Sony: We Believe in Europe, And Won't Let Anyone Take PS4's Territory

Push Square: "It sometimes gets lost in the predominantly United States-based gaming media just how dominant Sony is in Europe. For example, when the Xbox 360 was at its peak, the Japanese giant was actually clipping at its heels with the PlayStation 3, and that was partly led by the performance of the platform across Continental Europe."

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Sony knows they don't have anything to worry about. 19 "console launch exclusives" running at 4K won't be enough to topple the PS4, not with AAA, First Party, heavy hitters like GT Sport, God of War 4, Spider-man, and Days Gone right around the corner.

fiveby9156d ago

I don't disagree that Sony has nothing to 'worry' about. However, nobody wants Sony to feel over confident either. Sony will hopefully keep executing their plan of fostering great game development for the PS4 and beyond. I think Sony will continue to fair just fine against MS, especially since their customer base seems to be less pigeon holed to one geographical region.

Eonjay156d ago

Interesting note: Gaming is global... the PS4 is number one console because it leads the two biggest gaming regions - Europe and Asia. This is ultimately the reason why it can't be beaten. It's why PS3 beat the 360. So in reality, the gaming media focuses on us but will never be able to talk about competition until we talk about Europe and Asia.

Why don't we?

AizenSosuke157d ago

Great to hear their confidence is strong.

donthate157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

lol. Confidence is what got Sony during PS3 and now they are at it again. Seems like Sony only has short term memory.

DaGreatOne157d ago

“We’ve been in Europe for a long, long time now and we take Europe very seriously, whether it’s localisation, local presence, all of these things,” Ryan said in an interview withGame Reactor, when discussing the success of the PS4. “We believe in Europe profoundly, and we won’t let anyone readily encroach on our space.”

Sounds like they not just playing around to me.

Nyxus156d ago

You mean the PS3 that managed to outsell the Xbox 360 despite being out a year later, being 200 dollars more expensive and having a lot of negative buzz?

_-EDMIX-_156d ago

So you're telling me the key to success is to be not confident at all in the product you sell?

I mean that's what Microsoft is doing right now they're not even confident enough about Xbox to even create games exclusive for it.

JackBNimble156d ago

Do you really believe even half of the shit you say or do you say stupid shit just to get people all riled up?

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FallenAngel1984157d ago

PS3 quickly outsold 360 in Europe and eventually outsold Wii in the same region.

The PlayStation brand helped grow Europe into a major consumer base and pretty much owns that continent.

lelo2play157d ago

Europeans are masochists. Sony treats us like crap and we apparently love them for that.

sizeofyou157d ago

Other markets have complained.
Other companies customers have complained. They're all as bad as one another at different times. And complaints are fully justified at times too.

There are bad and good decisions taken everywhere.

I'm far from perfect, suspect that, if you're honest, you're far from perfect.

DragonDDark156d ago

Sony is the only Console maker that cares about Europe. Xbox has tons of features missing.

CP_Company157d ago

they need to come to Gamescom!!! just show up,show some games,show Fifa 18 and other games,keep people happy.

WickedLester157d ago

They do go to Gamescom. They just don't do a press conference.

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