Take-Two Shuts Down Paid GTA Online Cheating Tool, Forces Creators To Donate To Charity

Days after Take-Two Interactive shut down a popular GTA V modding tool, another modding service has come into the publisher’s crosshairs. Force Hax, a GTA Online PC modding menu that charged users money for its cheating and harassment services, has not only been taken down, Take-Two asked the developers to apologize in an unusual way.

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crazychris4124280d ago

This was a hacking mod, not Open IV. Withdraw your C&D you greedy bastards.

DarkZane279d ago

They will likely get to keep most of their money. Anyone smart enough to make this kind of tool and to make money out of it is definitely smart enough to hide most of it.

XbladeTeddy279d ago

How? They will have digital paper-trails everywhere. No-one would have paid cash in person.

Cobra951279d ago

Ever heard of bitcoin? I don't know if that's how this outfit worked, but cryptocurrency definitely does the trick.

StuffAndThings279d ago

I hope Take Two is happy with this now damaging & ruining Grand Theft Auto 5 good luck fixing this one Take Two

StuffAndThings279d ago

The only way to hurt Take Two is by making the next game a flop

Krysis279d ago (Edited 279d ago )

Negative reviews, take two is rolling in money from gta. They do not care