Phil Spencer: Xbox One X is not for everyone

Phil Spencer is back to talk about Xbox One X, the new 'premium console' of Microsoft, explaining that it is not a product for all types of player.

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Lennoxb63313d ago

This has been explained time and time again for several months. But people continue to use this as ammo for a nonexistent problem The price isn't the problem. The problem is that the ones complaining can't afford it.

tyasia0313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

Yea it's totally not the lack of games. It's just that everyone who isn't interested in Xbox live in cardboard boxes.


freshslicepizza313d ago

They sold over 1 million Elite controllers that cost $150 which again proves there is a market for high end hardware, but please carry on with your alt account.

Lennoxb63313d ago

Well according to all the comments and articles complaining about the price, they just might.

TheColbertinator313d ago

@tyasia @moldy

I'd buy the X but not the Elite controller.

2pacalypsenow313d ago


Millions of people also spend $200+ on modded controllers...

_-EDMIX-_313d ago

😂😂😂 be like "please spend $500 to play the games that are 30fps"

BG11579312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Using the numbers of controllers sold is wrong. Take in the picture the fact that a lot of those sales have PC users in it. I'm not saying it's not going to sell well, all the contrary, but it's the wrong method.

someone72312d ago

elite controller is only 80usd new where im at, picked one up recently, cant even touch a regular controller now.

As long as price equates to quality, I think its fine. Im perfectly ok with dropping 500 to upgrade my existing library to 4k, dont need a single new game to justify it. New games are just an added bonus.

EatCrow312d ago

um. The x hasnt changed your problem with it then so therefore the There is not problem with the x. At least no new problem in your eyes.

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nX313d ago

And the counter argument has been brought up just as often - while you guys count pixels on 3rd party and indie games the competition offers one stellar 4k AAA exclusive after another. Sure you'll get a few more pixels but without a PS4 you are missing out on what gaming is actually about.

313d ago
Lennoxb63313d ago

You guys only care about "exclusives" now. When PS had the edge in performance, guess which articles had the most comments. The graphics comparison articles, not your precious "exclusives." I barely hear the word "exclusive" back then.

nX313d ago

^No, you are free to check my comment history from 4 years ago. I always said exclusives are the most important for any console, that's why I even bought a shitty Wii U instead of a Xbox. I don't care for pixels, that's what my PC is for - but it's funny how you guys always feel offended by the truth you try to ignore.

Lennoxb63313d ago

I don't care what you said 4 years ago. Fact is, the most populated articles were graphics comparison articles. Not PS exclusives.

tyasia0313d ago


Microsoft is trying to sell the X in 2017 not 2013. In 2017 PS4 has more retail exclusives games each month than Microsoft has lined up for the entire year.

Talking about the game line up from 4 years ago isn't going to sell consoles today.

AspiringProGenji313d ago

Exclusives never stopped being important so cut the crap. Remember at that time xbox one had the edge with Titanfall, Sunset Overdrive, and showing potential titles like Scalebound.

Guess who were the ones who never shut up about exclusives? And now they act like they don't care because MS has slowed down a lot in that department.

You are right about being more articles about power, but that was the media mocking the xbone for having less performance and charging $100 more for it compared to PS4. It happened with the PS3, and I think once the Xbox X comes it will happen again and the PS4 pro will be the one behind.

Regardless of what the media focus on, One thing is for sure.: Exclusives matter! One would care less about res like you guys did before. Exclusives and commitment to games will always be the driving force in the end for consoles.

_-EDMIX-_313d ago (Edited 313d ago )

@woll-so basically more fake concern? You're talking about cross play on games I'm pretty positive most of you don't even play.

You worried about cross play? When Microsoft is basically went multi-platform? The last thing I think anybody should be worried about is who is playing with who else. It's a non-issue and it's pretty Irrelevant in fact when you're looking at install bases in terms of the millions I'm not even sure it's feasible for any human being to discern the difference.

I mean the stupidity of this is quite strange if you consider you're also saying this about the largest install base amongst those systems in the first place.

