The Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Was the Xbox One X reactive? It certainly feels as though it has been designed and made in direct response to all the criticism and feedback that Microsoft got with the original Xbox One- from its design to its power, to even its relatively simpler name, everything about the console appears to be specifically designed to counter a criticism that the original system got.

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-Foxtrot159d ago

I think we all know that's a lie. I highly doubt fans wanted a full on new console when the majority of them just bought the last one...they wanted new experiences to play with on the original Xbox One, not a brand new console

That kind of stuff is what you fix with the next gen. Take in feedback and make the next console what fans and developers want.

TheCommentator159d ago

Imagine that. The first comment is by a Sony troll, again. MS started working on 1X when they were finishing up the XB1 development and it's not a full on new coonsole (How can it be that if you guys claim it's not much better than Pro? Flip. Flop.). Fyi, Fox, they will have new experiences to play on XB1 as well.

CD3, SOT, SOD2, FM7, Ori, and more this year, plus the work MS put into securing big names like Metro and Black Desert as timed exclusives for the year. At the least, 343, The Coalition, Playground (2 games?), and a few unknowns next year. 2-3 years out, Phil mentioned a bunch of stuff is coming. And all this after Phil mentioned they are turning their focus towards making games.

What do you know! MS made good on their promises for 1X and now they're making good on the games. Almost as expected at this point as counting on people like you ti ruin Xbox threads with your ignorant lies. 😁

LordoftheCritics159d ago

Its a thing on this site.

I want the 1X but some people like @-Foxtrot just have an opinion already made up for you.

Inzo159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Oh the irony, while calling Fox a troll you immediately start to troll his post. Hypocrisy thy name is the Commentator.

TheCommentator159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Inzo, he's in an Xbox article spreading misinformation. I would gladly discuss the issue like an adult if children like Fox didn't hijack every Xbox thread and turn it into a 💩 show with their lies.

I pointed out facts to counter the ignorance that Sony fanboys have when dealing with Xbox related news. Notice that Fox changed the subject to games when the fans DID want the power of the XB1X (nearly half the buzz of E3 was MS this year)? Notice that MS is ALSO bringing games? This is not hard to find info, but he doesn't care to look at any of it. He just starts 💩.

Don't want me to act like a fanboy? Get these POS Sony fans out of the Xbox threads with their hate and lies.

MS gave fans more power and is also giving more games, both of which they wanted.✌

tyasia0159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I have seen a lot more requests for more games than I have seen for mid gen consoles....

And his claim that more power wasn't a response to Sony is just ridiculous, all he does is compare the two. If the Xbox had been the more powerful console from the start and then they made a more powerful console I would believe it.

The truth is Microsoft thought they were losing this generation because Sony had a more powerful console overlooking the horrible launch (backlash from Kinect and always online) and the fact that PS4 was not only more powerful but also cheaper and the better value. So Microsoft focused on making a new console instead of making games and so now they are losing because PS4 is still the better value because it's still cheaper and has a much better gaming line-up.

Microsoft has been 2 steps behind Sony all generation.

trooper_159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

You call him a troll, yet you do the biggest trolling on this site.
What he mentioned isn't wrong to begin with.

Kryptix159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

"I pointed out facts"


"the work MS put into securing big names like Metro and Black Desert as timed exclusives for the year"

There's no word just yet that Metro Exodus is timed. Game comes out on all platforms in 2018.

"In a follow-up interview with Geoff Keighley, which is embedded above for you, 4A has made it clear that it doesn’t believe in exclusivity and will not be releasing any content or features specifically for one platform, and that includes the newly announced Xbox One X." - http://www.playstationlifes...

Ouch... Time to make a new account?

And Black Desert is already on PC, has been since 2014. I got it on Steam recently.

Calling other people ignorant when you don't even have your so called "facts" right.
Move it along fanboy.

trumpwonstopcrying159d ago

I don't think most fans wanted a $500 upgrade

159d ago
bouzebbal159d ago

So the fans wanted 4k and not games?

Critic4l_Strik3159d ago

You are one of those fans blinded by everything Phil says right? Timed exclusives (which still are mutliplatform), CD3, from what people experienced at E3, it wasnt that impressive. FM7 one of the three go-to franchises Xbox have. SOT, yeah I'll give you that one, looks fun. "Unknown games" 2-3 years out. So you are basically relying on unknown/unannounced games as something that is coming because Phil said so?

