Prepare To Be Disappointed By Whatever Atari's New Console Turns Out To Be

The market is full. There’s really no other way to say it. Anyone short of Apple, Google or Amazon themselves pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into a huge new console launch is bound to end up dashed on the rocks.

Debuting a new console in the current, already crowded market is pretty much impossible, which is why you have not seen even other tech giants enter the market. If Nintendo decided to pack it up and become a software company only, or Microsoft decided to fold the Xbox brand, sure, maybe there would be an opening. But neither of those things are close to happening, and a fourth major player in this space would arrive and promptly walk straight off a cliff.

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letsa_go277d ago

They weren't satisfied with destroying the video game industry in the 80's...they want to give it another try!

Lon3wolf277d ago

They only ended up destroying their selves, might be interesting to see what they bring 30 years later.

uth11277d ago

They also pretty much created this industry in the first place

letsa_go276d ago

No they didn't. You are forgetting about intellivision, colecovision, odyssey, vectrex, msx, etc.

uth11276d ago

Atari predated all those, except for maybe the original odyssey.

DarkThoughts79276d ago

If Atari hadn't done it, someone else surely would have. There were other home gaming systems out before the first Atari was even available.

uth11275d ago

That may be, but the crash also would have happened without Atari's involvement too

It was caused by too much investment in too short a time and changing consumer interest.

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ruefrak277d ago

Sadly, I read Forbes articles more than I should, so I'm highly skilled at being disappointed. When was the last good gaming article from that site?

Leeroyw277d ago

Agreed. Click bait at best.
Attempts to destroy any good will at a new gaming system at worst.

VideoGameLab277d ago (Edited 277d ago )

Thats what they said when SONY entered the market "blah blah SEGA and NINTENDO blah blah"

FallenAngel1984277d ago

Except Atari already has an established troubled pedigree in the hardware industry

VideoGameLab277d ago

Atari has a huge following of older gamers. If they come in, have the right games and give old IPs a new chance? I think they can get big into the market. They just have to sell the console at a good price.

FallenAngel1984277d ago

Not that huge, especially one big enough to sustain competent competition against the established big three.

Atari doesn't even have a lot of strong IPs that can hold a candle to ones from Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo.

There is no chance for them to be big in the market. Even longtime veteran Nintendo found it extremely difficult to compete against PlayStation and Xbox at times. Atari doesn't have the outside thinking or brand loyalty that Nintendo has to get them through the tough times, and they definitely don't have the money. There's no chance for Atari to return, especially when they failed to return in a significant way in the 90s.

letsa_go276d ago

@VideoGameLab Oh yeah, because that worked so well for the Jaguar and Lynx. Their only good games are from the arcades in the late 80's.

GrimDragon277d ago

Oh please Atari has as good a shot as anyone. Especially if they are less stringent on what they will allow on the system.

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