidth has risen from 40MB/s in a standard Xbox One, to 60MB/s in Xbox One X - a 50 per cent improvement. Microsoft wouldn't comment on how this was done (maybe it's a 7200rpm drive) but regardless, a higher performance unit will cost more.

Using a UHD Blu-ray drive will add to the cost of the hardware compared to a standard unit. However, the presence of the same drive in Xbox One S suggests that this additional cost is not too onerous bearing in mind some of the excellent deals seen on this console.

Microsoft's 'Hovis Method' - individually tuning power delivery on each motherboard for each Scorpio Engine - must surely add to the cost of production."

Microsoft really made sure there mid gen system really was worth the upgrade. It wasn't just about price but they concluded over the next 4 years what xbox gamers will be looking for as the years go by.

Unreal01180d ago

I agree, the price is worth it. However people will not be ready to fork out that amount on a mid gen upgrade, with barely any exclusives.

"...they concluded over the next 4 years what xbox gamers will be looking for as the years go by", so no exclusive games then.

KionicWarlord222180d ago

Obviously it means exclusive games as well. They will expand on this this fall and early 2018.

Xbox gamers will see Crackdown 3 Forza 7, Gears Of War 4, Killer Instinct, Halo Wars 2, Sea of Thieves, State of decay 2, Forza horizon 3 in its full fidelity.

Point was for Microsoft it was a easy decision for Xbox One X.

Because they know Xbox gamers are gonna want to see a difference like 4K assets and quality on par with there pc counterpart inside there games.

Aenea180d ago

Do you ever get tired of all this PR speak?

KionicWarlord222180d ago

No but i get tired of people telling me how to speak on a internet forum while other people constantly say absolutely insane stuff and no one feels the need to speak to them.

Its getting real weird.

Eldyraen180d ago


It's because social media is slowly turning us into minimalist thinkers.

It's all about what you can say in the least words as possible or even just with a meme or video now. I want to find a new forum (as in a social place, not just the online forums of today where talk is usually cheap) that actually has people discuss things now and again but no such luck no matter where I've looked.

Back and forth today is usually "agree, disagree, I hate you/your opinion/etc, or cool story bro". Half of the time you try writing something and saying things in more than a paragraph it's "I'm not reading that!" responses too. Cool, don't. It's not going to make me lessen my thoughts on the matter though.

EatCrow179d ago

I definitely get tired of seeing people frustrated about positive xbox x comments or pretty much anything that isnt directed towards a certain platform. Debbie downer ring a bell?
Never seen a community that enjoys the downplay of others' excitement as much.

Aenea180d ago

"people constantly say absolutely insane stuff and no one feels the need to speak to them."

I do that, but you just don't seem to listen! 😜😂

IamTylerDurden1179d ago

So you think PS4 will have an 8 year cycle? Two years longer than PS3's.

KionicWarlord222179d ago

Its either coming out 2020 or the 2021.

No time before that.

EatCrow179d ago

I personally dont think we even needed mid gen consoles. These consoles are many times more powerful then last gen and last gen was no joke. So. Yea. This could and should last a while.

It aint about graphics and if people are fine with Uncharted 4 level of graphics then they should be fine for a good long while as it will only get more fine tuned and improved moving forward.

Maxor179d ago

How is this worth it when it can not achieve 1080p 60 FPS and their claims of "true 4K" is a total lie? DF lost a huge amount of credibility because they refuse to call MS out of their false advertising. These guys have been bought.

KionicWarlord222179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Its all up to the developer. 1080p 60 fps is definitely possible in several titles but thats dependent the on dev.

Forza 7 is 4K/60 FPS.

Paladins 4K 60 FPS


Microsoft has not false advertised True 4K. True 4K is select titles during there show.

Maxor179d ago

Are you serious, Paladins and Smite at 4K 60 FPS? These are potato games! Show me games that require real power to hit 60 FPS. Show me Darksouls 3 in 1080p 60 FPS, Fallout 4 1080p 60 FPS, Witcher 3 in 1080 60 FPS. Games where no console before can ever hit 60 FPS due to both the CPU and GPU demands.

"Feel true power"? I want to believe!

EatCrow179d ago (Edited 179d ago )

Shadow of Mordor 4k 60fps

And they mentioned previously released titles will hit that mark as well.

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