Dude plz. Not trying to bash but, it looks like you really dont pay attention at the current state of whats happening

nix159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Phil could be right. They're probably listening to rabid fanboys who keeps shouting BEAST. Look at them, they're all gleaming with happiness.

timotim159d ago

I find it hilarious! The hate is so strong with some of them its unreal.

Clearly Donny was the head of Xbox when the One came out. Since he is no longer there and they have a new HNIC, clearly that person will look to create there own stamp. Clearly X1 was underpowered and clearly Spence has said to him Xbox has always been about power, thus X. None of this has anything to due with PS but clearly fanboys will do what they do best...

Eonjay159d ago

So you are saying they wanted another console. That's what fans wanted? If so he is doing the right thing but they only wanted something more powerful than a PlayStation and that is exactly what they will pay for. As a PS4 owner, the last thing I want is to spend more money on a new console... didn't even get the Pro.

omegaheat159d ago

You said it better than me.

Sunny_D159d ago

"CD3, SOT, SOD2, FM7, Ori, and more this year,"

Crackdown 3 took 4 years to come out and it's downgraded. State of Decay 2 comes out next year. Sea of Thieves comes out next year. Forza coming out is expected. Not great at all. Ori is an indie title which I thought Xbox gamers hate?

Talk about misinformation.

morganfell159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

" The first comment is by a Sony troll, again."

Good thing that never ever happens in a Sony thread where an Xbox fan jumps in first.

People in glass houses...

"Look at them, they're all gleaming with happiness."

They were...past tense. The reveal wasn't what they hoped. If you think it is bad now, just watch what happens when independent reviewers have a go. No console ever launched to fanfare and the opinion of reviewers went up after an unsupervised hands on. It is in those incidents where all the warts appear. What you have now, this moment to go "beast" is as good as it gets. Without games, exclusive games, the bragging is all down hill from now on.

JackStraw159d ago Show
nX159d ago

Phil Spencer is one of the most stupid suits I've ever seen in this industry, everything he says sounds like a lie or an excuse. How someone like him has been appointed to represent a whole division is a mystery to me, even a part-time student would be a better PR person.

Skull521159d ago

Microsoft does the best job of listening to fan feedback and giving us we want, thanks Microsoft!

threefootwang159d ago

@ TheCommentator

Unfortunately your post has too much common sense in it for arrogant, trolling Sony fans to comprehend.

These same people are so blinded by Sony that they justify anything they do, including all the blatantly obvious anti consumer things they've recently been pulling.

butchertroll159d ago


Quote :

"plus the work MS put into securing big names like Metro and Black Desert as timed exclusives for the year..."

"this point as counting on people like you ti ruin Xbox threads with your ignorant lies...."

Lies? But your statement about Metro exclusivity isn't a lie?

oasdada159d ago

I thought u guys didnt want more power as evident by u guys defending the inferior xbox1 against ps4? now suddenly uve been craving it? Hypocrite much?

JasonKCK159d ago

Inzo, you actually going to deny what he and others are doing?

They literally sit in the Xbox pending section and refresh. Name another fanbase on this site that does that.

RosweeSon159d ago

It's not a full on new console... it's not far off they wanna try and erase the launch of Xb1 and start again. Forget Kinect forget resolution gate and it's now got however many teraflops, 6 I googled it haha, compared to original Xbox 1 it's what 4 times as many flops what they gonna do next gen just double the flops. It's like the 8 bit. Now it's 16 bit, 32 you catch the drift, now they just double the flops instead of the bits 🙄✌🏻

freshslicepizza159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Phil said in the interview they kind of got away from power, he thinks power is part of the Xbox brand but the Xbox 360 wasn't more powerful than the PS3 in most ways. The original Xbox was so maybe that is what hes referring to. Regardless, what many fans want is more commitment to in house development. They now have the power back, they have the online still, so the key is more development within.

The context in the interview was this, is was about being more powerful than the competition but the Xbox One X was NOT about Sony coming out with the Pro and reacting to it. The Xbox One X was in development since 2014.

Tallpine159d ago

Haha an adult conversation but uses poop emojis.

