Who Won E3 2017? Microsoft's Lack of Exclusives Hurt While Sony Plays It Safe

COGconnected: Who had the best conference of E3 2017? With 6 conferences from some of the industry's biggest developers, we grade each one to find out.

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MegamanXXX276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

What's hilarious is that Microsoft tried to make it sound like they had AAA exclusives with the term *Xbox one console launch exclusive* and Sony did play it safe for some reason maybe because of PSX 17.

CP_Company276d ago

they showed a lot of game before and after the show.who saw all the shows,are very happy with Sony.

nX276d ago

Sony still has Gamescom (for Detroit, Dreams and maybe a new Wipeout), TGS (for their Japanese studios) and PSX (for the real heavy hitters) so even if they played it safe at E3, this year is far from over yet.

PistolsAtDawn276d ago

Everything MS showed might as well be an Xbox exclusive...whether or not it technically is.

xHeavYx275d ago

An exclusive is an exclusive even if it's not an exclusive?

CoryHG275d ago

Seeing that blind faith here

paulomoreira276d ago

whats hilarious is saying that sony played safe. this fanboys really dont have brains ,so sony dont do their own thing is playing with microsoft ,and then they say xbox dont have nothing to show , so why they are playing safe then , this is just hilarious from the sonyfanboy part

nX276d ago

What's hillarious is that someone with your grammar managed to use the internet. Do you dance your name when you introduce yourself?

paulomoreira276d ago (Edited 276d ago )

my native language is not english but i know enough to know u must be one of the brainless around on the net , and yeah im not one who invents stupid names i use my own name so u can sing it

CoryHG275d ago

They played it safe with not showing off any surprises other than monster hunter, which ended up not being an exclusive. They showed beautiful gameplay for exclusive games. Microsoft had a segment dedicated to minecraft. Sony doesnt give a shit about a game that foesnt represent technical demographic. At one point ms said they had 22 exclusives. I saw one that mattered. Sony played it safe bc they didnt have to show anything bc ms dropped the ball. The big guns were there, but now they get to save it for the ps experience. U can thank ms for ruining the name of e3.

FallenAngel1984276d ago

At R3 Microsoft lacked exclusives while Nintendo lacked multiplats.

Sony on the other hand had...well everything.

Clown_Syndr0me276d ago

Didn't watch Nintendo.
Sony was okay, but no surprises at all or atleast none that I noticed or were interested in.
MS was decent, nice too see new console and showed 2 games I'm really looking forward too, Player Unknown and State of Decay 2. Apart from that no more major stand outs for me really.

Not the best year, but not as bad as last years.

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