Xbox boss knows that fans want more AAA exclusive titles

There is no doubt that Xbox had a strong presentation at E3 2017 in which it showed a lot of titles. The problem is that the AAA exclusives that was shown can be counted on the fingers of one hand, a fact that did not please many of its fans. However, the audience of Xbox has nothing to worry about, since Phil Spencer, head of the brand, knows what fans want.

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MagicBeanz373d ago

First off the xbox boss needs to learn what exclusive actually means. And no "exclusive to Microsoft" doesn't count if you want people to buy your console.

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Princess_Pilfer372d ago

YEAH! Why should we let the dirty PC players woh are also using the MS platform play games? Fuck them. Only we should have games. Fuck pro consumer behavior that gives customers choice, even if we aren't helping our primary competitors in the process.

MagicBeanz371d ago

You can call it "giving a choice" all you like, people who know better call it minimizing a consoles worth. For the record I'm fine with xbox's games being on PC.

Imalwaysright371d ago


What are your PC specs?

MagicBeanz371d ago

@ Imalwaysright

This isn't my first barbecue guy, I know how this game works, I list my specs and you just simply dont believe me so honestly what would be the point?

Imalwaysright371d ago

A pic with your specs then?

MagicBeanz371d ago

@ Imalwaysright

How exactly I'm I supposed to post an image here, do you ever see people posting pics here?

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Princess_Pilfer371d ago

The Xbone has sold 10s of millions of units. There is 0 chance of any multiplat game not supporting it unless Sony or Nintendo are engaging in paid exclusivity BS. Also, MS having it's on PC storefront means it's cut of the profit for sales on either platform is basically the same, which means not putting it on PC only accomplishes 1 thing: decreased sales.

As such, there is 0 benefit to any consumer to keeping Xbone games off PC, and it would probably also bad for MS bottom line as well.

I *hate* what windows 10 is pulling and what MS is trying with the MS store and UWPs so I have very little love for MS, but that doesn't change the fact that putting their Xbone titles on PC remains both pro-consumer and pro-profit for MS, and anyone who complains is either acting against their own best interest through ignorance, an tribalist idiot who takes console wars seriously, or a petulent child who derives pleasure from denying other people the opportunity to play games.

MagicBeanz371d ago

You're arguing a point no one disagrees with you on, again as I already clearly said I'm fine with xbox games being on PC, my point is not having real exclusives on your console diminishes its worth and that's not even debatable its a simple fact. This isn't about denying anyone anything its about the result of giving those people the choice you feel they deserve.

Princess_Pilfer371d ago

It does not. At most it's refusing to artificially inflate the value of it, but it doesn't even do that.

For people who game primarily on PC, exclusives don't "increase" the value of the console, people just don't play the game. The idea of spending 400 bucks on a console so that you can play the 5 exclusives you are actually interested in isn't an appealing one. (as it's $140 per game.)

For the people who primarily game on consoles, it doesn't matter if the PC has it or not, they were never gonna play on PC, what matters is if they other consoles have it, which means it being on PC has no impact on the value of the Xbox.

The only people it *might* dcrease the value for are people who go back and forth, but MS has no reason to care if they own an Xbone or not. MS has it's own PC storefront so it gets a similar cut of the profits wether the game is bought on PC or on the Xbone. That's *also* the reason they're enabling cross-platform multiplayer and straight up giiving away copies for the Xbone/PC if you buy it on the opposite platform.

MagicBeanz371d ago

I get that you really believe what you're saying, its just not correct. Like it or not the lack of real console only exclusives diminishes the consoles desirability. Its clear that I can explain it to you but I cant understand it for you.

Princess_Pilfer371d ago

failing to address any of the points and repeating yourself isn't an argument.

MagicBeanz370d ago

You should learn to take your own advice. Also look up what irony means.

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RommyReigns373d ago

This Phil guy is rambling on like a broken record player, making Pachter-esque statements throughout the past week trying to 'save face'. He's been full of it for the past 4 years, he's a puppet, a yes-man for the higher ups, the guy doesn't care about gamers one iota but for meeting corporate set targets year on year. I bet Xbox would be in a better position if this guy didn't bother opening his yap.

Nyxus373d ago

I think he does care, but his hands are tied by the higher ups and the wishes of the shareholders. It doesn't seem like he has that much wiggle room in reality.

-Foxtrot372d ago

I've seen people like Jim Ryan and Reggie here and there along with other Sony/Nintendo people but seriously Phil is constantly going on and on...worse part is he does it even when there's not a big conference like E3 or a huge exclusive game coming out. He just digs himself into a bigger hole and creates contradictions when he opens his mouth a week later.

RommyReigns372d ago

Phil is the worst out of all of them, he makes Don Mattrick look like a saint.

Bobafret372d ago

He isn't going "on and on". We have a thousand articles from the same interview.

corroios372d ago

No it didnt. Thats one of their problems. They lost hype after a lackluster conference

dumahim372d ago

"I know what people want, but what people want isn't making us the most money possible, so we're going to keep making what we think will make us the most money."

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