Nintendo: Making political statements are for others, we want people to have fun

Nintendo of America responds to those who insinuate that the intent of their games is to make policy, rather than entertain and excite their video game players.

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UCForce372d ago (Edited 372d ago )

Well, he is right about that. Video Game is for fun. I think everyone should need to see this.

Xb1ps4371d ago

I don't have an hour to burn to watch that video.. what's this about?

Princess_Pilfer371d ago

Video games are art. Art isn't always about fun.

Many of my best experiences with games were not fun. Sitting there crying at the end of FF10 or The Last of US wasn't fun. Dark Souls making me want to put my foot through a TV isn't fun. .Spec Ops: the lines hardcore war drama about how hard it would be on real people to do the type of stuff that typically happens in games like COD isn't fun. It's also not intended to be.

Saying "games are for fun" is like saying "movies are for fun" and "music is for fun". Sure they can be, that's why old Panic at the Disco and those awful Transformers movies are successful. They can also be way more than that, which is why bands like Green Day and movies like V for Vendetta are so popular.

LucasRuinedChildhood371d ago

Spot on. To say games can only be "fun" is a childish and backwards way of thinking.

NapalmSanctuary371d ago

I think you're defining 'fun' far too narrowly. Fun is what you are having when you are being stimulated. FF10 and Dark Souls are very fun and the substance they have is one of, if not the main things that make them fun. I also feel CoD isn't much fun because it lacks substance in gameplay depth and single player level design. I agree that TLoU isn't much fun but I also feel that it isn't a very good game. It would have been a great movie, but as a game, I feel that the story telling and gameplay just get in each other's way. Stated differently, in my case, it fails to stimulate.

Princess_Pilfer371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

People are trying to make "fun" and "political statements" opposing forces, and make games only about one of them. That's the point I'm addressing, and it's nonsense.

BTW I'm using the definitons of fun. Dark Souls is going out of it's way to frustrate the player, sometimes in the extreme, because that's what makes overcoming the frustration rewarding. It's not pleasant, it's not amusing, it's not playful, and it's not intended to be. It's engaging, yes, but that's not the same thing as fun. People are engaged watching hurricanes destory cities on the news, that isn't fun either.

NapalmSanctuary371d ago

I wouldn't necessarily put them at odds in that sense. That said, I have seldom found political statements to be very classy.

I'm using the actual definition as well: Amusement, enjoyment. Not amusing in the humorous or lighthearted sense but in the sense of entertainment. Overcoming the challenge of a game like Dark Souls is indeed a pleasure and its definitely entertaining. The lead up to the 'overcoming' can be a different story, depending on the player, but the enjoyment is definitely there, in the victory, at the very least. The word 'fun', has a semantic range that extends outside of a lighthearted context.

Princess_Pilfer371d ago

The definition of amusement is pleasantly diverted. The definition of enjoy is to take pleasure and satisfaction from. Thus we go back to dark souls not being fun because it's not pleasant, and not intended to be.

No, it does not. That's what fun means, and more specificially that's what *people* mean when they say games should be about fun. They're deliberately excluding things that aren't fun or aren't fun for them, including all of "politics" in the not fun catagory. And even at that, they're wrong.

Many of the best loved games ever to be made are rife with quite strong political statements. FF10 *does not* like organized religions. It makes the claim that they worship and perpetuate the evil that they claim to be against.
In FF7 you play known ecoterrorists and admitted mass murderers of innocent people, because they think what they're doing is necessary to save the planet. Not only that, but the game presents this as heroic and makes the dead Avalanch members into straight up martyrs.

Red Dead Redemptions whole bit with governments and rebels being just as corrupt and mean spirited as the people they send you after is a political statement.

Mass Effect 2 is stuffed with political statements, and on top of that it actively judges you for making the ones it doesn't like.

BioShock is one big statement about the results of a society that truly follows the philosophy of Ayn Rand

Knights of the Old Republic is, again, stuffed with political statements and, again, actively judges you for making the ones it doesn't agree with.

Persona 3 and 4 have are not only stuffed with political statements have them built into their mechanics, and Persona 5 is explicitly about abuses of power by the political/economic elite.


NapalmSanctuary370d ago

"Thus we go back to dark souls not being fun because it's not pleasant, and not intended to be."

I'm sorry, I have to disagree. DS is a buzz, its enjoyment, therefor it is fun. Its difficulty is also a bit exaggerated. The game is completely fair. Maybe some people play it for status or some other strange reason and don't actually enjoy it. I'll give you that, but that would explain why they don't find it a pleasure. When you enjoy a games basic action mechanics (and especially when you get good at them) increased difficulty becomes necessary to maintain the fun, otherwise it becomes an exercise in basic repetition. Give me an Ace Combat or a Twisted Metal or a Tenchu with that kind of difficulty and total lack of forgiveness. That would be the ultimate forms of those games, and the most fun someone like me could have with them because I love their basic mechanics.

You got me on the political statements.The only games you mentioned that Ive played are FF10 & FF7. I was thinking more in terms of political preaching, and I didn't find either of those two games very preachy. Their messages are pretty well contextualized within their fantasy framework, giving them a decent buffer against any real world context, making them so sterile that they didn't really detract much from the games themselves.

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LastCenturyRob372d ago

Nintendo just made the smartest comment in video games.

Ristul372d ago

Perfect respond Ninty!

Kun_ADR371d ago

Nintendo now has the most exciting game at the end of the year that I cant wait to play, Super Mario Oddssey, so yeah their comment totally describes what they are. Between Mario Oddyssey and BOTW, Nintendo potentially has two GOTY this year, which is awesome for them.

DaleCooper371d ago

Agreed. It's possible the GOTY will be a battle between zelda vs. Mario. What an awesome year for games!

Kun_ADR370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Put Horizon and Persona 5 in that and we would potentially have a fatal four way battle for GOTY. You are right this year is awesome and we are only just about half way in.

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