Death159d ago

I'm pretty sure this is the last place the goal posts can be moved to. It's nice to see power, performance, resolution, Blu-ray playback, free online, "true HD", backwards compatibility and paywalls are a thing of the past and no longer relevant. Now it's all about the amount of exclusives the vast majority of gamers don't buy that is most important. The reality is the average PS4 owner has bought 7.5 games of the available 1500+ games to choose from. Your last stand on what makes your console of choice best is pretty much irrelevant.

The best is subjective and based on different reasons for everyone. The most important thing is you are happy with the games you buy, the features and the benefits. Way too much time spent trying to convince others why their opinion is wrong and their choice is bad.

Angeljuice159d ago

We can both agree that the fans didn't want an upgraded "Pro" Jaguar CPU. If you check they all wanted it based on Ryzen and said it would be.

It's easy to meet the demands of people with​ short term memory loss, they can't remember what they asked for.

Markusb33159d ago

The games are coming? Heard that before. We don't like timed deals then signs 3 up? Dome people just like having their pants down. Wait till next e3. Cd3 30 fps so fans wanted 4k over a stable performance. Interesting idea. Uncompromised.

Psychonaut85159d ago

Where exactly are people gettin this idea that Metro is a timed exclusive. All it's said before the trailer during the conference is that it was the world premiere meaning only that it was the reveal. Then the developer said they didn't believe in exclusives. Also that the demo wasn't running on an actual Xbox One X but on a PC of "comparable" specs. Every bit of info I'm finding says it releases on Xbox, PlayStation and PC in 2018. I'd love to see any kind of link saying it's exclusive in any sense to Microsoft because I certainly can't find it.

Realms158d ago

@all fanboys

The problem with being a fanboy is that you can't see some else's perspective, I'm a Sony fan always have been notice I said fan not fanboy. MS has done nothing to entice me to buy into what they are doing with their brand and that's the problem. I guarantee you that more gamers would be more excited to see MS developing awesome new Ip's instead of giving them this perceived powerful console because no matter how powerful console's are PC will always be a head. Numbers don't lie and I can safely say that there are more gamers like me that are waiting to see what MS does with this powerful new console instead of blindly buying into what MS say's because we all know how much PR BS they try to sell.

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Imalwaysright159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Are you going to pretend that the constant talk about resolution and power didn't happen throughout this generation?

-Foxtrot159d ago did

My point is you take that into consideration when making a next gen console

Same for both the pro and this

Imalwaysright159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

So he isn't lying. People wanted the X1 to be more powerful and they delivered a more powerful X1.

Also would PS4 and X1 owners be happy if Sony and MS released their next gen successors after just 4 years on the market and cutting support for their current gen consoles? I don't think so. X1S and Pro are just options for those that want better performance/graphics.

AspiringProGenji159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

The media did influence all that talk and Xbone mockery for 720p res and shit, but people didn't start asking for a new console knowing this gen still had a long way to go. No one expected any company to do mid gen upgrades. We did expect MS to raise in a similar way Sony did with the PS3, but that never happened and it wont. MS lacks 1st party developers

So Sony has been dominating since Year one and MS hasn't been able to even come close. It makes sense why they came up with this. To say this is for the fans is and not to have the power advantge over Sony is a lie. No wonder they went all with the specs, and they aren't even gaining any money from it-- selling it a a loss

Stop pretending, Phil!

Imalwaysright159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

"The media did influence all that talk and Xbone mockery for 720p res and shit"

And people ate it up. You know, the people that buy these things so I have to ask how is Phil lying?

AspiringProGenji159d ago

He is lying when he pretend he is not competing with Sony and saying this is for the fans. He said in 2014 he is this to win, then later he is not. Not the first time this guy has flip floped because he can't get close to Sony's dominance

Imalwaysright159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

He is not lying. Power has been one of the main topics throughout this generation. Even Sony that had the most powerful console on the market felt the need to release a more powerful console so why is MS any different? I'm
not going to deny that having a more powerful console is an added marketing bonus vs their competition but I'm not going to pretend that the market didn't ask for more powerful consoles. It did and you just had to read the comments around the internet in the past 4 years to realise that.

meka2611154d ago

Dude anyone saying the xbox 1x is in response to the pro is dumb. Yea a more powerful console they made it in like a year after sony announced the pro, are you serious? Both companies were working on them for awhile, because all people have been talking about his generation is how underpowered the machines are. People bitching about resolutions and framerates constantly and always articles comparing graphics on consoles. I got both systems, proly will get a switch soon, but the sony fans on this site are just insane, and anyone who thinks there are as many xbox fanboys as sony on this site is delusional.

