Industry Is Better When Nintendo Is Strong, Says Sony

Push Square: "Sony’s weighed in once again on the early success of the Nintendo Switch, stressing that it believes the increased presence in the space is a “good thing”. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan spoke earnestly about the positive reception the hybrid hardware has received, noting that it’s “great” for the medium as a whole."

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Thatguy-310307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Nintendo is the Ying to Sony's yang.

MVGeneral305d ago

Sony knows that people who buy Nintendo (mostly children [Like the wii]) will upgrade next gen to a more serious console like the Ps/Xbox. That's what happened to the Wii crowd (all those children end up being gamers growing up and buy a core and serious system like the ps4/xbone. Like my next door neighbour and my cousin who are prime examples.

Nintendo's consoles are like those learning computers for simple minded individuals to get introduced to gaming. And then they get smarter and evolve and buy a more complex system.

Like disney movies are high rated and make good money in the box office but they don't challenge your mind or are complex in any form. Movies like inception and Interstellar and far better movies but appeal to a more mature crowd and don't make us much.

affrogamer306d ago

Nintendo games are definitely the gateway for beginners who will later mature into Sony and Microsoft gamers!

big_dom_strikes_back306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

What absolute bollocks!

I'm in my 30's, been gaming since the 80's, owned almost every system going, and Nintendo, no matter what, has always appealed, probably even more so now than the other two are at the moment. Why? They just make fucking good games, that why.

SR388306d ago

What?! Lol don't talk shit haha

MVGeneral305d ago

Affrohop, your 100% right. So many kids who had wii's have now jumped ship to the ps4/Xbone. Nintendo is for children and grown men who can't let go of the past. Simple minded individuals that like simple mass appeal games. Mainstream dudes that upgrade to a more complex system. (Like Wii and it's simple waggle controls that even gramps could master. Lol)

WickedLester306d ago (Edited 306d ago )

Agreed. Sony+Nintendo=Never need any other console.

Kribwalker306d ago

With Nintendo and MS working hand in hand with cross play endeavours, as well as Nintendos big single player games vs MS multiplayer focus and Nintendo bringing Japanese games to MS western focus it would seem that Nintendo and MS would be each other's ying and yang. Sony Nintendo combo would not be considered opposites like a ying yang

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FallenAngel1984307d ago

The industry is better when everyone is strong 🙄

Thatguy-310307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Nah only Sony and Nintendo lol we're paying for online and got the whole 1 month time exclusivity content because of MS and 360 reign last generation.

Kribwalker306d ago

Except you know, Sony bought GtA 1 year exclusivity during the ps2 era, and paid for Tomb raider 2 to not be on sega Saturn during the PlayStation era. So paid for timed exclusivity was brought on from Sony long before MS did it

freshslicepizza307d ago

Sony obviously doesn't share the same views towards Microsoft, and sadly they have a lot of loyal fans who have made it a mission to be just as competitive.

lodossrage307d ago (Edited 307d ago )


Right, because Microsoft fans don't do the EXACT same thing right?

AspiringProGenji307d ago

Look who is talking guys, PS VR's biggest critic and pessimist...

Sony has complimented MS before, but they don't open their mouths all the time like MS exects. And even if they don't feel the same feeling toward them, well too bad for you i guess

DialgaMarine307d ago (Edited 307d ago )

Yeah, because it's totally not Xbox fans who have garnered hundreds of thousands of subscribers across YouTube by being blatantly biased, outright lying, and doing stuff as stupid as making a video of pissing on a PS4. Yeah totally only PlayStation fans being aggressive. Smfh

nX306d ago

Of course, why would we care about Microsoft? What have they brought to this industry except for generic games and stupid subscriptions?

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FallenAngel1984307d ago

@ That

Microsoft influenced the other two to take a more aggressive strides towards online services. Strong competition does that.

Not to mention that Nintendo and Sony had already been making exclusivity deals long before Microsoft even entered the hardware market. If you think this just started last gen then you must be extremely new to gaming.

lodossrage307d ago (Edited 307d ago )


yeah, you're definitely right on that one. Sony and Nintendo did that long before MS. Hell, Nintendo use to do it to both Sega and NEC (makes of the Turbo Graphix 16). Sony in the early days of the PS1. Microsoft may have did it a lot, but nobody that knows history can say they did it first

Thatguy-310307d ago

Really? Dlc was introduced last generation and MS started paying for priority to their users. I'm not talking about whole games exclusivity since that has always been part of gaming.

FallenAngel1984307d ago

@ That

You're complaining about a part of a game being timed exclusive and still coming to other platforms after a period of time rather than the entire game being made exclusive?

Sounds like skewed priorities just to hate exclusively on Microsoft. That still doesn't neglect that Sony and Nintendo engaged in similar activities in generations long before Xbox even existed.

Seraphim307d ago

@fALLEN. hardly skewed. that extra month or two is often too little too late. DLC needs to be pushed out in a timely fashion and time exclusivity only hurts the game while pissing off gamers who want to enjoy it and keep playing.

Exclusives have been a part of console history from Day 1. It's one thing to ink a deal or pay for a game to be made exclusively for your console. While it's not always a good thing for consumers it's what sets apart consoles.

Dragonscale306d ago

MS started most of the bullcrap last gen. First paid dlc was horse armour in oblivion. First subscription based online service. Timed dlc exclusivity eg ballad of gay tony, cod map packs etc. Then all the debacle with drm, no used games, enforced kinect, always online, everything behind a paywall this gen on xbone. Competition is good lol.

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King_Lothric306d ago

Not true. When Xbox thought it was strong, they wanted to change the industry with always online, control the trade in market their way and they also wanted to impose others draconian anti consumer policies. MS was like a Trump thread to gaming but gamers stop them.

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BlakHavoc307d ago

Gotta say I'm loving being back aboard the Nintendo ship, Zelda is my GOTY right now, and Mario looks phenomenal. It's the perfect compliment to my PS4, I hope they continue to deliver amazing games.

DialgaMarine307d ago

I really do miss the days of friendly competition between Nintendo and Sony. Even after Nintendo blatantly screwed them over, Sony still was the bigger man and chose to beat Nintendo at the console race fair and square.

ReesesPuffs307d ago

They go back and forth. The Wii Generation no one was touching Nintendo. Wii U on the other hand Sony decimated them in sales. Glad to see them both doing well right now.

DialgaMarine306d ago

Well, depends. Both Sony and MS had a very strong finish, vice Wii which had a very strong start. When I'm talking friendly competition though, I'm referring to how companies reacted to each other then vs now; sure there was shit talking, and back and forth between using third parties to market, but no one ever infiltrated the other and blatantly tried to get rid of them. Sadly, that started with MS, and is the reason why the Xbox even exists...

alex101594306d ago

Currently my ps4 pro is my main, but my newly bought Switch might take over. REALLY enjoying both consoles.

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