Sonic Mania is Absolutely Going to End the Sonic Cycle Once and For All

It took a while but SEGA finally gets it, and they put the perfect person at the helm in Christian Whitehead to ensure the game’s success with its most loyal fans. It’s OK to let your guard down just this one last time. Gamers can be pretty sure they're not going to get burned.

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Klonoa-dreamtraveler343d ago

Well i'm definitely excited for mania though sonic forces looks like another dumb down kiddy game with another pointless direction sucking up to the whole making your own unoriginal sonic character crowd. sonic team being under Takashi Iizuka i can only expect garbage, only sonic team can ruin another sonic game lol so glad we have sonic mania and hopefully more to come from christian whitehead and HOPE TO GOD sonic team or Takashi Lizsuka doesn't touch shit of it let alone look at it.

SegaGamer342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

People like you are trapped in nostalgia land. Sonic Mania looks good, i agree with that, but to play down Forces is just sad. It's like some people can't accept any new Sonic game no matter what it is. Generations and Colours was highly praised, now we are getting a game that looks just as good if not better and now it's not good enough ? Sonic Team just can't satisfy some of you.

The difference in attitude towards Mario and Sonic games is laughable. Both games have gone through similar changes over the years when they moved from 2D to 3D, but Sonic games are forever criticised and Mario games are praised, it makes no sense to me. People like you say this new game of Sonic is dumbed-down and a kiddy game, but then get excited about the new Mario game which is the most dumbed-down kiddy friendly game you can get. Then there is the Sonic side project games that bring something new which get's criticised and then you get Mario Kart and Mario Party games which are highly praised even though they are pretty much the same game over and over again. The hypocrisy is laughable.

With Sonic, people are stuck in the past, with Mario, people like it no matter what just because it's Mario. It's got to the point where i think Sonic Team aren't the problem, it's the fans. They are so stuck in the past when it comes to Sonic.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler342d ago

it is dumbed down and kiddy every sonic game for the past decade has had no direction what so ever cause of sonic teams laughable idea's that have nothing to do with the sonic franchise from being in Egypt to being in medieval times to turning into a werewolf with arms that stretch for effing sakes to colorful aliens to goofy looney toon looking monsters called the deadly six how the hell is that not kiddy let alone makes any damn sense in the sonic franchise nothing they all had a pointless direction that had nothing to do with sonic what so ever so no it's people like you who have supported sega teams garbage in turning sonic into a freakin clown and making every modern sonic game into a joke.

Monster_Tard342d ago

"The difference in attitude towards Mario and Sonic games is laughable"

How so? Sonic games have gained a reputation of being terrible bug filled messes over recent years, Sega themselves have acknowledged this and are trying to put out better quality Sonic games, can you seriously look at Sonic 06 or Sonic Boom and say you don't understand the hate for them?

zb1ftw777342d ago

Because Mario didn't change. He was still the loveable plumber that still looks the same.

Sonic went from a badass hedgehog to a stupid lanky cartoon with ridiculous looking lanky long legs. The sonic cartoon spelt the death of the sonic brand in terms of being badass.

It looked like a Japanese horror rather than a cool hedgehog.

SegaGamer342d ago (Edited 342d ago )


Of course, Boom and 06 had a lot of problems, but those aren't the games i am talking about. There doesn't seem to be a Sonic game that doesn't get heavily criticised.

Pretty much everything you criticise Sonic for can be applied to Mario games. It has talking dinosaurs, talking mushrooms, a princess that always get's kidnapped by some sort of mutated giant turtle. Then there is Mario himself who is like some 40 year old man child. He barely speaks and when he does, he says the same things in every game. It couldn't be more kiddy friendly but it's loved anyway.

Mario also has no direction, it's the same story over and over again but with a different set of levels. The only Platformer that has any direction these days are the Ratchet and Clank games. Sonic games have more direction than Mario games. Mario hasn't evolved story wise since the first ever game.

You say newer Sonic games have nothing to do with Sonic what so ever.......what does Mario and his friends driving around in little karts have to do with Mario ? You complain about Sonic becoming a Werehog in Sonic Unleashed, well Mario can jump into his hat in this new Mario game and control fish and Dinosaurs.

They are platform games who's target audience are kids, they aren't supposed to be taken as seriously as you are taking them. Even the old Sonic games were kiddy friendly. Sonic zapping through stages saving animals from being turned into robots by some mad scientist, that is pretty much all the old Sonic games were and that is probably what Sonic Mania will be too.

It's all to do with nostalgia. Mario still plays on people's nostalgia massively, Sonic doesn't so much anymore so Sonic games are the ones that get heavily criticised.

Just so people realise by the way, i'm not actually criticising Mario games, i really enjoy Mario games, i just don't understand this constant need to bash Sonic when Mario get's praised for having many of the same problems Sonic games are criticised for.

Elronza342d ago

I fully agree with you! I'm 34 years old and very much enjoyed both Sonic Unleashed and Shadow the Hedgehog. I love the fact that Sega has tried different things with Sonic over the years.

deafdani341d ago

The main difference is that Mario games usually have awesome gameplay, whereas Sonic games are widly inconsistent in that area.

You're trying to draw a paralel across them as if they're somehow in the same level as far as game design, gameplay, sound and controls are... but they aren't. They just aren't.

If anything, it's precisely because of nostalgia that Sonic is still so relevant today, and his games keep selling pretty damn well, even when the quality of said games are all over the place.

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343_Guilty_Spark342d ago

Dumb down kiddie game...Like games should only be made for you demographic

-Foxtrot342d ago

Looks fantastic

Does anyone laugh at the fact in the hand drawn looking launch trailer the elevator at the end which has the buttons as "1, 2, 3, K, M"

Sonic 1
Sonic 2
Sonic 3
Sonic and Knuckles
Sonic Mania

Yet no Sonic 4 lol

This is basically the real Sonic 4 to me :)

Klonoa-dreamtraveler342d ago

I'm ok with pretending sonic 4 episode 1 & 2 never existing and actually make a real 2d sonic installment of sonic 4 lol

Snookies12342d ago

You can't say 'once and for all'. Perhaps 'once', in this particular case. We have no idea what Sega is going to do after this releases. Could be a one hit wonder, then back to their old ways with the Sonic franchise.

Summons75342d ago

This gets said with every Sonic game. This game looks promising though. Sonic fans just need to accept that Sonic games have never been more than average, from the start. Great character and some game are far better than others and some are trash but overall the games are just average.

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