Crackdown 3 didn’t go according to plan, but it’s better for it - Fenix Bazaar

Crackdown 3 was far from being in consideration for "best in show", but after its disappointing showing during the Xbox briefing, it may yet find itself as one of E3 2017's surprise packets.

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-Foxtrot341d ago

I don't understand though because if it was because of the "always online" and the way gamers thought towards it then why did they continue to big up the cloud even after the first announcement at almost every E3 or any other games event from then on. Surely by the second E3 well after the reaction to the Xbox One, DRM and even when Phil took charge you'd go "right lets get on this, we know for a fine fact this was built on always online and obviously things have changed". What you don't do is constantly big the cloud up and remind gamers of the main feature when you do a 180 later on and will obviously want people to forget about it...I mean I'm pretty sure if they played cloud down straight way after the first E3 it was being shown off most gamers now would have forgotten about it and thought "well they did play it down straight away every chance they got, after the Xbox One reveal with DRM I can obviously see why, this is a logical decision"

ShottyatLaw341d ago

I don't understand something else...

Since at least 2015 they were clear that cloud destruction was for online multiplayer only. It would not be anywhere near the same level in the -no internet required- single player mode. That was pretty clear, actually.

So, I'm really not sure where your ramblings, or the theories thrown out there by the author really stem from.

We don't want always online in our single player. If always online is required for destruction, then no cloud in the single player. Pretty easy to grasp, wouldn't you say?

freshslicepizza341d ago

Don't expect a reply anytime soon. The cloud technology was always about online, otherise how would it work? They also said there would be a campaign mode for offline. So yes I agree, they have been very clear. He only likes to point out what he doesn't like and will focus solely on that.

dcbronco341d ago

The people who don't want always on in their single player games lack vision. I don't care if they know what I play, they already do. Only people who have modded their machine are really worried.

Always online allows for so many incredible opportunities for new ways to play. Letting a few people and a bunch of sheep stop it is crazy. This is where Microsoft failed. They should have explain their goal better. They should have pointed out that many games people love are already always online. And more than anything they should have just built software that proved the value. If you want to win at some point you have to lead.

Aenea341d ago


Sooo he's like you then?

Aenea341d ago


I totally agree! Never really understood the reasons for disliking it, it's 2017 for goodness sake!


I really do want them to make sure that if for whatever reason my internet isn't working that the game still can function for the most part. And if they do that they can make it optional too for the few old fashioned people out there without 24/7 internet. Sure, this means that quite a few features won't work but won't leave you with a non-playable game on the rare occasion that you don't have access to internet...

Bobafret341d ago

It's simple: They hate Xbox and MS more than they love Sony. I can't recall the last time I commented on anything PS.

Moe-Gunz341d ago

Easy saying that when you're in a place with great internet. Always online is a nightmare for others.

IamTylerDurden1340d ago

I think the issue and the strange part was to show absolutely no mp. CD3 has become that game with the crazy promised destruction so to feature the game at e3 with Zero destruction is a bit disappointing. Also, it's not like any story or narrative aspect was featured, i'm surprised ppl even knew sstraight away that they were looking at sp. It was just some clips, so why not show off the most highly touted feature of the game? Ppl want to see the cloud destruction that was so highly publicized. If insane cloud destruction was being used all this time to market the game then at least throw us a bone at E3.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

They probably figured out that not everyone has access to high speed internet or internet speeds high enough to get the best experience from cloud based destruction. There are also those who don't have an internet connection at all.

Microsoft finally decided to give everyone the same experience, which was a smart move.

rainslacker339d ago


I believe it's fine to have the option. Say have SP where if you were online you could have all the destruction, but without the need to connect to others.

But any game that does have a SP component, for the most part at least, should probably have a mode where if you aren't online you can still play the game. Some of the souls games co-op for instance. They add little features, but nothing that prevents the game from being played if you disconnect.

But, looking more generally, right now, there is no real reason to be online unless cloud compute features are enabled for a game, or some type of added feature, so designing a game around having two completely different version for both kinds of players makes little sense.

I think the problem is just expecting a SP game to be online out of course, not that people are completely against the idea of games adding something when online. But if a SP games becomes unplayable while your offline, then its going to limit the potential buyers, and effectively puts an expiration date on the game when server support is dropped.

There may be certain kinds of games where such things make sense, but for any given heavy story based game....say like Horizon or BOTW, mandating online makes little sense because those are the kinds of games which rely on their story to provide a part of the experience.

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Krysis341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Never mind, not worth arguing

andrewsquall341d ago

You are so right as usual Fox. People are trying to pretend since last week that its absolutely normal that Crackdown 3 only showed Single Player and ignore the fact even more that it looked like an awkward last gen game (that STILL is showing 4 people playing ONLINE together in the trailer lol).
They are even pretending that they DIDN'T say this past 5 months that at E3 2017 we will all be put in our place by the "only next gen game" Crackdown 3.

