343 Industries might bring past Halo games to Xbox One X

Microsoft's E3 2017 press conference suffered from a severe lack of Halo, which was to be expected - 343 Industries said as much before E3 2017. However, it looks like the developers are up to more than just working on the 'good' looking Halo 6.

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brich233370d ago

Halo Reach remaster would be real nice.

LAWSON72370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

If they announce this I will suck it up and spend $500, though I would maybe give the PC version a chance first.

bouzebbal369d ago

So honestly, fanboys are now so excited for this knowing that bc is there and the best collection ever made (MCC) is out as well.
Could one of you people explain when you have been polluting the thread of Shadow of the Colossus remake?

Cmv38370d ago

If it has bc, or whatever, can't you Just play the mcc?

Allsystemgamer370d ago

The MCC games are severly gimped. There's a ton of YouTube videos about it. Tons of content got cut for the MCC.

LAWSON72370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

People can defend the lackluster MCC all they want but it did not live up to expectations. The SP was handled well, but besides the multiple games in a playlist feature the games were butchered.

But what do I know I probably have 300+ hrs in it and it just got worse over time. 343i may as well of said F you when H5 was close to coming out.

It should of been more than what it was.

Allsystemgamer369d ago

Lol I don't get the disagrees.
Go play halo 3 and 4 on 360 then load it on MCC. Half the armors in halo 4 aren't even in MCC.

Seems xbots buttholes are still hurt that no one cares about the X.

Miss_Weeboo370d ago

Maybe they'll do it right this time? Idk. It's 343 right?

Razzer370d ago

Bring on that Windows 10 version. I'll buy it.

dilbig5369d ago

Say what you said earlier and just make the 360 games backwards compatible.

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