Phil Spencer reiterates on VR: “We’re probably a few years away from it being able to really work”

During the Giant Bomb’s E3 stream, Phil Spencer returned to talk on the topic of VR, confirming once again their enthusiasm for the technology.

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GamingIVfun312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Of Course, because Phil says so./s N4G is becoming the Phil says website.

donthate312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Phil Spencer does say and do a lot of #4thegamer things, so it isn't a surprise we hear from him a lot.

travestyj312d ago

Like denying Xbox owners VR which many people are currently enjoying on PS4 and PC. I thought Phil was about providing different options to play video games. Guess that was just another lie.

jrshankill311d ago


People are enjoying on PC. PS4? Resident Evil and tech demos? Bollocks.

donthate311d ago


Phil Spencer is making sure that when VR is appearing on Xbox, it won't be shovelware like on other platforms. He doesn't want VR to fail, because companies are pushing sh1tty software in a bid to be first. So no lie, just your misinterpretation.

scofios312d ago

Phil , and his fan base

If we don't have it let's tell lies about it .

Cupid_Viper_3312d ago

The guy with one the most 'punchable' face in the industry (outside of that GreebBerg dude). Spent a decent amount time downplaying both the PS4 Pro and PSVR, claiming that XBox Scorpio would offer 'True' and 'uncompromised' 4K and High-Quality VR experience...

"Oh, you didn't know? Let me clarify... By 'True 4k' we meant Checkerboarding, dynamic, etc as well"
"And by high-quality VR we only meant to downplay our competitor's offerings as a way to slow their momentum and keep our small pool of fans from dwindling even further. But hey, let's coexist! You know what would really be '4ThePlayers'? If we had access to PlayStation's monster install base of 60+ million players"....

312d ago
Silly gameAr312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Jim Ryan is usually pretty quiet. It's E3 time, and that's the reason why he's speaking up now. It seems like Phil talks ALL OF THE TIME, and it's usually hyping his product, while putting the others down.

scofios312d ago

That phil guy is starting to become the annoying cliffy b from last gen.

rainslacker310d ago

Except Cliffy was right more often than not. He was just really bad at addressing the community and was pretty condescending by dismissing any middle ground at times. But from a industry perspective viewpoint, he was more often than not on point.

Not that cliffy didn't have his moments, but he wasn't as bad as Phil.

Silly gameAr312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I think we need that Phil says section on N4G. I don't know who to talk too to get it going, but if a Phil Says section pops up, I would like full credit. I've been saying this for months.

Fazraza311d ago

Nah N4G is just remaining the trash anything Microsoft related website, your upvotes vs downvotes are proof of that.

rainslacker310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

I think Phil needs to leave the Twitter echo chamber. If he wasn't aware, VR is already able to really work.

Apparently he doesn't like cords.

If he just said that VR was going to continue to improve, and he was excited for that, then good on him. But this is just him once again trying to downplay what they don't have to try and minimize the appeal of the product among the consumer.

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tyasia0312d ago

“We’re probably a few years away from it being able to really work ON XBOX”


SmielmaN312d ago

Exactly. Every time I let someone try PSVR they love it and don't want to stop playing.

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

What's so funny was wasn't it the Xbox one X supposed to be the platform that could allow VR?

tyasia0312d ago

Well, I would be willing to bet they are delaying it because they have no software to back it up currently.

With the struggle it seems to be for them to even support the consoles they have it seems unlikely they are in the position to add VR to the mix.

Septic312d ago

VR hardly seems to be living up to the hype at all. I expected a fair few killer apps but it looks like its been relegated to minigames with the exception of some third party titles like RE7.

Shame really. I expected it to make some big waves.

CyrusLemont312d ago

It's still a bit clunky, needs 4k panels to increase clarity and integrated head tracking with wireless functionality, if you can sit it in bed with two hand controllers and play comfortably, then we're there.

It's not bad at the moment, just not there yet. I bought a PSVR and thought it was great but agree with you on the mini game/Wii sports feel of the titles.