But by all means this is a bigger issue than you literally not getting games at all exclusively. /s

@lenn-that's probably the single dumbest thing I've read on this board in a long time , what community would ever not care about actual exclusives games? The purpose of why we're here? 😂😂😂 28514; I would argue that one of the most classic Wars between these communities has been list a thons of exclusive games... Yet suddenly when Microsoft goes multi-platform this doesn't matter anymore?

Are you insane? Can you even post a single comment by any user from that base that stated they don't care about exclusives and only graphics? 😂😂😂. Ooooook bud, put down the meth pipe.

We all know that this company has basically gone multi-platform in that the argument is no longer who has the most ,for a fact it will always be by default of Nintendo and Sony.

I mean just to show you how insane this actually is, can you even name to me one game that is worth picking up on this system that could only be found on this system and nowhere else?

BG11579312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

@Lennoxb63 It was never about pixel count. This was just a deal because on how MS announced it's console at the first E3 "1080p and 60fps only on Xbox One", their excuses about their secret sauce, secret gpu, secret architecture, the over hyped ESRAM, cloud and finally the fan that innocently believe it was more powerful than the PS4. Resolution was made a deal because of those, it was a consequence of MS speech, more than a demand from the public.

Edit : I might had that using the number of controller sold to predict how much the Xb1x is going to sell is wrong. You have to take account that there are a lot of PC users in those sales.
I'm not saying its not going to sale well, just it's a wrong method.

When the PS4 got out it had the advantage of a more powerful console, better line up and a friendlier company (no one forgot the debacle about no blu-ray disk, not owning the game and always online.

What astonishes me, is for xbox one's players that are now choosing to buy the Xb1X just for the power, never considered to buy a PS4 or a PRO even if they were already more powerful than the Xbox one a long time ago.

That's why I disregard point of view from people le Septic as valuable. He would buy any console as long as it has MS stamped on it.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen312d ago (Edited 312d ago )


Is that why Phil Spencer announced 22 Console Launch (TIMED) Exclusives because he doesn't want to build walls and keep others from playing games? Yeah... That sounds just about right.

EatCrow312d ago

This gen...the first to count pixels on 3rd party most definitely werent xbox fans ill tell you that much.

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bluefox755312d ago

No, the problem is, it doesn't offer enough value to justify the price. Most games are 30fps, checkerboarding is a regular thing for the console, and they still have the lack of games problem. People are willing to pay a premium for a product that offers enough.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Your thinking is the very reason why Xbox is where it is. I bought several games over the last 6 months and there's a few I haven't finished. Guess what? Right now I'm going back to finish them; Yakuza 0, Nioh, and Tales of Berseria...

Single player EXCLUSIVES.

ps360s312d ago


I can afford it but I am not going to buy one...instead I buy myself a Ps4 Pro

Thank you

Godmars290312d ago

Maybe because commentators like yourself have only insisted that everyone would buy one? That it would sell better than the PS4. Meanwhile there's the question that it will never get its own games.


Exactly! The real problem is the lack of high quality exclusives!

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tyasia0313d ago

Well one things for sure it's not for people who like single player games.

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JasonKCK313d ago

You know every game on X1 has SP, or a combination of SP. Co-op, or MP.

Every one

tontontam0312d ago

You know those games also exist on ps4.

Dragonscale312d ago (Edited 312d ago )

Titanfall has no single player.

Aenea312d ago

That will change as MS is not interested in SP, doesn't earn them enough money, thinks their users aren't interested in them.

If you like them, let them know, after all they claim to listen to their users, so they should listen now as well!

JasonKCK312d ago

Microsoft made Titanfall?

Now back to every single game. There are even SP only games, like Quantum Break.

Have a nice day fellas!

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343_Guilty_Spark313d ago

Why do you feel it's necessary to repeat the same thing in every Xbox article? We get it. Go play PlayStation.

Bigpappy312d ago

Thanks for this beast Uncle Phil. What a monster of a console!

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itsmebryan313d ago

How can you get down vote for saying the X1X is for you? SMH

EatCrow312d ago

Dont even try to understand. Lot of salt around here lately.