Phil Spencer: Xbox One X is not for everyone

Phil Spencer is back to talk about Xbox One X, the new 'premium console' of Microsoft, explaining that it is not a product for all types of player.

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Woolly_158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

X is for someone like me who cares and knows about all the details. The enthusiast who prioritizes the product over the price.

S is for your average joe that's simply satisfied that their games works. They're not looking to push for more.. they want to spend as little as possible. If FIFA works they're content.

That is the majority of the XO and PS4 fanbase. . during Christmas they will buy XOs and PS4s in bulk.

X and Pro is for a smaller audience...

so when you start complaining about price and whether it's worth the price... automatically you're not the target audience.. stick to your base console and imaginary PC.

Septic158d ago

This BEAST is for me for sure. I need to get a sick 4K TV to accompany the greatness. The downsampling will tide me over though during the transition.

More than res though, I wish we get options to prioritise frame rate instead in more games in the future.

Woolly_158d ago

the BEAST incarnate does a lot more than Res... you don't even have to rush to get a 4K panel... It's got System_wide Supersampling (downsampling). . No need to beg developers for the feature in a patch.

nX158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Isn't this BEAST talk getting old somehow? It's still a mid-range GPU that might never have the chance to shine due to Microsoft ignoring the real problem of the Xbox division, hyping a console reveal for 12 months and yet another Forza was the best thing they could come up with? The more you praise Microsoft for this ridiculuos support the lower are the chances they will ever change something... but I guess some people will never understand that.

Skull521157d ago

XBOX is for me as well. I've been holding off on a 4K TV until it launches though so I can get the best screen possible. I feel bad for the people who bought into 4K before HDR was included...

TFJWM157d ago

You work for a gaming site just buy a kick a$$ PC and 4k monitor and write it off...Then you will truly have a BEAST!!!!

Shadowlee157d ago

Im debating when to get mine. B4 after or at the same times as i get a 4k tv. I been eyeing the lg uh7700 love the design and i heard updates lowered the lag input of hdr mode.

MagicBeanz157d ago

This dudes pitch is like a page straight out of a Microsoft sales rep hand book. LOL! Rule 4.) Always remember to keep using the word "beast" until hopefully they start to believe it.

MegamanXXX157d ago


Let them think it's a Beast. I find it hilarious and entertaining 😁

Markusb33157d ago

Yeah gotta get that checkerboard 30fps uncompromised beast day 1.
No you enjoy, it's always cool buying new tech.

bluefox755157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@NX It is a bit cringey when they call it beast, lmao. If their idea of a beast is a mid-range GPU coupled with an obsolete CPU, then their standards are a bit low. It is amusing though, I chuckle everytime I see it. It's almost like they're they're making fun of it.

Artemidorus157d ago

It's called the Xbox One X are you in denial?

Bruh157d ago


It's a mid-gen upgrade, where were the pitchforks when no new IPs were shown off with the Pro Pro's reveal? Oh yeah my bad ME: Andromeda was...but isn't that MP? Or am I missing something?

Major_Glitch157d ago

ROFL! So...pixel count matters now? Gotta love the constant 180s and goal-post moving by the MS faithful. Keep fighting the good fight guys. Maybe someday MS will reward you guys by FINALLY giving you a decent exclusive.

Skull521157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Any Halo is better than any exclusive Sony has ever put out bud. Gonna be great to see digital foundry saying every multiplatform titles performs better on XBOX. Just like the 360/OG days!

morganfell157d ago

"Any Halo is better than any exclusive Sony has ever put out bud. "

I love HALO. I love HALO and you can find my posts here to document it., But 343 has laid waste to HALO and the canon. Didn't you hear? Anyone can be a Spartan now cracking jokes while you twitch shoot.

And are you seriously saying no HALO is better than any Sony game because I do not see HALO anywhere.

nX156d ago

"Any Halo is better than any exclusive Sony has ever put out bud"

That's how I imagine you after this incredibly stupid statement
Though you're probably in an even worse condition.

badz149156d ago

this week on "how NOT to sell your product" by Phil Spencer

stay tune

Skillz1215156d ago

You really are trolling everyone 😂 u just sound ridiculous

rainslacker155d ago

I always thought you were at least in your 20's, and since you've been here for at least a decade now, you'd now be at least in your 30's. So why do you keep saying BEAST like a person in their early teens?

Can't you express your enthusiasm in a less childish manner?

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MagicBeanz157d ago

Can peoples PCs be real even if you dont like the fact they have them and it hurts your argument?

Chris12157d ago

That wasn't the point he was making, but you know that anyway.

MagicBeanz156d ago

LOL Chris 12 is quickly becoming my super fan, following me from comment section to comment section looking for anything I wrote so he can reply to me, he must have literally nothing better to do. He must be triggered about something.

itsmebryan157d ago

What you say is true. Well said.

fr0sty157d ago

"We want consumers to think to themselves 'I will work more hours to buy one.' We want people to feel that they want it, irrespective of anything else."

"If you consider the PlayStation 3 a toy, then yes, it is an expensive toy. However, it is more than a toy. It is a PlayStation 3. And it is the only PlayStation 3. I hope that those who understand this will gladly purchase it."

