Nintendo: Metroid is ‘an important franchise for us’

Nintendo’s announcement of Metroid Prime 4 — with just a title screen during its E3 2017 Spotlight presentation — was at first exhilarating for fans of the first-person version of the franchise. That was until they saw how little information about the game was available.

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-Foxtrot370d ago

Yet it took them how long to make Metroid 4...even now it's only a logo on a screen. If it was so important it would have been a launch title at least or at the end of this year.

FallenAngel1984370d ago

Nintendo already made Metroid 4 in 2002, it's called Metroid Fusion

-Foxtrot370d ago

Still...2002. Owch

15 years later...

porkChop370d ago

The studio responsible for Metroid Prime were also busy with Donkey Kong though.

Prubar370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

Of course the first comment is negative. Man I was stoked with just the logo in knowing that a new metroid is in the works. I personally thought they might not make a new one since Prime wasn't a big seller.

MrBrofist369d ago

So? They are doing it now.
So sick of hearing people bitching and moaning about not getting Metroid. You're getting two goddamn games ffs!

Samus doesn't quite pay the bills over at the big N like many would suggest. Some people just like to complain even after getting what they wanted .

If you're a Metroid fan you should be happy they aren't letting it die.

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SCW1982370d ago

I bet it is, that's why federation force was released under the Metroid Prime label right Nintendo?

PhoenixUp370d ago

Still doesn't excuse that Federation Force crap.

SR388370d ago

Metroid Prime 3 Corruption came out in 2007 and Metroid Other M in 2010 ... It will be 7 years not 15 and yes 10 coz MOM didn't feel fully like a Metroid game ... Samus Returns is out this year

TheOttomatic91369d ago

Correction: "Metroid Prime is an important series to us because we know the fans will pay for it."

MrBrofist369d ago

Just like any other franchise in existence. What's your point?