But yeah, Microsoft made it clear Crackdown 3 was going to look incredibly bland and make everyone lose interest as soon as they showed the cloudless single player and that's a good thing apparently.

SlapHappyJesus341d ago

"You are so right as usual Fox"

Not sure if you are just a giant suck up, or a second account ... but be a man ...

That was cringe worthy.

Z501340d ago

All i heard was "Wait til E3. Then you'll see"


CyrusLemont341d ago

Honestly Crackdown 3 is a mess of marketing, at least there's a game coming out. I wouldn't even bother trying to focus/figure out what they're advertising until we see it from third party sources.

As far as I'm aware at this stage there are two components

-Singleplayer mode that supports up to four players online for exploration of the city with no cloud destruction.

-Multiplayer mode with different smaller but 100% destructible maps.

I think the most disappointing thing to me about this game is its visuals. Regardless of the cloud power destruction, the game looks like crap. I thought their target would have been somewhat closer to their initial footage displayed for the game. It looks so cardboard and lifeless.

akbennyewu341d ago

Let's use every article as an inroad to whine and complain about things I don't like about a system I don't have!!!!

IamTylerDurden1340d ago

Agents of Mayhem looks like a proper innovation of the Crackdown formula, i'm actually pretty interested in it. CD3 looks exactly like Crackdown with the only innovation being mp, it could be fun, but the e3 showing was not overly impressive.

Tussin187340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

The defence of this game is unbearable. Hype up the cloud for years and tease us with it a few years back. Then announces it's coming out this year.

Logically we think we will see it at E3. What do we get? This game squeezed in a montage. You had 3rd party games shown on stage over your own 1st party games coming out THIS YEAR!!! And on top of that, it's not of the multiplayer but singleplayer​. Make so much sense doesn't it?

I knew this was only an online feature since they announced this game so this defence is useless. Now we have to wait again until Gamescom? And will it be a fully destructible world or just a small area. Again we still don't know because we haven't​ seen shit on this game in years.

The defenders of this game are running out of time. This better be the best game ever the way you guys are trying so hard. Can't believe people are getting shit because they want to see the cloud that MS has been hyping up for years.

I guess that's to much to ask huh? And don't give some video of what it did in the past. I want to see this up and running in a real environment Today!!!!

rainslacker339d ago

You make a good point about how the trailer was almost low key for a game coming out this year. Normally, a big release like this, with years of hype would be front and center with a lot of attention put on it.

Even after the conference, MS hasn't said much about it other than to explain why they showed the SP, and then didn't hype up the MP much at all.

They'll have to show off the MP at some point though. I'm going to reserve judgement until that happens. I know that cloud destruction in and of itself doesn't a good game make, but I'm really eager to see if they made it work out of sheer curiosity, and because I understand the long term potential and implications of the technology. If it does well, it could lead the way to even more compelling content over the long run, if it flops, it could delay all that potential, which would be a shame.

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FallenAngel1984341d ago

You don't hear much about the power of the cloud

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343_Guilty_Spark341d ago

I'm really starting to hate this website. Every Xbox article is a "this sucks"...Zbox has no exclusives circlejerk.

Aenea341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

I feel you man, I really do, have the same feeling with every Sony article where the same stuff happens.

It's the way of the interwebz, sadly....

BTW, have heard people mention Xbox games and all, but the Zbox has no games huh? And the Ybox? Does that have games? Or did MS skip a lettered box? 😂
Sorry, couldn't resist!

343_Guilty_Spark341d ago

It is not the same in Sony articles. The hottest news on the site is usually Xbox related.

iDadio341d ago

Aenea is correct the same shit goes on in the Sony articles.

"Can't wait to play the best version of this game on my day 1 X that mummy is selling herself on the street to afford'.

There is no middle ground there is no neutrality on n4g because even if you make the most down the line comment you'll get called out by paranoid members assuming your being sarcastic :)

Aenea341d ago


Yeah, sure dude, sure

nix340d ago

343, welcome to last gen where PS3 suffered the same accusations it's entire life.

JasonKCK340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Name more 2 or 3 Xbox fanboys who go into PS news. Now, let's compare...

Aenea340d ago


Moldy, 343, obscure, kionic....

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MegamanXXX341d ago

Do you really think anyone cares what you hate 😂😅

Bobafret341d ago

It has been this way long before the Xbox One. They will have you believe it is some retribution for a little percieved flack from the Ps3 launch. Sony zealots have been around since the beginning.

jmetalhead77812341d ago


Just pity them. You have to have a miserable pathetic life if you have this much time to hate on something so trivial as a video game console. It's the same people over and over...

OT: I need to see more on this game. The E3 showing was sort of anti climatic. Still have high hopes for it though...

341d ago
yomfweeee340d ago

Maybe if Microsoft produced something worthwhile once in a while.

Liqu1d340d ago

Leave then, you won't be missed.

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MegamanXXX341d ago

Power of the cloud = 🐎💩

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