GTA V’s Recent Steam Reviews Drop To Overwhelmingly Negative After The OpenIV Issue

A few hours ago, GTA V’s Steam recent reviews had gone down to Mostly Negative due to the cease and desist of the OpenIV modding tool’s website. Within the few following hours, the rating has gone down to Overwhelmingly Negative.

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Community342d ago
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ONESHOTV2342d ago

this is good news let it drop even more so that T2 doesn't treat us like the sheep's give us respect and you will get it back in returned

BiggerBoss341d ago

OR you're just going to convince them to not release Red Dead 2 and GTA 6 on PC.

LAWSON72341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

PC gamers don't get the games and T2 misses out on a potential 7M sales. They don't win either.

This idea PC gamers should accept getting screwed because they are just lucky to even get the game is ridiculous.

Destiny1080341d ago

respect runs both ways

if a developer doesn't want his game modified you need to respect that

kevinsheeks341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

They changed the rule without notice and the reasoning behind it isn't valid at all and has been proven to not be factual, the company isn't respecting it's fans that is the problem,they listen to stockholders first but this will hurt their pockets because at the end of the day stockholders want more money and who has the money? Sure they can change the rules it's their product but you can't sit here and use the term respect in regards to the audience they are reacting to the companies policy after they've paid for a product and got use to it being a certain way for years with rockstar even showing support for modding . .so yeah respect runs both ways and the company showed disrespect.

Oh they mentioned it helped cheaters online . . welp the cheatings still going on even without the modding . . soooooooooo yeah

Princess_Pilfer341d ago

No, fuck that. I BOUGHT the game, I get to do whatever the fuck I want to the game, just like I get to do whatever the fuck I want to my car or my couch or my harry potter books. If I decide I want to set them all on fire and use the ashes to make clay for a dildo, that's my right.

Respecting the developers is buying the game, and not ruining the game for other people online by cheating. That's it. They don't get to tell me how I enjoy a single player experience.

T1125P342d ago

Good I already done some damage to take-two, won't mean much to them but for me they are screwed :D All games they released on PC and all future ones from here on out will be torrented and seeded. I even feel like linking a torrent to GTA V and send it in an email to take-two \o/

instantstupor341d ago

I think this was a ridiculously poor move on their part, absolutely no questions asked, but I still don't condone pirating things. I cannot see how that is a good way to "show them". Simply be vocal, vote with your wallet, and continue to band together with the community to be heard. I promise you, we are being heard and I don't see pirating helping that cause in any way.

kydrice341d ago

Reviews don't mean jack at this point now that they've sold this game to everyone and their grandmothers (twice probably). If you want to hit them with a real message, stop playing online and don't buy shark cards. Let their piggy bank drop to the bottom of the ocean and then they'll compromise (maybe).