Sea of Thieves Changed the Way Rare Develops Their Games

Studio head Craig Duncan spoke about Rare changing its secretive nature to open themselves up to fans.

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PhoenixUp98d ago

There used to be a time when Rare developed and released multiple games of multiple genres at a time. Now they're taking a long while just to put out one.

My have times dramatically changed for this developer.

darthv7298d ago

That was mostly back on the N64. Good games for sure but a platform not really known for fidelity like there is now.

Sciurus_vulgaris98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

Rare, in the past relied on having small teams work on multiple separate projects. The company's past development practices, was likely one of the reasons, Rare struggled during the 6th and 7th gen. Despite the companies issues during the 6th and 7th gen. I think some of the companies early 360 games, were pretty good for their time. I personally really enjoyed Kameo, and even Perfect Dark Zero. I am excited to see what game(s), Rare will work on after Sea of Thieves.

spicelicka98d ago

Same here. I honestly thought perfect dark was very creative and a lot of funn. With some improvements a sequel would've been awesome.

PhoenixUp98d ago

Even during the 6th and 7th gens Rare could put out multiple titles in a timely manner.

Now in the 8th gen all Rare has done is one compilation and is still in the alpha stages of one new game.

xfiles209998d ago

Im sorry this game does not do it for me I think it looks very good. If Im going to play a Pirate game Im going for Skull Bones

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FITgamer98d ago (Edited 98d ago )

I just wish they'd have more play sessions for the alpha on Win10 than one a week. Having them on on Wednesday mornings isn't exactly convenient.

DialgaMarine98d ago

Yeah. They're not being forced to make shitty Kinect games anymore. I don't plan on buying SoT, but I did enjoy the E3 demo for the fact that it was so playful. It really brought me back to what made Rare so great when I was much younger. I really wish the best for them with the game, and hope MS doesn't screw them over again.

mcstorm98d ago

Tbh their kinect games were not shitty they were some of the best in the device but they were not games for everyone and we all want to see rare ips from the past as well as new ones.

It will be interesting to see how well this game sells and also where they go from here.

Knockknock98d ago

At least Kinect had some decent games, compared to move which had all the games made for it were shitty.

fenome98d ago

Not all games for move were shitty. Killzone in 3D with the sharpshooter was actually pretty badass. Plus it paved the way for PSVR, what did Kinect evolve into other than a paperweight?

Knockknock96d ago (Edited 96d ago )

@fenome I said games made for move not games that had move controls stuck on in order to sell more move controllers. Obviously never used Kinect. As for PSVR the move controllers and camera are pretty poor compared to the competition.

Hotabang98d ago

I thought a 50 year break changed the way rare devolpes games

King_Lothric98d ago

I was sorry for Sea of Thieves when I saw Ubisoft Skull and Bones new game. Compared to them, Sea of Thieves looks like a mobile game for kids. Same concept but Skull and Bones has a more artistic and serious feel.

Ubisoft killed them.

Kun_ADR98d ago

You couldn't be more wrong. Sure both games are about pirates, but the core focus of both games seems very different, at least based on the trailers.

Skull and Bones seem to be focusing on PvP combat espcially 5v5. Sea of Thieves focuses more on exploration and cooperation.

Judging a game based on graphic is just pure ignorance IMO. Both games look great and are clearly aiming for different art style, with one trying to look realistic and the other one trying to look more cartoony.

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