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RommyReigns159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Flip Flop Phil at it again!

Or should that be Teflon Phil, because he's unable to stick to his word!

AspiringProGenji159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Phil "I did not say that" Spencer

Phil "shit! people didn't fall for my PR.
Let me "clarify" what I said" Spencer

Phil "I flip flop and they still believe me" Spencer

Phil "I'm in this to win. Ha Not really! I don't care anymore" Spencer

badz149159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I don't think he is telling a lie here. I think he knows that what he says here is the truth. no one in their right mind would think that the XboneX is going help them gain any market share from the PS4. the gap will only get bigger with or without this XboneX. this gen is already done and dusted

Zeref159d ago

PS4 Fanboy telling Xbox Fans what they want lmao.

-Foxtrot159d ago

Considering I criticise anything regardless of platform and people even tell me that in replies...I don't know why you or anyone would call me a fanboy.


GrubsterBeater159d ago


"Considering I criticise anything regardless of platform and people even tell me that in replies...I don't know why you or anyone would call me a fanboy."

It's because you are questioning XBox and saying something that isn't positive in the eyes of a XBox fanboy. If you don't not and say thank you to Xbox then you are being a fanboy. Hence the attacks and fanboy name calling.

Phil could show Xbox fans a potato, call it a gaming console, and they would yell about how much of a "beast" that potato is and how Sony's console only has undies that don't count. As long as Phil keeps saying the potato is the best, then the Xbox fans will nod and agree. They will also pay any amount of money for it and gladly pay for microtransactions in the form of butter, salt, and pepper over and over again.

XanderZane159d ago

It's like that all day on this site. Meantime at the E3, everyone was going crazy over the XBox One X and what it could do. lol!! I think it will sell fine. The lower price console will obviously still sell more.

meka2611154d ago

Dude foxtrot you are the biggest sony fanboy, no idea why you think you are neutral, you always have something negative about the xbox and when someone brings up legitimate critism about sony you bash them.

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Xb1ps4159d ago

Coming from the pixel counter, I remember you... omg gddr5! PS4 is soooo much more powerful! Look I counted a total of 1000 more pixels!

And now it's all a lie..

-Foxtrot159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Are you trying to say I said that? I mean I didn't but you knew that, if I said you'd have linked things straight away.

Sunny_D159d ago

I thought Xbox gamers thought Resolution doesn't matter, it's all about the FRAMERATE!!!! Yet, most games on XOX is 30fps. Hmmmmm, so much power... LMAO.

omegaheat159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

I'm really begging you right now to tell me what was Sony's reasoning for releasing the PS4 Pro. I know you won't be able to without contradicting yourself, but I'd find your answer very interesting. Did Sony fans ask for the Pro? Nope, Sony just skipped the announcement of the Pro E3 2016 after catching wind that Microsoft also had an upgrade and threw it on shelves with a design that resembles an extra order of pancake. By the way, as the obviously biased PS fan that you are, how can you speak for the rest of us in regards to whether Xbox fans asked for the Xbox One X? Did you do a survey? No, you didn't. In fact Microsoft has been more clear about what the Xbox One X is compared to Sony's explanation of the PS4 Pro. Microsoft put in a much better effort with the iterative console concept.

-Foxtrot159d ago

If you've seen my comments in the past you'll know I don't care or even agree with the PS Pro. I said back then I don't care for the Scorpio and Xbox die hard fans blasted me for it saying it would be a "different thing" compared to the Pro...despite that my point still stood until today, I don't agree or care for mid gen consoles in general.

So don't do the typical "I'll bring Sony into this and flip flop the convo, turning it into something else" routine...

Sunny_D159d ago

Why did Sony have 3D features enabled on their first party games back on PS3? Did fans ask for it? No, it was a feature to respond to the market of 3D tvs entering the market. 4k tv's are entering the market more and more, so OF COURSE Sony are trying to cash in on 4K capabilities. MS only seems to care about POWER with their HIGHEST QUALITY PIXELS. Lmao

Ghost_of_Tsushima159d ago

“The Xbox One X Was A Response To What Fans Want, Not To The Competition, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer”

Tell me Phil, who ask for a $500 console with no exclusives?

darthv72159d ago

Lets see... $500 weaker spec console vs a $100 cheaper more powerful one or now a $500 higher spec console vs a $100 cheaper weaker one.

