Star Wars Battlefront II Will Be The Best Star Wars Game Ever

We at Xbox Culture think the new Star Wars Battlefront II game will be the best Star Wars game ever! Now, those who disagree with the statement above believe that Knights of the Old Republic or Jedi Knight Academy should receive and keep the title for "Best Star Wars Game Ever", but with multiple studios working on new Star Wars games such as Visceral Games and Respawn Entertainment; that title is going to be fought over in the near future.

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Becuzisaid273d ago

It won't even be the best Battlefront game.

toddybad273d ago

It's like people never learn anything from the constant overhyping of games abd subsequent player disappointment.

bigmalky273d ago (Edited 273d ago )

Shadows of the Empire, Rogue Squadron II, Super Empire Strikes Back, KotOR and Star Wars Galaxies all wave hello...