- Ken Kutaragi

If you forgot mistakes made in the past, you repeat them. Let's not forget XBO launched at $500 also and, just like PS3 did, got slaughtered coming out of the gate. It wasn't until prices dropped that sales picked up, but in this case Microsoft might have 2 years at the most before PS5 will be announced, so they don't have a lot of time to burn waiting on price cuts.

BG11579157d ago

Actually the PS3 came out at 600$, but yeah I agree with you.

Xb1ps4157d ago

Why does everyone think Sony is going to put out another console so quick? They just launched the pro and vr.... and when you consider how long last gen lasted! These mid gen upgrades are meant to prolong this gen.. and again... Sony just launched 2 pieces of hardware, its crazy to think they are going to launch a new gen so soon after pro..

rainslacker155d ago

I think price to value ratio is very subjective to the individual. While $500 does seem like a lot for a console, and yes, $500-600 seemed like even more when the PS3 released, the truth of the matter is is that if it's appealing enough, then it can still sell well. I recall there were a lot of people buying the system for upwards of $1000 on Ebay, and while I wouldn't spend that much(or more than MSRP) for a newly released console no matter how awesome it was, there are obviously people that will.

I think the arguments about it being too much are mostly just console war fodder. There was a bit of justification with the X1 launch because of the Kinect, and the 3DO back in the day, and maybe the Neo Geo which was basically an arcade machine, but overall, I don't see the current prices of any of the consoles to be that outrageous.

cyclindk157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Logical assessment, but I think majority of the concerns on its pricing relates to the success of both the console and the Xbox brand. The worry being that it wont really help it in the way it most needs help, i.e. the games department.

It also becomes baffiling/difficult to justify even buying something for which there is so little alure, again, due to that lack in games that demonstrate its reason for being.

BoomNade156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Good answer, but you still get down voted by the #4theplayers #4theshareholders.


And people who prefer to play more and better games will obviously choose ps4.

EatCrow156d ago

Based on your disagrees I think all that common sense is offending some here. Lol.

I dont think I'll get an X but probably a pro. With that in mind if youre a console gamer the XboX is definitely a must buy at least for the 3rd Party and if thats not enough you got some console exclusive games there that are MP based and offer a lot of gameplay and replay value. Theres also single player experiences that are worth a go.

I only say must buy because I think a solid frames per sec experience would be a good thing to upgrade to from the standard xbox or the standard ps4.

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Lennoxb63158d ago

This has been explained time and time again for several months. But people continue to use this as ammo for a nonexistent problem The price isn't the problem. The problem is that the ones complaining can't afford it.

tyasia0158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Yea it's totally not the lack of games. It's just that everyone who isn't interested in Xbox live in cardboard boxes.


moldybread158d ago

They sold over 1 million Elite controllers that cost $150 which again proves there is a market for high end hardware, but please carry on with your alt account.

Lennoxb63158d ago

Well according to all the comments and articles complaining about the price, they just might.

TheColbertinator157d ago

@tyasia @moldy

I'd buy the X but not the Elite controller.

2pacalypsenow157d ago


Millions of people also spend $200+ on modded controllers...

_-EDMIX-_157d ago

😂😂😂 be like "please spend $500 to play the games that are 30fps"

BG11579157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Using the numbers of controllers sold is wrong. Take in the picture the fact that a lot of those sales have PC users in it. I'm not saying it's not going to sell well, all the contrary, but it's the wrong method.

someone72157d ago

elite controller is only 80usd new where im at, picked one up recently, cant even touch a regular controller now.

As long as price equates to quality, I think its fine. Im perfectly ok with dropping 500 to upgrade my existing library to 4k, dont need a single new game to justify it. New games are just an added bonus.

EatCrow156d ago

um. The x hasnt changed your problem with it then so therefore the There is not problem with the x. At least no new problem in your eyes.

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nX158d ago

And the counter argument has been brought up just as often - while you guys count pixels on 3rd party and indie games the competition offers one stellar 4k AAA exclusive after another. Sure you'll get a few more pixels but without a PS4 you are missing out on what gaming is actually about.

Woolly_158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

I know that gaming is definitely not about building walls and restricting others from playing certain games or content... or restricting gamers from playing together.

Lennoxb63158d ago

You guys only care about "exclusives" now. When PS had the edge in performance, guess which articles had the most comments. The graphics comparison articles, not your precious "exclusives." I barely hear the word "exclusive" back then.

nX158d ago

^No, you are free to check my comment history from 4 years ago. I always said exclusives are the most important for any console, that's why I even bought a shitty Wii U instead of a Xbox. I don't care for pixels, that's what my PC is for - but it's funny how you guys always feel offended by the truth you try to ignore.

Lennoxb63157d ago

I don't care what you said 4 years ago. Fact is, the most populated articles were graphics comparison articles. Not PS exclusives.

tyasia0157d ago


Microsoft is trying to sell the X in 2017 not 2013. In 2017 PS4 has more retail exclusives games each month than Microsoft has lined up for the entire year.

