Metal Gear Survive Hands On at E3 – better than expected | Metal Gear Informer

Metal Gear Informer was invited by Konami to try out Metal Gear Survive at E3 2017. Carlos Fregoso (aka crimsonfox) played the game for about 20 minutes and walked away more pleasantly surprised than he expected.

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Derceto310d ago

This looks more like "Metal Gear Take It Out Back and Put It Down Already".

Nyxus310d ago

Well it depends on how you look at it. They shouldn't try to make this into anything more than it is, a silly spin-off that expands upon MGSV's gameplay and adds co-op and a survival element.

GamesMaster1982310d ago (Edited 310d ago )

Looks decent to me. I will defo be buying it as the gameplay from Metal Gear V was Awesome and this should have that same gameplay with new added features. Also as there is a story mode getting added its a must buy for me .