EA Sports Takes Advantage of Retired NFL Players, Madden Asked to Defend Them

Ripten writes:

"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Behind the scenes wheeling and dealing can generate tasty bargains, but sometimes those bargains come with a nasty aftertaste.

In this case, it appears that EA and the NFLPA along with Players Inc. struck a deal for retired NFL player rights that was significantly below fair market value. A class action lawsuit was filed by the players in question against Players Inc, but the fun didn't stop there. In a letter crafted by 51 year old former Buffalo Bills safety, Jeff Nixon, Madden was asked to come to the aid of his fellow Hall of Famers.

Jeff's "Dear John" letter to the former Raider's Head Coach is laced with incriminating quotes, the most shocking being that EA's total cost to produce Madden each year is apparently no more than $200,000!!"

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Zahaladeen3730d ago Madden has always been considered a puppy-mill franchise that lost its lustre ages ago.

It makes me smile to consider the gridiron roughnecks that get pulled into the video game biz and get a butchers look at what it takes to make a proper game. Did it cost $200,000? Maybe, maybe not. But it would seem that regardless this chap walked away from the deal with a sour taste in his mouth.

Nostradavis3730d ago

That has to be a misquote...$200,000 seems like pocket change, even to make a game like madden.

rbluetank3730d ago (Edited 3730d ago )

i still like 2k8 allprofootball. i hope they can get the big named retired players for the sequel,when ever it comes out if it comes out. 2k8 needs some fixing but what there is pretty good.. The retired players should be treated with more respect then what EA is showing current players. Please take notes current players you will be in the same bed soon.. A lot of former players are getting their homes taken away,tax evasion charges,fraud charges,murder charges and drug charges.. it really in going down hill for them. they need all the extra money they can get to keep themselves stable as they live their retired lives... this is one of the reason i supported 2k8. i have read alot of retired player did not like Gene Upshaw for his stance on the current retirement package for former player. god bless you where you are Gene Upshaw. the HBO special on retired players really show how in need some of these former player are in after retirement. The NFL is looking left and not right at them as they did when they were playing their "A$$ off!!" in the past.

bluecapone3730d ago

EA did nothing wrong so i dont wanna see some idiot tryning to bash that great publisher

Nostradavis3730d ago

I don't think that is the case. The NFLPA and EA both knew what they were doing. The beef with the players though should be more with the NFLPA and Players Inc. That is who they have the lawsuit out against.

Nostradavis3730d ago

Who is the real villain here? I mean, 400k a year is not a bad salary. At what point is this considered greedy?