I choose neither right now as the base units provide me with the very basic feature i am looking for. FUN!

thisismyaccount159d ago

He said around 2014 that he was not a fan of a Xbone 1.5 (which the XBX kinda is), the next Xbox should bring a substantial leap (which the XBX kinda is) ... so im not sure now where the XBX will fit in his/this picture of xböx. Is it a new gen or not Phil? because somehow it fits in both categories and you seem not to know either how to address this dilemma yourself...

ionzymbo159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

did you forget already all the complaints about xbone not playing games at 1080p native as opposed to ps4. That sony advantage was a huge thing back then for gamers. Now its the other way around and everyone's like "nah we dont want that anymore"

RosweeSon159d ago

He must have been reading old outdated "resolution gate" comments back when they were struggling to match ps4 with 900/1080
Now everyone is asking for games they deliver the second new console in a year. Hey ho best of luck with that Microsoft they'll struggle to get half as many sales as last generation ... 40 million at a push and massively discounted. PS4/pros go £200/300 before chrimbo. They gonna be clearing 70 million it's not all about sales sure but if you want the games on your platform it sure is, that's why PS4 is getting them now and will continue to do so even with less power due to people/user power... 360 had a great start even with ol RROD still sold millions and even tho PS3 was technically superior 360 smashed it at the start was getting all the exclusvies dev's wanted to make games for 360 over PS4 look at GTA4 sure they paid for the DLC but pretty certain 360 was leas console for GTA4... fast forward a few years and many million of sales GTA5 lead console is now PS3?... took a while to get to that power but as with all Sony consoles they got legs ps2 God of war 1/2... PS3 gran turismo 6... on base models 🤔✌🏻

Shadowlee159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Go into the xbox forums and see yourself

Phil has guven literally ALL! Top requested features including ones I didnt think was possible or happening. I trashed xbox gamers asking for bc and to release a more powerful this early and I happily ended up eating crow (it tasted good AF lol) when 360 bc was annouced my jaw dropped do to all the bs i said and was proven wrong (thankfully) rather it was do to fan request (like bc, new ui, internal power brick, etc) or competition, it was a high request none the less.


As a known ps fanboy why are you in more xbox articles than ps? I dont get it

Sharky231159d ago

I really like Phil but lately he's talking out of both sides of his arse!!

Godmars290159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Not when considering that the XB1 was, as a response to shareholders, built around and limited by Kinect in order to create a number of passive - no effort - revenue streams based on user meta data collections. Not to mention the always online strategy which also would have taken Gamestop's slice of Xbox used game sales.

The XBX is correcting for mistakes made with XB1 is what I'm saying. That it builds upon the PS4's a couple of years after the release of that system is just a bonus.

donthate159d ago

MS surpassed Sony in hardware design, and Phil Spencer returned Xbox to glory. I expect a lot of salt going forward. I find you can't win join em. Join Xbox, because there is no power greater than X!

XanderZane159d ago

So why did Sony make the PS4 Pro? lol!! The PS4 was already the most powerful console on the market and it was selling like hotcakes. There was really no need for an upgraded PS4. It's obviously the XBox One X is a reaction to all the negativity about the OG XBox One being weak and not being able to do all games in 1080P and having lower fps in some of the games (even though the PS4 couldn't do all games in 1080P either). So Microsoft decided to fix that problem by creating the most powerful game console every made.

Godmars290159d ago

"So why did Sony make the PS4 Pro?"

Supposedly for VR, when it can run on normal PS4s, as well as to better run high demand graphical engines.

Apparently though Sony built the PS4 better than the XB1, they still didn't have a good enough handle on what to expect from 1080 games.

bolimekurac159d ago

so whats the pro for?? i never thought i would see the day where gamers turned into people like foxtrot and some others on this and other sites, pathetic.

Godmars290159d ago

To compensate for the XB1, which was servery limited because of Kinect as well as a general underestimation for hardware demands.

Brohan158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Right because the people have been asking for a high end console forever now. You guys are idiots to think that no one has been asking for this, for once consoles can honestly be more powerful than most of your computers out their without paying a hefty price for a custom rig.

158d ago
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dumahim159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Fans want a more powerful Xbox One? OK, we can do that.
Fans want more games? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Let's be realistic here. What do they think we are? A software company?

solideagle159d ago

lol software company joke is funny :D