However, I do think if people want it to progress, we need to invest in it now. Luckily there's enough companies besides Microsoft doing just that. Just so happens they only want to ride the wave when it's high.

brich233312d ago

All those PlayStation VR games shown at E3 looked trash too me.

kstuffs312d ago

MS is doing it for PC hence they allowed OEMs to use HoloLens inside-out tracking on HMD.

bouzebbal312d ago

Wondering what your post be like if Xbox announced VR with their beast that lost its teeth.

Septic312d ago

Keep following me and you'll see.

bouzebbal312d ago

i'm not gonna see anything cause that didnt happen.
the excuse is it's few years away before it is worth it.. LOL

i guess you agree with this..

Septic312d ago

"i guess you agree with this.."

You told me yourself that you didn't believe in VR. But of course you've made this about me. I simply said that I expected more.

"i'm not gonna see anything"

Makes sense.

bouzebbal312d ago

Yes I did say that, but that statement is free of any fanboy opinion unlike yours.

Septic312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

How absolutely petty. You couldn't highlight a flaw in my point but threw a label at me. Yeah you're not a fanboy lol...

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Dolf045312d ago

It's early days for the tech, but it really isn't going anywhere. I do some development work for the industry and the potential is staggering, especially with some of the hardware refinements that are on the horizon. It was always sold as a 'slow burn' to my mind, by Sony anyway. There has been no major push in terms of advertising yet but devs are still figuring out things like interface and traversal. Fallout 4 fully playable in VR doesn't get you excited? What happens when a major AAA dev finally takes the dive and puts a serious budget behind a VR experience built from the ground up? Only a matter of time until the install base grows more attractive (especially considering adoption rate). RE7 was genuinely one of the best gameplay experiences I've ever had because of VR. Sure, temper expectations but put down the salt!

Septic312d ago

I'm not writing it off by any means. I've always supported VR. It's just that I really think we all need to see more killer apps and it's been quiet on that front.

"What happens when a major AAA dev finally takes the dive and puts a serious budget behind a VR experience built from the ground up?"

THIS is what I'm waiting for. Someone to really go all in with VR in a big way.

Rude-ro312d ago

Are you talking about Xbox or vr?
You support it and it is equal with killer apps as the Xbox one. Heck, will probably have more exclusives as well by the end of the year.

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

@septic you think it needs more killer apps? So Playstation 4"s plethora of VR games vs XB 0?

So this is what you're worried about not enough games? But you're pretty silent that the Xbox one doesn't have any more exclusives?

Ummmm ok.


Omegasyde312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Septic you have to be biggest shill that even now you are downplaying technology..

Septic312d ago

What? I'm not downplaying the tech. Just the lack of killer apps on it. Did you even read my comment ?

_-EDMIX-_312d ago

Microsoft is DENYING their Community to have something that's extremely important!!!!

This is extremely ANTI-CONSUMER!


Why does Microsoft care about their shareholders more than their own fans?

First they get rid of exclusives and go multi-platform and then they're getting rid of VR?

Some company am I right?

rainslacker310d ago

Fair enough if you feel that way, but that didn't stop Phil and MS from promoting X1X as a machine that could deliver compelling VR over the competition.

Should we just throw this into that ever increasing pile of back peddling and misdirects that are coming from MS right now?

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CrimsonWing69312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

I'm glad they didn't think that way back in the day with just console games. Look it's new tech, just like the early days of gaming it will mature and evolve.

As of right now, as a PSVR owner, VR adds so much to the experience granted I've only played REZ, Batman, and RE7.

The experiences were incredible. I just don't want this treated like the Kinect. Since it's more of a visual/audio immersive experience rather than a gimmick like motion controls it has far more potential as virtually any game can use it rather than something that has to be an after thought.

Aenea312d ago

I think Phil is close to a mental breakdown, lately he's saying the most stupidest stuff ever, it's not going well, something is getting to him, wonder what it is....

sin7279312d ago

Simple cant handle with sony!

Liqu1d311d ago

By this time next year his transformation into Don Mattrick will be complete.

rainslacker310d ago

Yeah. I always liked Phil, but it seems like he's just throwing everything out there and hoping it sticks, and unlike how he was a couple years ago, he doesn't seem anywhere near as diplomatic as he used to be. He seems almost petty or bitter now, all while trying to downplay the competition way too hard.

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