Talking about the game line up from 4 years ago isn't going to sell consoles today.

AspiringProGenji157d ago

Exclusives never stopped being important so cut the crap. Remember at that time xbox one had the edge with Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, and showing potential titles like Scalebound.

Guess who were the ones who never shut up about exclusives? And now they act like they don't care because MS has slowed down a lot in that department.

You are right about being more articles about power, but that was the media mocking the xbone for having less performance and charging $100 more for it compared to PS4. It happened with the PS3, and I think once the Xbox X comes it will happen again and the PS4 pro will be the one behind.

Regardless of what the media focus on, One thing is for sure.: Exclusives matter! One would care less about res like you guys did before. Exclusives and commitment to games will always be the driving force in the end for consoles.

_-EDMIX-_157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@woll-so basically more fake concern? You're talking about cross play on games I'm pretty positive most of you don't even play.

You worried about cross play? When Microsoft is basically went multi-platform? The last thing I think anybody should be worried about is who is playing with who else. It's a non-issue and it's pretty Irrelevant in fact when you're looking at install bases in terms of the millions I'm not even sure it's feasible for any human being to discern the difference.

I mean the stupidity of this is quite strange if you consider you're also saying this about the largest install base amongst those systems in the first place.

But by all means this is a bigger issue than you literally not getting games at all exclusively. /s

@lenn-that's probably the single dumbest thing I've read on this board in a long time , what community would ever not care about actual exclusives games? The purpose of why we're here? 😂😂😂 28514; I would argue that one of the most classic Wars between these communities has been list a thons of exclusive games... Yet suddenly when Microsoft goes multi-platform this doesn't matter anymore?

Are you insane? Can you even post a single comment by any user from that base that stated they don't care about exclusives and only graphics? 😂😂😂. Ooooook bud, put down the meth pipe.

We all know that this company has basically gone multi-platform in that the argument is no longer who has the most ,for a fact it will always be by default of Nintendo and Sony.

I mean just to show you how insane this actually is, can you even name to me one game that is worth picking up on this system that could only be found on this system and nowhere else?

BG11579157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

@Lennoxb63 It was never about pixel count. This was just a deal because on how MS announced it's console at the first E3 "1080p and 60fps only on Xbox One", their excuses about their secret sauce, secret gpu, secret architecture, the over hyped ESRAM, cloud and finally the fan that innocently believe it was more powerful than the PS4. Resolution was made a deal because of those, it was a consequence of MS speech, more than a demand from the public.

Edit : I might had that using the number of controller sold to predict how much the Xb1x is going to sell is wrong. You have to take account that there are a lot of PC users in those sales.
I'm not saying its not going to sale well, just it's a wrong method.

When the PS4 got out it had the advantage of a more powerful console, better line up and a friendlier company (no one forgot the debacle about no blu-ray disk, not owning the game and always online.

What astonishes me, is for xbox one's players that are now choosing to buy the Xb1X just for the power, never considered to buy a PS4 or a PRO even if they were already more powerful than the Xbox one a long time ago.

That's why I disregard point of view from people le Septic as valuable. He would buy any console as long as it has MS stamped on it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen156d ago (Edited 156d ago )


Is that why Phil Spencer announced 22 Console Launch (TIMED) Exclusives because he doesn't want to build walls and keep others from playing games? Yeah... That sounds just about right.

EatCrow156d ago

This gen...the first to count pixels on 3rd party most definitely werent xbox fans ill tell you that much.

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bluefox755157d ago

No, the problem is, it doesn't offer enough value to justify the price. Most games are 30fps, checkerboarding is a regular thing for the console, and they still have the lack of games problem. People are willing to pay a premium for a product that offers enough.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Your thinking is the very reason why Xbox is where it is. I bought several games over the last 6 months and there's a few I haven't finished. Guess what? Right now I'm going back to finish them; Yakuza 0, Nioh, and Tales of Berseria...

Single player EXCLUSIVES.

ps360s157d ago


I can afford it but I am not going to buy one...instead I buy myself a Ps4 Pro

Thank you

Godmars290157d ago

Maybe because commentators like yourself have only insisted that everyone would buy one? That it would sell better than the PS4. Meanwhile there's the question that it will never get its own games.


Exactly! The real problem is the lack of high quality exclusives!

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tyasia0158d ago

Well one things for sure it's not for people who like single player games.

157d ago
JasonKCK157d ago

You know every game on X1 has SP, or a combination of SP. Co-op, or MP.

Every one

tontontam0157d ago

You know those games also exist on ps4.

Dragonscale157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Titanfall has no single player.

Aenea157d ago

That will change as MS is not interested in SP, doesn't earn them enough money, thinks their users aren't interested in them.

If you like them, let them know, after all they claim to listen to their users, so they should listen now as well!

JasonKCK156d ago

Microsoft made Titanfall?

Now back to every single game. There are even SP only games, like Quantum Break.

Have a nice day fellas!

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343_Guilty_Spark157d ago

Why do you feel it's necessary to repeat the same thing in every Xbox article? We get it. Go play PlayStation.

Bigpappy157d ago

Thanks for this beast Uncle Phil. What a monster of a console!

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