Backwards Compatible Original Xbox Games Won’t Receive Achievements

Recently, Microsoft announced that Original Xbox games will be playable as backwards compatible titles later this year. They will look better, play better, but according to the corporate vice president of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, they won’t be receiving anything extra in the way of Achievements.

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Automatic79158d ago

Achievements started on Xbox 360, I completely understand.

moldybread158d ago

Good point, when Sony thought BC was a good idea way back when did PS1 games have Trophy support?

2pacalypsenow157d ago

Ps2 games have achievements

Septic157d ago

Lol some geniuses even referred to Spyro the Dragon when talking about achievements. A system wide achievement system was introduced by 360. I've seen some extreme fanboys struggle to even credit MS there. It's crazy.

TheUndertaker85157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

A lot of PS2 Classics namely on PS3 don't have achievements. GTA San Andreas didn't until they rereleased it later and upped the price. Trophies were also introduced with PS3 firmware 2.40 in 2008, not at launch resulting in early PS3 titles not including support.

GTA IV was one of the very first PS3 titles to gain trophy support. Many are also not retroactive.

Gamerscore was introduced by Microsoft for Xbox 360 in 2005.

Aenea157d ago

They could do the same thing as Sony does with their PS2 games and add them, then again Sony asks money for those, but still would be neat if MS did it too.

TheCommentator157d ago

No, they can't because Sony patented the technology to implement trophies/achievements into BC titles and MS can't work around the patents to do it a different way.

Razzer157d ago


Where are you getting that info from? Sounds like BS.

rainslacker157d ago


I'm sure MS could come up with their own solution, or simply license the patent from Sony. I'm sure Sony wouldn't mind the revenue.

But adding trophies requires money and resources on the part of the publisher, and I doubt many are going to go back and add achievements for old games without the incentive to make a profit. This would mean theyd have to sell the trophy pack, or rerelease the game the same way Sony is with their PS2 classics....which apparently is considered anti-consumer and a reason to hold back BC, not a way to enhance it.

KillBill157d ago

@TheCommentator - so Sony patented Achievement BC even though they don't have Achievements? I am kind of doubting the validity of this statement.

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XanderZane157d ago

Yeah, I don't know why anyone would think the OG XBox games would have achievements. They didn't have them even when they played on the XBox 360. Kind of a dumb question to ask if you think about it.

LAWSON72157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Not really all the PS2 games (albeit small list) added to PS4 have 1080p upscaling along with trophies.

So I would not call it crazy.

XanderZane157d ago

That's because Sony had developers waste money adding them and it was only because gamers would have to rebuy the games again to play them on the PS4. So developers who added the trophies got a % of the profits Sony got from the sales. With the OG XBox games, you can just put your existing game into the XB1S/XB1X and just play the game. You don't have to rebuy it if you already own it. Microsoft won't force developers to add achievement to games that never had them to begin with. Really a waste of money. So yeah, it's pretty crazy.

andrewsquall156d ago

@moldybread Also "when Sony thought BC was a good idea way back when" they natively allowed 99% plus of these BC games from launch of the current console. In other words, this gen's BC is NOT the same thing as Sony's PS1 BC at all lol, they should have added achievements then.

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0Day157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

If I recall correctly Sony was granted a patent for adding achievements to old games. Microsoft would have to prob pay royalties.

Ron_Danger157d ago

You're right right. I just posted a similar link above you cause I didn't see see you had it up.

Razzer157d ago

Doubt that has anything to do with it. I'm sure MS has patents for its 360 backward compatibility. That would not prevent Sony from BC though.

LAWSON72157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Trophies =/= Acheivements

They are a different reward system on different services, despite being similar trophies do not directly translate to achievements.

I doubt that very unspecific and small scope patent would prevent such a thing, instead of blaming Sony just accept MS did not see the point of adding them and posts here would agree.

rainslacker157d ago

MS could potentially come up with their own solution. So long as its not the same method that Sony uses they'd be safe from any legal recourse.

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LastCenturyRob157d ago

Could care less about participation trophies...just want to play some old classics!

LOCO209157d ago

What about micro transactions though?

bluefox755157d ago

If Phantom Dust is any indication, you can be sure they'll include those.

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