Killer Instinct Announced for Steam; Perks Coming for Definitive Edition Owners

Today, during the CEO 2017 livestream, CEO Founder Alex Jebailey made an announcement on behalf of the Killer Instinct development team.

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TheColbertinator336d ago

Killer Instinct on Steam is a welcome addition. MS should continue to bring more games to Steam as they did with Quantum Break.

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XtraTrstrL336d ago

PLEASE let them do this for Gears Of War 4 now, and Gears:UE.

TekoIie336d ago

Why not just buy them now on the Win10 store?

GameBoyColor336d ago

Cuz it's still pretty bad with a small pool of actual players.

TekoIie336d ago (Edited 336d ago )


Pretty sure gears 4 is cross play.

Not sure on UE.

XtraTrstrL335d ago

It is crossplay for most PvP modes, and now has a toggle for ranked so X1 players can opt-in/out. I rather not be reported by hostile X1 players in other modes that don't have the crossplay toggle though, because they're mad at TC for forcing them to play with us PC players. It'd also be more fun to be on an even playing field across the board, since it is a shooter. I use gamepad regardless, but it'd be alot more fun with a bigger PC playerbase.

Also, UWP is just atrocious and causes all sorts of issues, ontop of Shadowplay not working out-the-box and having to turn Desktop Mode on/off each time I play. Saving snapshots don't work at all with Shadowplay since you have to tab out to use the shortcut keys to save vid/pics when in the forced Desktop Mode. UWP is trash, it'd be way better on Steam, and I wouldn't be surprised if there was even atleast a small performance boost.

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ILostMyMind336d ago

Since MS is so Pro-Gamers they could bring this game to PS4. It'd sell a lot, you know..

Cmv38336d ago

I think its a f2p, right? So it doesn't sell, but profits off micros. I could be completely wrong.

ILostMyMind336d ago

You have to pay for the characters.

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