E3 Preview: Days Gone - This Ain't Your Run O' The Mill Zombie Game | Hey Poor Player

Zombies have been one of the industry's most overplayed tropes for what seems like ages, but Days Gone makes the undead apocalypse feel fresh again.

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Nyxus340d ago

This game looks great.

CP_Company340d ago

" the undead apocalypse " "Zombies have been one of the industry's most overplayed tropes"--this game is not about zombies,and those human are not zombies,also they are not dead :/ anyways...

game looks great,very promising.i hope so,they are going to this year gamescom and show a little bit more :)

Father__Merrin340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

this game looks great. better than what you get on steam uplay origin. also you wont get anything like this on indiegala/humblebundle/bundles tars